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2 November 2013

121: On writing posts

Image Credit: Joana Salta, Flickr
I've hit a bit of a bump in this blogging road and have tumbled, head-first, into a black hole of blogging-woes so deep that nothing seems to be able to drag me out. You see, I struggle (and have from the word go) to come up with post ideas. I scroll through blogs (and other internet-based goodies) on the daily, searching for inspiration, for that special something that might cause that light-bulb moment, to which I respond with a frantic session of fingers on keyboard, lining up future ideas like a pro. But, no matter how hard I search, that moment doesn't seem to want to come. I scroll and I scroll. I like, I comment, I bookmark to read again. I look at wishlists and outfit posts, beauty and foodie posts and articles on and about blogging (I cannot count the amount of time's I've read 'how to's' on the subject), yet that light just doesn't want to switch on.

It's nearly 9 months down the line and if it wasn't for the few series that I've started up (which, in my head, don't really count, although I do enjoy doing them) I'm no further along than I was when I first started. In fact, I'm posting less than I did (I think) originally which is no mean feat (because it's not like I've ever been a regular, organised blogging type!) and something I am most frustrated by. I want my content to be decent and unique enough that I'm proud and happy to click 'publish' every time I do. I'm not saying they have to be life-changing posts, they don't even really have to say much, or mean anything, but they do have to be something and right now, in all honesty, I feel like anything and everything I've put together lately has been nothing.  

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Just to make matters all the more confusing, I can't say I have any feeling other than love for blogging. It's the one thing I have a true passion for, the one thing I actually enjoy sitting down and putting energy and effort into (when I do, on the rare off-chance, come up with something to say), which is why I'm so concerned (that feels rather a grown up and serious word to use here!) about my struggle to come up with content. Surely it shouldn't be so hard to channel all that positive 'I-love-having-a-blog' energy into thinking up blog ideas? Am I just expecting too much? 

My three series (Tales of the Week, Senses and Friday Finds) are all, in a way, original ideas. I can't beat myself up about that too much. Yet they don't feature anything 'me'-related; 'Tales' is a collection of posts from wonderful blogger's that I've enjoyed over a week, 'Senses' (more often that not) showcases a collection of articles/vids etc. from around the web that have caught my eye and tickled my fancy (anyone ever realised how dodgy that sounds?!) and FF is a wishlist-of-sorts post in which I round up my favourite items to show off (and drool over). Yes, I came up with these posts and yes, I chose to introduce them to Tori's Tales, but they don't really offer anything new; they could easily sit on the page of someone else's blog, camouflaged by the no-doubt fabulous posts which would surround them. They offer no clue as to the writer behind them. 

Image Credit: mariell oyre, Flickr
I want to do more, I want to feel more and say more, to introduce my thoughts in an interesting way. Not only to keep you reading, but to make your visits worthwhile. I want to entertain and amuse you, to inform and delight you (as is the case with so many of your blogs when I visit) but I have no idea HOW to go about making this happen. I scroll through pinterest and tumblr (case in point, the wonderful images picked for this post) regularly, I read articles and I spend (probably literal, actual) hours reading everything the lovely ladies who appear on my feeds (twitter and bloglovin' alike) have to say yet still (STILL!) I can't come up with anything. There have been so many (too many to count) times when I've sat in front of my laptop, staring at a blank screen (with multiple tabs open, as is always the way with me) and all I can do is shout (inside my head, of course. I live in a flat, after all) 'is that it Tors? Where's your imagination? Where's that passion now?!!'. 

At this point it feels like I'm without both. 


  1. Aw you sound like you could do with a hug ^v^ I went through a period like this were I kept feeling under pressure to post but I suppose now I've decided that, for me, posting less is okay. I know that I'll never be able to post everyday and now that I've kind of admitted this I feel more relaxed about blogging. Perhaps you should just let yourself have a little while where you say to yourself, if I have an idea then I'll post it but, if I don't it's not the end of the world? Don't forget that we'll all still be here and always love whenever/whatever you post! ^v^ xxx

  2. :( you are far too hard on yourself! This post for example is written with passion, and your sharing your tori thoughts! I always find your posts such a good read, and funny when your just being you! I guess ideas just come when they do and least expect it. We all have those moments, I feel like mine isn't special at all but I do put effort into each post! It's my little creation hehe your blog is wonderful, the words and images. I'm looking forward to the Christmassy post to come too! Aw Nora is such a sweetheart!!!!

  3. I've found myself feeling the same way lately, I'll have a flash on inspiration of post ideas one day and when I come to write, they'll be gone or seem somewhat bland. It's great that you've come up with series that are more unique so just wait for those lightbulb moments - they will happen. In the meantime, your writing is so great I'll read anything you put up! xx

  4. oh Tori!! I absolutely love and adore your blog!! You always write beautiful posts about your travels and the lovely places you go to and that is uniquely you!! I also love your Tales of the Week + FF and the loveliness that resides in those posts!! You write beautifully Tori! Maybe not every post will be sheer perfection (I know not all my posts are!!) but if you write to express yourself and about things that you love/are passionate about - people will always come back to read!! xoxoxo

  5. Oh Tori *virtual hug* I think you are being far too hard on yourself here. Your three series are wonderful, I enjoy reading them and look forward to seeing what you've come up with each week. They are very unique ideas, particularly your senses posts - you should be proud :) I can't speak on behalf of all bloggers, but I for one don't have a stream of regular blog posts or content. In fact, it was you and your series that inspired me to start my own series (Handmade Mondays) in an effort to have at least one regular post a week! I think your personality shines through in each of your posts, so you don't need to worry about that at all :) perhaps have a bit of a brianstorm (see what I did there? :)) and think about things you enjoy reading on other people's blogs, and maybe you'll find something there that you yourself want to write about too. You always have the most lovely images in your posts, maybe every so often you could post a collection of lovely images - I know I always love to see pretty and inspiring things :) I've been meaning to share some of my billions of Pinterest pins for a while now, why not turn something like that into a post :) xxx

  6. I think we all feel like this sometimes, don't beat yourself up about it. I've probably said this before but your blog is one of my favourites simply because it is like no other blog I have come across its unique and stands out! Your personality really shines through in your posts something I wish I was good at!


  7. I think blogging has ebbs and flows. I have chunks of time where I struggle to post much of anything. For me, it's being tired that sucks out the inspiration.
    I find the times I blog most are when I have things going in my life. The more adventures you're having, the more fulfilled you'll feel, and the more content you'll be generating. Adventures doesn't have to mean super glam blogger events, it can just be discovering a new pretty place new you to walk, or baking some really awesome cookies. Everything is blog fodder!
    If it helps, I love your blog. It's one of my favourite reads.
    How about exploring different kinds of content? What stuff do you like to read? Try that! Outfit posts, food reviews, recipes, video content, wish lists, product reviews, How-Tos...if you like to read it, try writing it. Maybe something will inspire you.

  8. I've only just really clocked over to your blog now - but i love this post! So true for a lot of people I think!
    What about starting a new series "introducing Tori" or something like that and every week/month you can introduce and elaborate on a random fact of your life or a memory or something like that?


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