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9 November 2013

125: Inspiration // Share the blog love

Image Credit: I am too sad to tell you, Tumblr (and yes, that's the actual name, not a response to my mood!
Sometimes there is nothing more exciting, enthralling, interesting, enveloping, truly inspiring and overwhelming for one's senses (and obviously good for one's own blog posts, in that case!) than spending time scrolling through numerous blogs this sphere has to offer. And boy, does it have plenty. I take (and learn) so much from stumbling upon a blog and it's bloggy good-ness, for it inevitably means stumbling across another, then another, and another, thanks mainly (more often than not, wholly) to the author sharing their own favourites to scroll through. 

As a result, I've decided to take a leaf from my own blog-hopping frivolity and spend a little time crafting (and may I just mention I am using that term incredibly loosely, throwing together is more likely, as it always is when I'm involved) a little blogroll for Tori's Tales in the hope of inspiring others to start their own little adventure through the blogisphere. If I do nothing else on this here T's Ts, being able to introduce those of you who visit to other peoples tales is more than enough for me. I've said it before and I'll say it again (which means, dear readers, that I truly do mean it) - I love sharing the love!

Until then, if you have the time (if you don't, I stress finding some as and when you get the chance) may I offer up these beautiful images, and the blogs from which I found them, in the hope of inviting you to kick-start your own search on this cold Saturday evening (or any time you find this post!).

Image Credit: Cocorrina. Twitter. Instagram.
Image Credit: Kylie Turley. Blog. Twitter. Instagram
Image Credit: lark&linen. Twitter. Instagram.
Image Credit: Latrina McNeill. Blog. Twitter. Instagram.
Image Credit: The Secret Life of Bee. Twitter. Instagram.


  1. You are such a delight, Tori! Thank you for featuring me among this extremely talented group of bloggers. Some of which are dear friends of mine! :) And others I am quite excited to finally meet through your blog. :)

  2. I'm always looking for new blogs and inspirational people to follow so thank you for making it a lot easier! A lovely way for me to spend my Sunday morning :)


  3. please stop giving me more blogs to read!! I'm just managing the ones I already have. :d but these are so beautiful I just can't not follow.

  4. wooooo I love this, you find the best little gems <3 xx

  5. Aw such a lovely post. I love finding new blogs to read. =)

  6. All of the photos featured here are so beautiful Tori, you really do have an eye for something wonderful! Love the idea behind this post too, I keep meaning to do a post sharing some of my favourite reads :) I look forward to getting to know some more of yours too! I love clicking through to new blogs and finding new ones to read :) xxx


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