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21 November 2013

131 // Thankful Thursday

Today I felt the urge to put together a little Thursday Thankful post, inspired by Lisette's wonderful series. I'm not sure what triggered such a feeling but hey, when one feels thankful one should probably just be grateful for it, rather than worry about why!! 

Is there anything better than golden leaves? Well, yes actually - stomping about in them!

This Thursday I am thankful for:

  • The ever-present feeling of autumn on campus, witnessed in my above photos taken this morning

  • That, even though I don't actually like my course, I had the opportunity to attend such a beautiful university

  • The offer of help from our Dean of Arts (a chat over a cuppa!) to get me feeling the love for my subject!

  • That it's only one day until my Moom and Auntie Ju come a-visiting

  • That I have a Dodge who looks out for me in the form of sending me helpful tips to keep me warm in this ridiculously large-windowed flat

  • My big, huge rug-of-a-scarf that keeps my neck (and the rest of my body when laying on the sofa) nice and warm

  • Ladies across the pond who always brighten my week (and as a result make me entirely thankful for the internet) - Chloe, Megan and Kailey, I'm looking at you, kids!

  • Good customer service 

Now, I've a little bit of a tale to tell regarding this last one. This afternoon I sent this tweet about a local cupcake kiosk:

After a few tweets back and forth, in which the company assured me they don't use cinnamon (possibility of a dodgy batch!), they offered me a free red velvet cupcake (which I happily picked up about 5 mins after our conversation) to try out for my-very-self. Now that's what I call doing what you can to keep your customers satisfied! 

Oh, and I'm pleased to say there was no cinnamon in sight (or taste!).

How about you? What are you thankful for this Thursday? 


  1. Great post. Those autumn leaves are something else! And any day with free cake is a GREAT day :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. Beautiful list!! and I'm so happy that you got a cinnamon-less red velvet cupcake!! .... this post kinda makes me want to bake a sweet treat!!! :)

  3. Woahhhhhh free cup cake!! Awesomes :)

    Gorgeous pictures dude

    Faded Windmills

  4. I love all of your photos of the Autumn leaves Tori :) I haven't done enough stomping about in them this year, I must make time for it in the next week before the frost or snow eats them all up and it becomes well and truly Winter. I hope you're having a wonderful time with your visitors, and I can't wait to read all about it. There is really nothing better than a big scarf or a blanket or a blankety scarf at this time of year, getting cosy on the sofa and settling down for the night - bliss! That is some amazingly good customer service from Johnnie's Cupcakes - it's the little things that make such a difference to how your day turns out, and how can a day with free cake turn out any other way than good :) xxx


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