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6 November 2013

123: Tales of the Week

I'm using this photo I took in Scotland because I love it so gosh-darn much!!
As it's my birthday, and because I'm all about sharing the love, I thought I'd today offer-up a bumper edition of my Tales of the Week. Why bumper, you ask? Because I'm not going to be sharing one but two (TWO!) weeks of glorious posts from across the blogisphere!

As ever, all image credits go to the blogs (and their owners!) from whence they came!

Tuesday 22nd
Lisette had me craving some crafting-fun!

Wednesday 23rd
Rebecca had me swooning over her autumnal wardrobe (and gorgeous backdrop!)

Thursday 24th
Bee made me a very happy stowaway on her Cornwall adventure

Friday 25th
Tania got me wishing for my very own, sunny-morning, Museum trip (and Rosie's hair)

Saturday 26th
Cat got me scanning for a modern-day Scully

Sunday 27th
Jazmine had me reminiscing about my own trip to Battersea Park

Monday 28th
Charlie got me wishing I could make checks look this good

Tuesday 29th
Natalie had me daydreaming about my own trip to Magnolia Bakery (some 6 years ago)

Wednesday 30th
Sonia's super-kitchen-skills had me hoping for my own

Thursday 31st
Lyzi reinstated my fear of clowns!

Friday 1st November
Megan and Chloe had me marvelling over their majestic bride-and-photographer twosome!

Saturday 2nd
Flora had me at her polka what

Sunday 3rd
Olivia made me realise she can never do wrong!

Monday 4th
Che had me chuckling over her 'surprise husband attack'!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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  1. Lovely posts to check out, as always Tori!! xoxo


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