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19 November 2013

129: Tori's Tales of the Week

Image Credit: Tatiana Berestova, flickr
I lost a weeks worth of tales again - where did that time go?! Another bumper edition it is - although for ease of the situation all round, everything will be back to normal as of next week - of my favourite tales from around the blogisphere!

As is always the case, image credit goes to the blog from whence the photo came! (as if I am that talented!). Oh, and be sure to click on the image so you can have a read of the wonderful post!!

Tuesday 5th
Natalie got me wishing for my very own Autumn in Central Park

Wednesday 6th
Freya invited us into her little Italian home

Thursday 7th
Megan shared her birthday moments

Friday 8th
Caitlin had me lusting over her November blooms (why do I never buy flowers?!)

Saturday 9th
Becky got my vote for Company grammar-editor/spell-checker!

Sunday 10th
Cassie's interwebs finds kept me entertained for a good fair while!

Monday 11th
Sophie captured the good side of rainy days

Tuesday 12th
Chloe shared her very first outfit post (and Teddy came along for the ride!)

Wednesday 13th
Tania's moodboard got me in a festive mood!

Thursday 14th
Lisette managed to pull off a bready 'tache with style!

Friday 15th
Kailey treated us with some super-sweet stocking-stuffers!

Saturday 16th
Olivia's gonna have me piling on the pounds!

Sunday 17th
Flora wowed (as ever) with her wonderful words

Monday 18th
Sophie spoke about writing through writer's block


  1. Thank you so much for including me sweet! I'm going to look at all the other posts now - you have such great taste! ^o^

  2. What beautiful photos!! I love Kailey's post and it has me wanting to do some Christmas shopping for myself! ;) And thank you so much sweet-cheeks for including my birthday post!! (And that is one of my very favorite photos - that is the card my sweet grandpa got me!!) :)
    I have the links open in new tabs and I can't wait to start reading!! Happy Tuesday doll!! xo

  3. The photo for Freya's home is just beautiful - what an atmosphere inducing photo! I am a bit silly, I tried to click on the words but have only just realised after reading the post that I can click on the photos, yay :) the rest of the photos on Freya's post are beautiful too! The rain video is simply breathtaking, I love the sound of the rain on the windows. As much as we complain about rain, if you're staying indoors nothing beats it. The mermaidens gift guide is amazing! I love the look of the Etude House ice cream polishes - it's all about the packaging!! Flora's Winter post is idyllic! Thank you for introducing me to so many wonderful new blogs :)

  4. wow- such gorgeous photos- i think my favorite is of that little darling dog.

  5. Tori, you are my unofficial blog and inspiration finder. Some lovely finds and all different :)

    Abi xx


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