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5 November 2013

122: Senses 7

An autumnal University Park Campus yesterday morning!
Before I begin to regale you with the gloriously-gratuitous telling's of the goings-on of my senses this past week or so, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of those who have responded so kindly (and with genuine warmth and positivity) in response to my 'On writing posts', ahem, post! Your words, as ever, mean the absolute world to me, and I am truly incredibly lucky to have your support. It was important I shared, not only to get things off my chest, but also in the hope that I might let someone else knows who struggles with imagination/inspiration that they aren't alone in doing so!

Right, back to the topic at hand. I missed last weeks post thanks to our visit to London, but I shan't endeavour to incorporate two weeks of senses-regaling into one post because, really, I don't want to bore you with endless words and mountains of scrolling as a result! I'm also going to (try) and keep all descriptions short and sweet! (Going back over this after, I realised I failed at doing so. Sorry - grab a cuppa for the journey!)

Tori Saw, Read, Watched Etc. 
Image Credit: Live Like There's Not Midnight, Tumblr

This has been a slow grower for me. It's taken about a month for me to get halfway through, and the majority of those pages were read over the past few days. If anyone is interested in a review when I finish, do let me know! Meanwhile I've been updating my 'Goodreads' with multiple 'Would like to read' books, if anyone wants to have a nosey - find me here!

Webby articles:
There was a period in my late teens, I think, where I used to visit the library fairly regularly, depending on it to support my ferocious habit for Marian Keyes books. They might seem old-fashioned and unimportant to some, but libraries are an integral part of the community, and a great help to many thanks to the amount of facilities offered (for adults and children - and their parents - alike).

I don't care if you've seen it already. Watch it again! And if you haven't, marvel at how this baby just can't handle it. At all.

And while we are on the kids stuff....

Because this short vid made me realise that maybe I don't have a black hole where my heart should be after all!

Oh, and, because I'm on a roll..

Response by the boy - he once cried because his ketchup had been dolloped on his plate rather than squirted over his chips (and yes, I did say that the right way around, I know the majority would disagree with him!)

A big thanks to Chloe for drawing my attention to this fantastic response!

Because you've got to laugh at just how British us British actually are.


I sneaked a viewing of this in this morning, on the back of reading Gala Darling's 'Feeling Uninspired?' post. I can't say I came away feeling inspired, but I certainly have more respect for those who work in the industry (and actually think Anna Wintour came across as a lovely, vulnerable lady. Who knew?)
  • One I recommend - Guilt Trip, featuring Seth Rogan and Barbra Streisand. One I'd meant to watch when it first came out but completely forgot about until Saturday, when Chloe (who has just started up her personal blog - Glitter Skin. Please do go check it out and show her some bloggy love) mentioned she'd seen and enjoyed it.

  • One I don't - Thor. I'm sorry (I know a lot of you are likely to disagree; Charlotte and Sunae already did on Twitter!) but I honestly had no idea what I was watching. Random plot-lines, characters you could dispose of without making any impact on the plot whatsoever (um, hello Kat, weird man from Mamma Mia - who I despise in every film I see him - and Natalie Portman) and poor imitations of decent superhero/es films. How it made enough of a positive reaction (or, I actually guess, money) to warrant them making a second is beyond me! 

  • One I'm off to watch this week (and on my birthday, no less!) - The Selfish Giant. It was a toss-up between this and Philomena (I'm happy to see either) but the boy came down on the side of former. I enjoy visiting our local independent cinema (Broadway) so I'm looking forward to Wednesday's outing!

New Blogs:
  • The aforementioned Glitter Skin (seriously awesome name, Clo!)
  • My friend Nay recently started up her own blog, Nadine Heather, as a scrapbook to her life. Be sure to follow her along on her adventure. 
  • Kylie's Memoir Mode is a very new blog to me - I'm really enjoying scrolling through her back catalogue!

Tori Smelt
Image Credit: Like A Swallow, originally found on Tumblr
  • After a short while using other products on my face (which I didn't enjoy at all - maybe I'll do a review of sorts? Let me know what you think below!) I have finally returned to all things Lush-ness. So this morning I smelt:
    • The zingy-citrusy scent of Enzymion and..
    • The, I'm-not-really-sure-what-it-actually-is fragrance of Coalface (oh, apparently it's liquorice!)
  • Freshly baked cookies by yours truly (in all honesty they smelt far better than they taste!)
  • Paprika. I love it. 
  • Roasted sweet nuts. In London. I actually think these smell like bad breath, ick, and I always avoid the vendors (and those selling roasted chestnuts at Christmas-time) like the plague. 

Tori Tasted
Image Credit: mariell oyre, Flickr
We've got into the habit of trying new recipes weekly (and by we I obviously mean me because the boy a) never cooks and b) thinks a recipe would entail, like, herbs on a potato) and this week's have been:

By DeliciouslyElla. I'm not sure I did them entirely correctly (ok, I definitely didn't, I left out the cinnamon because I truly hate the flavour) but they turned out fine, all the same! Don't try if you aren't a fan of sweet and savoury. Sweet potato is, at times, a little bit of a struggle for me because of this, so I find best avoided if you really can't handle the combo or, if you're curious, cutting the recipe size/the amount you eat down!

Thumbs up (first time I've ever used chickpeas!) for these. They are a bit of an acquired taste thanks to the spices used (cumin, coriander and chilli powder) but delicious in a pitta with shredded lettuce and cucumber (I know what I'm having for lunch!)

This was my first time ever baking cookies and, although they turned out ok, they certainly aren't the best thing I've baked, by any means. Word to the wise - don't burn them. Because, honestly, that taste in your mouth can NEVER be undone. Bleurgh. 

One more I've yet to try but am going to tonight, providing I find the key ingredient at some point today:

Again a DeliciouslyElla recipe (love her recipes and new vid series!), one I showed to the boy who responded with an 'that looks good'. So yeah, always willing to try something new in this household!

Tori Felt
Image Credit: Karin, Flickr
I think this may be my odd one out this week. Still, lets give it a go. 
  • Ecstatic that Arctic Monkeys played Mardy Bum at their Earls Court gig, and that they did so after the boy and I met up again after our separation (always happens thanks to his overexcited, sweaty-mess ways)
While on the subject, may I also just say how thankful I am that we missed out on Birmingham gig tickets to see them. I know this is a bit mean of me, because there were so many affected by their cancellation, but I really am happy we got to see them before Alex got sick. 

Oh, and get well soon Alex.

  • Excited to have had the chance to use the tube again.
Yes, this may be a bit of an odd one, but I love London so much that I welcome it's transport system with open arms.

  • Happy to have explored untrodden territory.
And by that I mean untrodden by me. I'm sure plenty have been where we went before, but it really was lovely (and interesting) to visit a few areas in London we've never before ventured to.

  • Annoyed that I had another lecture cancelled. 
Obviously a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, but last week's uni protests saw my second Hume lecture cancelled this semester. The result is that we are no longer covering one of the topics we were supposed to ( because he can't make up 4 hours of missed work) and, thus, will have one topic less on the exam. Some may find this to be a good thing, I just find it frustrating.

  • Nervous about my upcoming birthday
Yes, I've mentioned this more than once, but it's on my mind a lot lately due to the fact I'm going to be turning the big 2-8 tomorrow! Birthday's always bring about a certain sense of reflection and I can't help thinking about where I am in my life and what I have/what I would have wanted to achieve. Existential pondering's. Perhaps I am a philosopher after all.

Tori Listened To
Image Credit: Expllosive, Tumblr
Yup, you've guessed it....
  • Arctic Monkeys (note, there isn't a 'The'!) live at Earls Count
I am always completely 'music-ed out' after a gig so, since last Saturday, I haven't really listened to anything other than the odd few bits on YT. And the radio on the way to/from uni.

  • Classic Fm/BBC Radio 3
Some of you may be aware that a week ago I had an essay deadline (I apologise for all the Twitter rants, those of you who follow me!). I find, when trying to write an essay, these two stations the most calming to listen to. I become easily irate at the tiniest of noises at the best of times (hello alarm going off outside. AGAIN) so always plug myself in (and by myself, I mean my headphones) to the laptop and type away to the soothing tones of Bach and Beethoven (in all honesty, I have no idea what they composed, they were just the first two names that popped into my head!).

Now it's over to you - what have your senses been up to this week?


  1. oh I love going to the library!! I was just thinking the other day of popping in and picking up a book or two (but I should probably work on the stack of books that are already on my nightstand before going there!!).

    I watched Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters on Halloween (and a few times since then!!) and it's REALLY good!! It has a lot of violence/blood but it's really amazing and if you're into films like that I recommend you check it out!! :)

    oooh!! New blogs to check out!! LOVE it!! :)

    and Happy (early!!) birthday Tori darling!!! xoxo

  2. Hello there! I'm hosting a giveaway on the blog and today is the last one to enter, maybe you are interested? If you are you can enter right here: http://xurl.es/e5tnl

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

    Tori, you gorgeous lady, have a wonderful fantastic cake filled day!! Sending big loves from down the road in Brum. I hope you enjoy the whole day and maybe even drag it out all week! I will eat a little piece of cake for you ;)

    Love your gorgeous blog, and perhaps in relation to your last post, you could take lots of photographs today, your first day of being 28, and let us see how you experienced it?

    Birthday wishes to you xxx

  4. With regards to Thor, it's not really a superhero film per se it's more of a comic book film. It's one of the precursor films to The Avengers and tells one story. The characters you think aren't important do come into play and have bigger roles than just that film shows.

    This isn't me trying to convince you to change your mind, by the way, I'm just trying to explain some aspects. Comic book films aren't for everyone. I love it but then I am a huge geek, love the comics too, and all things Avengers (I even have a tattoo of my take on the Avengers logo).

    Toni. xx


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