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26 November 2013

133 // Tori's Tales of the Week

Taken on a walk around my university campus on Thursday
One of the things I love doing when choosing my favourite tales is going back through my 'liked' lists and re-reading all those that struck a chord with me throughout the week. It's a great way to spend my time - with a cuppa in hand and a dressing gown on my back (oh, and wrapped tight, around my front!) - y'all are such an inspirational bunch it always gets me in the mood to try my best to come up with new and interesting posts (although my creativity and imagination is, unfortunately, rather limited in comparison!). 

This week featured a lot of sharing and thankfulness. I guess with Thanksgiving coming up for those across the pond it's sparked such a feeling in all of us. It made me realise how the littlest things really can, and do, make the difference. 

All images shown belong to the blog whence the came and all credit belongs to the authors of the posts!

Tuesday 19th
Julia made me thankful for the beauty in nature

Wednesday 20th
Kelly shared some quick, but insightful, thoughts

Thursday 21st
Ella had us all missing Paris

Friday 22nd
Flora made me appreciate my own living situation that little bit more

Saturday 23rd
Bee showed us why books really do make the perfect of Christmas gifts

Sunday 24th
Chloe showed us how Asos should be done!

Monday 25th
Ronnie shared why communication is key


  1. Beautiful photos!! Off to click links! :)

  2. Once again, an excellent array of blogs for me to devour with my keen eyes. You never fail Tori!

  3. Wow, really awesome post. You put together some really nice posts, Tori.
    Thanks so much for including mine. :)

    1. You are most welcome, I'm a big fan of your beautiful blog Kelly :)


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