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13 January 2014

157 // Senses

Senses, Weekly round-up, Golden Globes, tumblr
Y'all know I love me a good sunset; this one last week was particularly luv-er-ly
I am going to do my best to relaunch this bad boy, 2014-style. I felt a little too claustrophobic and tied down to the form I'd created whenever it came to putting one of these posts together last year (ha, it feels so weird saying that!) because I never could come up with enough stuff to provide an equal split of info between the five and I let that get the better of me (perfectionism raising it's ugly head). As a result I allowed the whole thing to slide off the radar and have negated to share a proper Senses post since mid-November.

All is not lost, however, because I've decided to bring it back (woah woah woah, slow down guys, for now I mean - lets see how I get on!) in a slightly more informal manner, whereby I am allowing myself (why thank you - you're welcome!) to choose what to share, as and when I'd like to (so as to get around the 'I must-ness' I felt lead by before - one shouldn't really force oneself to write something if it doesn't come naturally). I think I'm also going to do away with the headers and just let the text flow as it pleases, thus it'll be a little more like the 'links' posts you see knocking around (which I hope is ok with you? Let me know below!). Also, it may not be a regular thing (it seems, beyond Tales of the Week, regular posting isn't necessarily for me) but I'll try to keep it a thing all the same, because I do actually enjoy these posts and that's reason enough (I believe) to put the effort in and share!

Enough chatter - let's get on with the show:

Golden Globes, dresses, Hollywood
Golden Globes, dresses, Hollywood
images c/o huffington post, glamourmagazine
I woke up this morning feeling miserable (long story) and the one thing that managed to get me out of bed was the thought of having a good nosey at what the ladies (and men, you say? pah!) wore to the Golden Globes yesterday (yes, it's shallow and ridiculous but sometimes we need a little frivolity in our lives!). Above is a little montage of my favourites; Lena for pulling off Canary yellow (and for posing all, like, BAM), Zooey for her vintage style, Jessica for her class and old-Hollywood-style-glam (oooof, that décolletage), Reese for the teal (hooray for teal!), Lizzie for the embellishment, Jemima for her ever-unique and true-to-herself style (and that hair), Amy because no one looks as wonderful in this plunging-neckline style as she, Cate because, well, she's Cate, and Taylor for that bloody beaut pink (and oh those arms, gimme!).

Also....(just because)

Veronica Dearly, illustration

Before things fell apart last night (oh hello, Drama Queen Tori, you've only been gone all of 3 minutes but welcome, do take a stomp around!) I had rather happily spent a decent proportion of my evening having a good old root around the interwebs - by golly is there an abundance of awesomeness on the internet, seriously, my brain can't compute just how much there is to read/see - and came up with a list of links I really enjoyed and knew I needed to share. May I suggest, if you only have time to look at one, the T-Rex Optical Illusion? I've been covering illusions in my Psychology revision recently and this one is much like the Hollow Head Illusion - so bloody interesting and a little mind-blowing!

A couple about blogging:

And a mixture of everything else:

celine steene, favourite recipes
image c/o celine steene
Every week, before heading off to do the dreaded food shop, the boy and I (or rather, I) compile a list of food stuffs for the week, picking out a handful of recipes to cook alongside our regulars (sausage and mash - standard, even as a veggie - and a roast). This week, we chose:

    • This one is perfect for when you want an easy dinner (and even I - the fussy spaghetti eater - am a big fan!)

Bookshop, books, reading
image c/o tumblr
I'm doing my best to settle myself down to read for me as and when I can (though January is proving a tough time for reading in general). It's not something I do often enough (the younger me wouldn't recognise this girl of infrequent delve-into-book-dom), as has been the case since I started at uni, but it's all I can do for now so thumbs up to me for trying (or something like that).

Recently finished:

Now reading:

Next on the list:

tumblr, images, photos, photography, bed, bedroom, light
c/o milan
One of my most favourite things to do when I have the time is scroll through tumblr. I love photography/images/moments captured and I'm always amazed by what I find. It's often the case I'll stumble across an image that's credited to a flickr account which I then retreat to and get lost in for a fair good while. Here is a collection of some images that caught my eye this week:

tumblr, images, photos, sunrise, light, nature, trees, blue skies
tumblr, images, photos, photography, light, flickr, desk, lamp, working
tumblr, images, photos, photography,lightsugar beach, pink, sand, umbrella, happy, blue skies, water, sailboats, sailing
tumblr, images, photos, photography, bed, bedroom, flowers, dried flowers, decoration, design, interesting design ideas

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I hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Monday to you (or, indeed, just Happy Day to you, whichever day you are reading this!)


  1. You missed off Emma Watson! She looked incredible in a dress/trouser combo :) Zooey's dress is gorgeous though. Girl crushin'

  2. I loved those dresses! Also, I am exactly the same - I had to ban myself from Pinterest as I just got too obsessed with it. I can honestly sit there for hours pinning beautiful pictures!

    Katie <3

  3. I get so excited to see what everyone wears, the girls from girls are so fab! Also love seeing what the ladies from modern family wear! Zooey is such a doll! I'm in the same boat, I have not been reading enough even though I love starting a book. Oh no Sunday night dramas... Hope you are okay lvly! X

  4. I think you've made the right decision lovely lady, you should only write what comes naturally to you rather than trying to force it. I love your posts, and whatever form they take I still enjoy reading what you share :) I hope you're feeling better in yourself now petal, and that whatever was getting you down has been resolved. I adore Zooey's dress - it's so beautiful and princess-y! Tina and Amy are fun hosts haha, it sounds like the audience were having a ball! The T-Rex illusion did creep me out a bit!! I had to watch the hollow head explanation and even though I get it now I still find that kind of creepy!! The blog motivation post was motivating to me, I think an ideas journal is a great idea for those days where you want to post but just lack inspiration on what to post. It would also be really handy if you're short of time and want to post! I recently read a post about amazing abandoned places, and one of them was a train station in New York (you can read the post here http://distractify.com/culture/arts/the-most-spectacular-abandoned-places-in-the-world/ - my boyfriend was fascinated by it too!). Some of those tweets are so funny, sometimes I wish I used Twitter so I could see some of this stuff regularly haha it would definitely brighten up a dull day. I hope you find your reading mojo (is that a thing?!) again - getting lost in a book is one of my most favourite things and I was struggling to find time for it, so I put it on my list and made it more of a priority. Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourites, I haven't read the new one yet so you'll have to let me know how you get on :) and those Tumblr pictures are just beautiful. My favourites are the one lit by lamp (so atmospheric) and the flowers stuck to the wall - what a pretty idea. I wish there were more flowers around, I see photos of beautiful flowers all of the time and it's making me longing for colours and petals and nature. Thank you Tori for this lovely, very inspiring, post :) xxx

  5. This post has EVERYTHING! So many things I want to comment about, but mainly; ahhh big love for Taylor's beautiful frock, T-rex AND Patrick Stewart… What more could we need in a post??!

    Also, vastly appreciative of the blogging advice links… Inspiring : )

    Faded Windmills

  6. Zooey Deschanel's dress, hair, everything!


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