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15 November 2013

127: Friday Finds // Christmas 1 - Etsy

It's beginning to look a lot like that time of year when I start to panic and realise the bare minimum I have in organisational skills just isn't enough to actually help me prepare to be ready in time for the C-word! I'm always one for a good online search, however, and one of the places I seem to find myself navigating towards whenever any sort of special celebration is coming up is Etsy.

Etsy is one of those lose-yourself-for-a-few-hours-in sites; somewhere you can spend a huge great lumping amount of time scrolling through thanks to the overwhelming amount of shops and items they stock. Ok, I'll give it to you that some of it's items may be a little out there or unusual (a lot of that may or may not (no, just may) be animal related - designer dog bed anyone?) but it's well worth giving it a shot while we still have time to get those holiday orders in (TIP - don't forget to check dates for Christmas delivery!! A large majority of the shops I find bits and bobs in are situated in the States, so it's necessary to check and see their policies regarding ordering for Christmas; no one really wants to give their special someone an 'IOU'!).

Now, I do realise that for some wishlists and the like ring a little untrue where the spirit of Christmas is concerned - it being a giving holiday and all - but I can't tell you how much I struggle to find people gift's and, therefore, how much I welcome ideas and lists from them! Also, we don't all have the biggest of budgets so I do believe a nudge in the right direction benefits everyone.

Without further adieu, here's my first Friday Finds for the holiday season. Happy browsing! 

1 // Leather Journal
2 // Christmas Bauble
3 // Cardboard Tree
4 // Movie Pin

Whenever I see a journal such as the one above it always makes me want to tackle (as if it would at all be that easy!) writing a novel, which means I'm probably best without one! As it's a Christmas post and all, I couldn't really go without including something festive - this bauble caught my eye thanks to it's gorgeous bronze colour and lookalike scene from Eric travels (mainly 2010 - it's a little Belgium-esque) and I'm always randomly drawn to cardboard Christmas trees - guess that's the lazy in me! I remember seeing this pin on someone else's blog, or maybe a Twitter account (holla if it was you!), and thinking how true it's quote was; the avid 'The Time Traveller's Wife' fan in me wishes for you all to take note!

1 // Roses Mug
2 // Grr Argh Mug
3 // Always Cup
4 // Rooftops Mug

I guess you could say I'm on the lookout for some new mugs?! This ornate roses mug floored me with its handmade intricacy - how could anyone have such skill?! Ever the Buffy (and Joss) fan, I just had to include the 'Grr Argh' mug (and I know someone else who may just be a fan....sneaks to put on Christmas list). Speaking of being a fan, this Always mug pays homage to a certain favourite book character of mine - anyone know who? Lastly, I can't claim this Rooftops mug (excuse the oddly-bordered photo) 'find' as being my very own - it was one of Megan's picks on Etsy (be sure to follow her, she's quite the 'finder'!)!

 1 // Grow Your Own Sunflower
2 // Marshmallow Fluff Mirror
3 // Sloth Totem
4 // Collection of Notebooks

Ever since the boy told me stories about the sunflowers he remembers that were ever-present in his Grandfather's garden when he was young I've wanted us to grow our very own. Ok, so, a flat may not be the ideal place to keep them, but buying this box would be the very first step towards making that wish come true! I'm not one to have anything too kitschy about my person, but I do love this cute pocket mirror (and hey, maybe it'll make up for the fact that I STILL haven't tried this stuff!). This little sloth-fella reminded me of a certain favourite MC of mine, so I had to pop him on my list. The biggest draw where these notebooks were concerned was the name of the collection - Small Books For A Life Less Ordinary. Who wouldn't want that?!

1 // Me & You Cushion
2 // Tea-towel
3 // I Love You...Plate
4 // Dream Cushion

I sense a little theme in these 4 picks - it seems I may be a rather big fan of designs featuring the moon without realising?! I'm always looking to start a cushion collection and these two by Mama Bleu Designs would be a great start! This tea-towel's message rings true to me (because yes, there really always is) and this plate? I'm a big fan of 'Oh No Rachio!'s work (if you haven't visited her blog before you can do so by clicking here) and have loved this plate since I started following her and her work; a simple yet striking design and one I'd be happy to either eat from or display!

 1 // Mittens 
2 // Gingerbread House
3 // Pocket Square
4 // Brooch

Although I wouldn't wear these myself, I do love a good pair of mittens and these look suitably warm enough for the cold snowy weather that (supposedly) will be creeping up on us in the UK over the next week. I love the message contained in this gingerbread house matchbox treat - 'Wishes will come true!' - and think it's a perfect stocking filler. These last two items are both 'the boy' orientated; I saw this pocket square and thought it a perfect match for the blazer I bought him last Christmas (that he hasn't worn since the beginning of this year, hmmmph) and I picked this brooch because he's a pretty big (and fairly new - a little behind the times!) Napoleon Dynamite fan and, even though I'm not inclined to think he'll actually wear it, I'm pretty sure he'd appreciate the thought. It is what counts after all!

Image Map
Image Map

One's finds wouldn't be complete without a little jewellery. This whimsically-wonderful little red boat number, albeit a little bright for my tastes, couldn't help but woo me with it's charms. The heart necklace, believe it or not, is made of leather (the hearts themselves, I mean, not the chain. At least, I'm guessing not!) adding a little quirk to it's sweet design. I'm always swayed by a pair of studs and gold hearts are a must-do. Lastly, this citrine necklace features my birthstone colour, topaz, and I adore the contrast between chunky stone (crystal?) and a delicate chain. 


  1. These things are all amazing! So amazing, in fact, I don't want to buy them for other people haha xx

  2. I am in love with all these finds Tori!! The 'don't judge a book by it's movie' pin is perfection!! I'm so glad that you love that mug (+ my finds that I heart!!) I am seriously smitten with it and it would be absolutely perfect for a morning cuppa!! and the 'there's always time for tea' tea towel is so cute + I love the script!! oh! and the mittens + the gingerbread house!!!! So cute!!! You have fantastic taste Tori!!! xoxo

  3. Oh Tori! I wish I hadn't done the majority of my Christmas shopping right now haha, I love love love buying gifts and there are so many beautiful things here. I bought quite a few bits from Etsy this year for people, in particular my sister who would adore the book/movie quote pin (in fact, her Etsy gifts are book related!). The Harry Potter mug is perfect, anything Harry Potter gets a big thumbs up from me (two weeks today until I visit the Harry Potter studios on my birthday, cannot wait!!!). The collection of notebooks is too lovely, and made in the UK as well which is always something I look out for on Etsy (trying to support local businesses and all that jazz). Another British Etsy seller you've made me fall in love with is definitely the creator of that moon plate, I am in love with moons and stars and space, this plate is perfect. The other day on Etsy I stumbled across the most amazing moon wrapping paper (seriously, search in Etsy and you'll see what I mean!). I had to stop myself ordering it because the cost of postage means it will definitely have to stay firmly on my own wishlist for now. Now I have to take a minute (or days) to appreciate (and lust over) the BEARS!!! for sale on le animale - argh! I enjoyed this post so much Tori, and I've favourited about half this stuff and some of the shops :) can't wait for more Friday Finds xxx

    1. As ever, an absolutely amazing comment from you, thank you so much my love :D Ooooo, do let me know how the tour goes - I went back in April but with lots of children in tow so I need to go back again with just me and the bf I think! Ah, yes, I am so incredibly smitten with that plate, and all of Rachel's work. Gorgeous.

      I look forward to doing more FF's, especially with such a warm response as this one has had! And who doesn't love a good internet browse?!! :) xx

  4. WHOA! Soo many lovely finds here! You're going to kill my Etsy budget this month. :P I am swooning over that Citrine necklace -- so pretty!

    Also, how great is that leather journal? I have one very similar and I love it! :)

    1. Ha, it seems I may have done that to a lot of people with this post! It is a beautiful necklace and yes, I know, I really do love that journal. I can almost imagine the smell!!

  5. Thank you for including my balloon brooch! :)

    1. You are most welcome! I really must edit to say brooch instead of pin, I apologise for the wrong wording!

  6. So many lovely things, I could get lost on Etsy for ages! I specially love the 'Don't judge a book by it movie!'


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