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20 November 2013

130: Local // Raspberry Finch

Back in October I entered a giveaway being held by Raspberry Finch - a shop run by a local Nottingham designer - to win a rather fabulous collection of tea and books related goodies. To my surprise I won the giveaway and am now the proud owner of all these cute and quirky prints and pieces of jewellery below. Of course, I haven't as of yet been organised enough to sort out frames for the prints (it's just a-given, I'm sure, being me and all) but will definitely do so before the year is out (gosh, that's so soon now!). 

All the products are handmade by Raspberry Finch's owner Stacey - a self-proclaimed 'ART, CRAFT, TEA and HARRY POTTER ENTHUSIAST' (and what's not to love about that list?!) - and they (or similar items) can be purchased online via Raspberry Finch's Etsy Shop. As well as all the pieces I received, I adore the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Tote, the Alice in Wonderland The White Rabbit Brooch Pin and the British Biscuits Illustration Print!

Now, off you go to have a nosey at what I won!

Here's a photo of all the goodies together, propped up on our bookshelf! 

I believe these two items may be one-offs as I've been unable to find them on the website. They are an A5 'Drink Tea and Read Books' (and don't mind if I do!) print and a super-sweet Brooch featuring a ball of wool and knitting needles. Below is a close up of the brooch! 

It seems right at home alongside Gogol (ahem, who?!) and Dickens (phew, one I'm familiar with!).

Next up is this 'We Go Together Like Biscuits and Tea' card (a sweet gift for a friend, I'd imagine!) - similar can be found hereand a pair of ultra-adorable teacup earrings - similar can be found here. Check below for a close-up of the earring design.

*lady on book stops to imagine what they would like look decorating her earlobes*

Another possible one-off (A4) print - wasn't I spoilt?! - this time featuring some dainty tea cups and the slogan 'Everything Stops For Tea' (here, here!) and an 'i <3 books' Brooch, more than perfect for a book-lovers stocking!

I also received a surprise gift in the form of this 'I Love Tea' necklace, sugary-sweet and resplendent in yellow and coral, a necklace that - I believe - would be perfect for any tea-lover come Christmas time. It also looks as though it's made to order so I imagine you'd be able to pick the colours to suit which is a bloody fab idea! 

Last but by no means least is the A4 Personalised Favourite Books Print. Now, when the boy found out I had won, he wanted in on the books action. I sat for a while and ummmed and ahhhhhd over whether or not I'd let him do so but in the end decided I'd put on my 'nice girlfriend' hat and let him put forward his list of favourite books, which you can see below. That boy has crazy taste though - I'm pretty sure my list would have just been, like, Harry Potter, The Time Travellers Wife, Lovely Bones etc, whereas his involves such classics as 'Nana' by Emile Zola. What even is that?! 

If you fancy having a read or a browse, you can visit Raspberry Finch in one of (or all of!) four different ways: via their Twitter or Facebook and through their website or online shop.

Happy Midweek! 


  1. ohmygoodness!! I would die if I won an AMAZING giveaway like this!! I simply adore all these prints + beautiful pieces of jewelry!! Tea + books are two of my very favorite things!! :)

    1. It was rather fantastic :) They are such great bits, oh to have the talent to make such things!

  2. these are all so awesome! those prints would look nice in any house! and that necklace is so pretty.
    *sigh* I never win giveaways.

    1. I was AMAZED!! I think I thanked her multiple times via different social media means!

  3. These would make such lovely gifts. They're so quirky and cute! Tea and books = heaven.

    Abi xx

    1. You are so right, completely heavenly :) xx

  4. I may have been slightly envious when you won this! Everything is so pretty and nothing beats books and tea!


    1. Awww, I was seriously so surprised to have won. It feels nice to be able to share this and support a local designer :) xx

  5. OOOH loads of goodies, you lucky duck!

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  6. Buffy the vampire slayer tote you say?...... **rushes to etsy**

    The white rabbit brooch is super gorgeous too :)

    Jammy woman!!

    Faded Windmills

  7. Wow congratulations on winning the giveaway Tori! All the pieces are gorgeous, I'm definitely going to check out the etsy shop. Emile Zola is one of my favourite authors so kudos to your boy (but I love Harry Potter too!) XXX


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