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7 November 2013

124: Plus one

Image Credit: Julia Brekotkina, Flickr
I am today, Thursday 7th November 2013, officially 28 years and one day old. It's a crazy-odd thought. I'm not living the life that I always assumed I would come this age - not that I had the details down to a tee - as I'd always assumed some sort of career would be involved, if nothing else. Instead I'm at university, a mature student, and unsure about my course, but trying my hardest not to be too worried about what the future might bring. 

As this day coincides with a Thursday, I thought I'd follow Lisette's lead and note those things I am thankful for, now I'm a year older and all that. The little things really can make the biggest of impacts:
  • The time people took to wish me a Happy Birthday. Yesterday I received the largest amount of birthday wishes I ever have had and it very much warmed me to my core. You guys are awesome
  • My family, who helped make my birthday feel very special, despite us being apart on the day. 
  • Lush's Handy Gurugu hand cream, a birthday gift from my friend Emma, that has kept my dry, sore hands silky smooth since I popped some on in our 9am lecture this morning. 
  • My new scarf, courtesy of my parents, that doubles up as a wrap, thanks to it's ginormously-wonderfully size.
  • An evening spent in the company of my boy, outside of our flat.
  • Sofa throws that masquerade as curtains (or rather, blind-tucker-inners), keeping the wind at bay. 
  • Socks, and lots of them. To keep my toesies warm on these very nippy evenings. 
  • Lovely Lisette, who sent me a gorgeous birthday text that brought tears to my eyes. 


  1. Lisette's Thankful Thursday posts always warm my heart, and yours has done exactly the same! Life may not be exactly as you'd imagined, but I'm sure you're on your way to great things. You're the loveliest lady and you deserve every ounce of happiness. What goes around comes around, hence I'm sure very good things are on there way to you x

  2. aw glad you had a lovely birthday! <3 and I wish the very best for you in the future too!


  3. I'm thankful for your lovely blog and each wonderful post!
    Very pleased to hear that you enjoyed your birthday :)

    Abi xx

  4. I love these kinds of posts I can actually feel myself getting emotional each time I read one so I do hope you'll keeps it up!

    I hope you had a lovely birthday :)



  5. Happy belated birthday lovely lady, I'm so glad you had a special day :) I can't wait to see your wonderful new scarf, I hope it will be featuring in a blog post soon! xxx

  6. It's a bit late but Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day! :-) x


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