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1 November 2013

120: Friday Finds

I tried to make this weeks FF feel a little more November-y (guys, it's my birthday month. Only 5 days to go. Bloody hell that came around quickly!) hence the inclusion of the above banner. It's more than likely, thanks to my indecisiveness and rather particular particular-ness, that it'll only last the one week so soak that leaf-y goodness up while you can!!

Different layout (again, when will I choose?!) but the same-old FF story - here are the items that I have lusted over this week. Happy browsing!

Top - Mac, AsosShoes, Miss KG @ Asos
Bottom - Boots, Next; Jumper, Mango

While reading Joy Felicity Jane this week I spotted Rosie Londoner in this rather fetching belted navy Mac. I'm always partial to a good belt (cinch those waists) and this colour is less harsh (and wintry) than the black of the number I currently sport. 

While we are on choosing alternatives to black, I must mention these burgundy (berry, whatever, it'll always be burgundy to me!) pumps - never before have I thought about switching from my fail-safe black but I love the idea of a flash of colour at my feet!

These boots are super-dreamy; chunky-heeled, round-toed goodness that would make getting through the winter months much less of a chore (I'm sure). 

The jumper? Nothing too fancy and, yes, back to black (being a staple colour and all - for me, at least - I'll never really stray far from it) but coupled with a sort-of cable pattern that I think is a little more unusual than most I've spotted. Not sure how I'd look with the old collar-peeping out but hey, I suppose I could try? 

Top: Jeans, Asos; Shoes, Asos
Bottom: Bag, Topshop; Jumper, Uniqlo

I'm constantly on the lookout for a pair of black skinnies to rival my blue Joni's (the black version are terrible, the worst pair of jeans I've ever owned!!) and I think this Asos pair could stand it's own in a jeans-vs-jeans scrap. 

What takes a pair of jeans from day-to-night seamlessly? A pair of strappy heels, of course! These black-beauty's would do the trick rather nicely. 

I'm not sure who I saw with this bag this week (if you know whose blog I found this on, do let me know!) but I fell in love instantly - a kind of lady-like briefcase that would house my laptop fabulously. 

To brighten the outfit up (or rather, this collection of items) I couldn't help but use this gorgeous roll-neck. A favourite shade of mine, teal is a great addition to any wardrobe and would happily see me through multiple seasons.  

Top: Jumper, Zara; Flats, Karen Millen @ Asos
Bottom: Shoes, Asos; Jumper, Uniqlo

Sequins?! I know, I know, what was I thinking?! But, honestly, I couldn't not show this baby off (and I love the layering). Just in-your-face enough to let people know you're there but not so much that they think you're the shiny disco ball they're supposed to shimmy around at the end of the night (and I'm thinking it'll look divine with the black skinnies and a soon-to-be-mentioned pair of flats...).

These Karen Millen flats are blow-your-budget worthy, a real sweet-treat for one's feet (and monochrome never fails to look classy).

Now these silver numbers are unlike anything I'd ever really be drawn to because a) they're silver and b) they're pointy (I have a toe-cleavage issue) but, as mentioned, I'm pretty sure they'd make quite the dream team when coupled with the sequins and skinnies. Someone take me out!!

Ok, fine, you caught me - this purple (fuchsia?) jumper is the sister of the teal one above but I most definitely couldn't leave it behind. It's just too delish.

Top: Tee, Orla Kiely @ Uniqlo, Scarf; Accessorize
Bottom: Boots, LavishAlice; Tee, Orla Kiely @ Uniqlo

The most colourful batch of the bunch, the long-sleeved tee's in the top left and bottom are both Orla Kiely for Uniqlo goodies (did any of you catch the chat midweek? Favourite bloggers ahoy!). I love the idea of pairing them with either jeans or my long-forgotten pinafore to brighten up a dull winter's day (I know it's only just autumn but soon the two will blend and we'll be left with grey, murky skies. Like today. Sigh). 

The scarf is, again, a scrummy teal, perfect with the mac (see, always thinking up outfits!) and those boots? Lord, black and gold will always win me over. And sometimes one just has to give in to a trend or two; the cut-out's one suits me perfectly (for now!). 


  1. oooo!! I love that first coat + the maroon flats!! I love autumn hues!! I can't believe that we are almost ringing in the new year!! eeeeep!!

  2. Oh hello gorgeous Next boots and Topshop bag!!!!!

    Faded Windmills

  3. I really love the Next boots, they're perfect :) the mac is so pretty too, I love a full skirted coat, it always makes you look/feel more girly I think (cue twirling around and around!). Love the little banner at the top, the weather has gone a little bit crazy here lately (rain storms, hail storms, random sunshine) and has prevented me from going on a search for the perfect Autumn leaves to bring home. But soon!! Last year's Orla for Uniqlo collab. had me whipping out the bank card, I love these prints but I'm trying to resist as I am still sporting last year's and they're lasting amazingly well :) xxx


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