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30 October 2013

119: There’s no need to show me round baby, I feel like I've been here before

My Instagram snaps revolved around Arctic Monkeys and food. Says a lot about me!
Saturday the boy and I took a trip to London (and stayed overnight in Battersea - booked through airbnb, in case anyone was interested in knowing!) to see Arctic Monkeys at Earls Court. We made a day of it, what with the journey being 3 hours from Notts, and had a really lovely time (despite the random British weather!). I've popped the photos up in little sections, just to break them up, but won't be saying much because a) once I start I'll never stop and b) sometimes pictures speak louder than words!


London never seizes to amaze me with everything it has to offer, beautiful-buildings-wise. You can't go a few steps without being marvelled by the vast variety of stunning architecture. 

Here's a few of said marvels that took my fancy:

Dicken's London

King's College London
The Royal Courts of Justice
St Clement Danes

Somerset House
Trafalgar Square
Covent Garden (always an obligatory stop!)
St Paul's Cathedral
The Shard (and a fancy lamp!) from the Thames Riverwalk
No trip would be complete without some sort of bridge photo! Here be Tower Bridge!

Blogger Haunts
I spied a couple of blogger-institutions along my travels. Although I managed to feast my eyes upon them, I'm sad to say no actual belly-feasting arose (apart from in Hummingbird Bakery!).

Inside Covent Garden, mentioned by many!
Byron Burger, of which I know Miss Liv Purvis is a fan!
Hummingbird Bakery, Soho, where a slice of this Rainbow Cake will cost you around £5.50 :O

We didn't stop but I, of course, had to get a snap!
A blurry shot of the ever-impressive Liberty fa├žade
Arctic Monkeys

Saturday was my 4th time seeing the group and the boy's 8th (jeeees) and they were just as fantastic as they've ever been (apart from a couple of little hiccough's thanks to unfortunate crowd squishing!). They played my AM album fave, One For The Road, and a couple of other major loves (Mardy Bum, R U Mine) all of which made for an extra-special night.

Oh, and I spotted a certain Rebecca Cohen in the flesh at the train station after. I fangirled from afar.

We headed straight for the floor at the back where we stayed until AM started doing their thing


Never having visited the area before, we decided to make the most of the extra hour in the day and were up, out and at Battersea Park by 9:30. It really is a lovely place and I enjoyed getting the chance to have a proper look at it on Sunday morning. I'll certainly do my best to visit again when I'm next in London.

Where we stayed for the night
The boy heading up the street
Inside Battersea Park (and blessed with the best kind of autumnal weather!)

London, it's always a pleasure!

27 October 2013

118: Until then...

Regularly-scheduled posting will commence as soon as I finish and hand in this god-forsaken essay (truly, is there anything worse than essay-writing? It should be used as some sort of torture device. Bleurgh). 

Meanwhile, ladies and gentleman, I just have one question to ask you. R U MINE?!!

25 October 2013

117: Friday Finds

Welcome to my second instalment of the tantalisingly-tempting bad boy that is Friday Finds, my weekly wishlist of all things fabulous that I'll never actually get to own because a) I am a student, b) I have bills to pay and c) I live in the real world (pretty much!).

Anything take your fancy? Let me know below!

1) Socks, Urban Outfitters. Because it's that time of the year when we whack out the slipper socks again!

2) Roll-neck Jumper, Miss Selfridge. This jumper has snuggle-worthy written all over it.

3) Tee, Monki. My absolute favouritest colour is green and this tee is too good a price to go ignored (£6).

4) Scarf, Accessorize. I love the combo of brown and teal in this pattern.

5) Trousers, Urban Outfitters. Ankle-swinging-perfection. 

6) Bag, Accessorize. Two handles and a nice sheen. What could be better?!

7) Tee, Uniqlo. The best kind of yellow - not too bright, acidic or egg-yolky. 

8) Heels, Urban Outfitters. These may well be the ones coupled with the trousers in the above pic. I'm not sure. Either way they're fabulous and I MUST have them, with or without the trews.

I'm quite loving the idea of this as an outfit, if anyone fancies chucking it together for me. I'd model it for ya.

9) Tartan Scarf, Accessorize. Because this print ain't going anywhere. 

10) Jumper, Monki. The closest I'll ever get to a Christmas jumper. 

11) Polo Neck Jersey, Joules. Reminds me of a raspberry. Juicy goodness. 

12) Long Sleeve Tee, Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo. I have no idea what is on this tee, but it looks good enough to eat which means it's sure as heck good enough for me to, well, own.

13) Long Sleeve Tee, Uniqlo. Not sure why all the pinks today but they certainly jazz up my screen!

14) Print Tee, Monki. Subtle feathers. The way they should be. 

15) Fluffy Jacket, H&M. Because my shoulders are crying out to be adorned with feathers AND fluff.

16) Polo Neck, H&M. Yes, it's another roll-neck, but this one is for those days when I want to go a little more incognito.  

Before I forget....my giveaway ends TONIGHT!! If you haven't done so, be sure to click HERE to enter!!

24 October 2013

116: There's no season quite like autumn

I've stumbled across a few odes to autumn today and this post is no exception. The collection of photos above depict my journey home from uni today - bus to street to windowsill. Without a doubt this is my favourite season - yes, sometimes the days are dull and grey, reminding you that winter is just around the corner - but, really, nothing beats autumn when it comes to blue skies and sunshine. And colours. Exquisite, you-can't-quite-believe-your-eyes colours. 


23 October 2013

115: Midweek

Today shall hereby be known as 'procrastiwednesday'. I know, a mouthful, and quite without a certain ring to it, but ever so true! Of course, you've guessed it, an essay deadline is coming up and I am THE worst when it comes to essay writing. I read a lot to prepare but with every journal paper I read comes the inevitable 'I have no idea what they are saying' when I put down and, thus, PANIC!!

Tea and Blogosphere break (because WHY wouldn't you?!)
After spending hours and hours worrying and stressing about every little thing (and typing any old word that popped into my head, resulting in a mass of non-nonsensical, out-of-order paragraphs) I decided to sit and watch the sun go down.

 A day can't have been too bad if it ended like this, could it?

22 October 2013


Totally getting in on the Halloween action!

Please note that, as ever, photos are from the blogs whence they came, so all credit goes to the authors behind the blogs!

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