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30 January 2014

165 // Camera | Olympus Trip 35

Tori's Tales, Camera, Film Photography, Olympus Trip 35

As mentioned back at the beginning of the month, one of my blogging goals for 2014 is to take more photos (the main reason being that I'd have more of my own to 'feature' on Tori's Tales) and very slowly, but certainly surely, I am doing just that; here we have four (count em') photos taken by my own - possibly incapable but nonetheless try-able (making up words again, Tors?) - hands, and of my very brand-spanking new camera to boot!

Tori's Tales, Camera, Film Photography, Olympus Trip 35, The Black Forest, Germany, Eyewitness Travel
Tori's Tales, Camera, Film Photography, Olympus Trip 35

At the start of January I read through one of Cat's posts dedicated to her goals for the year, one of which was to shoot more film. She featured in the post a photo of her Olympus Trip 35 and when I saw it, something clicked inside of me and I thought 'you know what? I think I'd like to have a go at using one of those!'. I headed over to eBay (which is where Cat bought hers) and had a little search before coming across a bidding opportunity I couldn't pass up; I won the camera, plus it's case and a film, for a very decent £18.51! 

Tori's Tales, Camera, Film Photography, Olympus Trip 35, The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Eyewitness Travel

Considering the original catch phrase - as heard here in an ad for the camera from the 70's, featuring David Bailey - was 'The Olympus Trip. So simple, anyone can use it' one would think (and hope) that my limited photography skills and camera knowledge won't be too much of a barrier against making a start with my OT. I'll no doubt be documenting my journey here as and when I do so. 

And in case you were wondering, I used a beautiful book - Eyewitness Travel's 'Travel - Where to go when' that offers a guide to choosing the best month of the year to travel to destinations all across the globe - as the backdrop for photos 1 and 2 above. The blue tiles are situated in 'Where to go: April' and can be found on the interior walls of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and the misty forest (how awesome would it be to witness that? Those are some lucky inhabitants!) is featured in 'Where to go: August' and is of somewhere I've actually visited - the Black Forest in Germany. Can anyone guess (the globe may offer you a little hint) where in the world I'd like to visit next? 

If anyone owns, or has owned, an Olympus Trip before (or similar) and can offer me information or advice regarding how to use a film camera, please do give me a heads up in the comments section so we can have a chat about it all!

28 January 2014

164 // Tales of the Week

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Yes, that's right, I own a cactus (or 6!)
A new week has begun and, with it, a new university term. Today I had my first day back (all two hours of it) but right now I am sat on my single-duvet-covered-sofa (it's so cold!) sipping from a hot-hot-cuppa (because who does lukewarm?! Megan gets me!), eating golden-crunch creams and collating my favourite tales from the past week - aka a perfect Tuesday evening.

*As ever, one must note that all images shown belong to the blog from whence they came, and all credit belongs to the authors of these posts*

Tuesday 21st
Tori's Tales, Favourite posts, Fernaly, new beginnings
Celestine shared her new beginnings

Wednesday 22nd
Tori's Tales, favourite posts, Bekuh B, reminiscing, Grandad
Bekuh's story made for a comfortable fit

Thursday 23rd
Tori's Tales, Tori's Tales of the Week, Tales of the Week, favourite posts, blogging, this kind of woman, dreaming, dreams, big dreams
Hebe dreamed

Friday 24th
Tori's Tales, Tori's Tales of the Week, Tales of the Week, favourite posts, blogging, lifestyle blogging, lucky number seven, snow day
Danielle had a snow day

Saturday 25th
Tori's Tales, Tori's Tales of the Week, Tales of the Week, favourite posts, blogging, ashore, lifestyle blogging, salinger, jd salinger, catcher in the rye, franny and zooey
Sam spoke of Salinger

Sunday 26th
Tori's Tales, Tori's Tales of the Week, Tales of the Week, favourite posts, blogging, the finer things club, lifestyle, films, january films, film round up,
Luke and Bee rounded up their January films

Monday 27th
Tori's Tales, Tori's Tales of the Week, Tales of the Week, favourite posts, blogging, lifestyle blogging, sunday someone, meg fee, wily brunette, new york, letter writing,
Meg wrote a letter

26 January 2014

163 // on paper | oh comely

the perfect combo - a notebook (to jot down inspiration), oh comely, a cuppa
Up until a couple of years ago my magazine consumption consisted of weekly flimsies (in all senses of the word) and monthly hefties (thanks to the abundance of advertisements) devoted to celebrity. Now, there's nothing wrong with an indulgent flick through said mags every now and again (I mean, there's only so much one can read on a tea break) but my interest in them waned and when I no longer found satisfaction from parting with my pennies on my weekly trip to the local shop, instead of searching for something a little more on-par with my tastes, I gave up magazine-buying (and thus, magazine-reading) altogether.

Fast-forward to the present day and I've (only just) realised that magazines do exist outside of the poorly-stocked local convenient-store shelves (who, inconveniently, offer a measly selection of quite frankly terrible reads, all rather dog-eared and thin-of-page) and that one can, in fact, choose from a whole host of interesting and independent magazines whilst in the comfort of one's home - whilst bum is firmly planted on seat and finger on the not-so-obvious button of a laptop. There are plenty out there to choose from; so many that my quest to choose just one to quench my need for a quicker-read fix - that is,  for those times when I don't necessarily want to dive between the pages of a book or I can't enjoy a good bloggy read because the situation in which I find myself could result in disaster where a laptop is involved, i.e. when I wish to read in the bath, because said lap for the laptop to sit atop is situated underwater - certainly took great effort on my part (please sir, can I have them all?).

Tori's Tales, oh comely, magazine, print, paper, independent

That is where 'oh comely' (whose tagline - or slogan? - is 'keep your curiosity sacred' - how divine is that?!) comes in. I saw it's name mentioned in a couple of spots across the interwebs (along with some others I'm very keen to pick up as-and-when I can) and thought I'd give it a go - the beautiful photography featured on the website of this month's issue, and the enticingly-awesome subtitle 'Different, interesting women are our heroes', was more than enough to draw me in, and after happily placing my order I awaited it's arrival with decidedly-bated breath.....

Tori's Tales, oh comely, magazine, print, paper, independent, photography, portrait series
background // words - Hannah Zeilig, image - Stepan Obruchkov, pg 104
foreground // ayesha by francesca: a portrait series, pg 70
It's quite the befitting name - the design is so captivating, and it's flashes of colour and stunning imagery such a visually-delightful feast for the senses, that I'm doing my best to savour it by sticking to reading just a few pages at at time (not in order - never in order) so my reading-experience isn't over too quickly. The issue itself, in-keeping with the aforementioned subtitle, features not only a plethora of female interviewees but interviewers and contributors too - from illustration, to words, stories and photography. One of the main topics-at-hand is 'a conversation about bacon' (I'm not quite sure why? It's possible I have missed the reason due to my delving in at random points, or maybe they don't feel as though one is needed?) that gives rise to a whole host of interesting articles including; 'does the patriarchy worship at the altar of bacon' (a discussion between Anna Godfrey - one of oh comely's contributors, a writer and recent Bristol-grad - and Carol J. Adams - writer of The Sexual Politics of Meat - centred around why the latter believes being a feminist and meat-eater shouldn't go hand-in-hand); 'how's your hot dog, mr hot dog', an article that features signage 'so delicious it wants to eat itself' and 'what meat means to me' - a women's inner-debate-and-meat-filled trip down memory lane. 

Tori's Tales, oh comely, magazine, print, paper, the selfish giant, clio barnard
outside the giant's garden // an interview with clio barnard, pg 49
There are a few articles I've yet to get through only for the reason that I'm enjoying the very first read too much to gulp it down all in one sitting. One I have already read was an interview with Clio Barnard, who wrote a favourite film of mine from 2013, The Selfish Giant, about the film and the motivation behind it's story. The piece certainly made me think twice abut the way I had, admittedly rather two-dimensionally, interpreted the story and it lead to a couple of discussions with the boy about our impressions of the film (and so-forth). Despite only tackling about half of the magazine so far I have found that, as I am always striving to be a better (more interesting and well-rounded) me, oh comely (and no doubt many other independent publishings out there) has offered me a fantastic opportunity to become just that, by supplying it's readers (definitely this one here) with articles that are thought-provokingly-provocative; they most certainly got me thinking and wondering and pondering, and and what more, really, could I ask of it?  

23 January 2014

162 // On exhaling

blue sky, sunrise, airplane, flying, clouds, sun, thoughts, tambling, exhaling, exhale

Have you ever wanted something (that thing you feel such passion for) to go right so badly that you stop yourself from even making a start, for fear that things won't turn out as you hope them to? 

It feels as though I'm holding my breath. There's a lot going on in my head, yet I can't persuade any of my thoughts to align, nor will they assemble themselves on the page in the manner that I wish them to. So much hesitation. Cloudiness. Uneasiness. Questioning. Doubt. 

So I'm stepping back, for a moment. Only then can I exhale.

21 January 2014

161 // Tales of the Week

The boy getting his read on
The time is still running away with me thanks to this revision/exam malarkey so I was all-a-tizzy this morning when I realised it was Tales of the Week day! Still, it was a post made easy thanks to the sheer volume of goodness that met me in my 'liked' post folder (thank you!). I've barely had (or rather, made) time this week to sit and catch up properly with posts but, fear not, I shall hopefully all be caught up come tomorrow evening (as I have it to myself!). Happy reading! 

 *Images shown belong to the blog from whence they came. All credit belongs to the authors of the posts*

Tuesday 14th
Clementine, Tales of the Week
Clementine spoke of kindness

Wednesday 15th
Faded Windmills, Tales of the Week
Gemma welcomed her next chapter

Thursday 16th
Glitterskin, Tales of the Week
Chloe blue (so witty!) me away

Friday 17th
Cocorinna, Tales of the Week
Corina compared her Now & Then

Saturday 18th
Fill my little world, Tales of the Week
Beeta asked what makes you you?

Sunday 19th
Smile me Pretty, Tales of the Week
Em explored the familiar

Monday 20th
Coco/Mingo, Tales of the Week
Jessica DIY'd tea!

18 January 2014

160 // Now and Then

A couple of days ago I read Latrina's (from 'Of Trees & Hues') post dedicated to a 'Now & Then' Q&A and thought I'd have a go at putting my own together (crikey did this take me forever and boy does it not look like it did! I am glad I had a go at it, however, as I really enjoyed myself!) because I liked the post so gosh darn much! Originally by Miranti, (from 'Pen & Peplum') the idea is to share a few of the things the 'today you' does/thinks and compare them to those of the 'yesterday you' (and in my case that would be Tori between the ages of 11-15,). 

If you decide to have a go, do be sure to let me know! It was such a fun post to take part in and I really enjoyed having a good old think about the Tori of yore! Now, where is that Eminem poster?.....

Toris Tales, Now and Then, Reminiscing, Teenage years, The Wonder Years, crushing, listening, reading, style, hair, leisure, attitude, watching

16 January 2014

159 // Thankful Thursday

Slowly disappearing
c/o *Nishe
My exams have finally started. I said that in the way I did not because I love exams (I mean, has anyone ever, on the face of the earth, loved exams?!) but I certainly love them more than (= hate them less than) the feeling that comes with waiting for the exam period to arrive.

This evening (one laden with revision stress - relived by singing Prince - thanks to a 9am Ethics exam tomorrow) I thought I'd pop up a little Thankful Thursday post (idea c/o my gal Lisette) because - just like the taking on of the 100 Happy Days Project - I'm trying my best to note down all of the small things that make my days a little easier, a little lighter, a little less WAAAAH. So, today, I am thankful for:

Getting a 65 on my Cognitive Psychology essay 

Being at the receiving end of a (brief) shoulder massage (the boy gave in to my incessant whines at last!)

Finally finding a drinkable cranberry juice

(Milk) Chocolate Hobnobs

The writing style of John Green (I am very much loving Will Grayson Will Grayson)

Clicky-lidded multicolour pens 

Early-morning sunshine

That I made it through the first week of 'Happy Days' and managed to only nearly miss one! 

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

15 January 2014

158 // Tori's Tales of the Week

Our flat, forever over-run with books!
This weeks 'tales' post is a little late (thank goodness I didn't go with the aforementioned alliteration, aye?!) because I am totally lost where days/dates/hours/minutes are concerned this week - revision does that to this girl! It's like my brain tries it's hardest to grab onto the stuff it's supposed to know for the exams and, as a result, shoves all the day-to-day information I need to essentially run and live my life into a cramped little corner I just can't reach. Thanks brain! Anyway, things are always better late then never as far as I'm concerned, thus here are my favourite posts from the lovely people of the blogosphere from the last 7 days....

 *Images shown belong to the blog from whence they came. All credit belongs to the authors of the posts*

Tuesday 7th
Tania showed off her tube skirt among the ferns

Wednesday 8th
Trina shared her lingering list

Thursday 9th
Rosie spoke about eating seasonally

Friday 10th
Bee braved the elements and shared her winter pastels

Saturday 11th
Chloe offered her tips on how to ace your internship

Sunday 12th
Kerry talked about beating the January blues

Monday 13th 
Kelsey shared her plus'es and minus'es

13 January 2014

157 // Senses

Senses, Weekly round-up, Golden Globes, tumblr
Y'all know I love me a good sunset; this one last week was particularly luv-er-ly
I am going to do my best to relaunch this bad boy, 2014-style. I felt a little too claustrophobic and tied down to the form I'd created whenever it came to putting one of these posts together last year (ha, it feels so weird saying that!) because I never could come up with enough stuff to provide an equal split of info between the five and I let that get the better of me (perfectionism raising it's ugly head). As a result I allowed the whole thing to slide off the radar and have negated to share a proper Senses post since mid-November.

All is not lost, however, because I've decided to bring it back (woah woah woah, slow down guys, for now I mean - lets see how I get on!) in a slightly more informal manner, whereby I am allowing myself (why thank you - you're welcome!) to choose what to share, as and when I'd like to (so as to get around the 'I must-ness' I felt lead by before - one shouldn't really force oneself to write something if it doesn't come naturally). I think I'm also going to do away with the headers and just let the text flow as it pleases, thus it'll be a little more like the 'links' posts you see knocking around (which I hope is ok with you? Let me know below!). Also, it may not be a regular thing (it seems, beyond Tales of the Week, regular posting isn't necessarily for me) but I'll try to keep it a thing all the same, because I do actually enjoy these posts and that's reason enough (I believe) to put the effort in and share!

Enough chatter - let's get on with the show:

Golden Globes, dresses, Hollywood
Golden Globes, dresses, Hollywood
images c/o huffington post, glamourmagazine
I woke up this morning feeling miserable (long story) and the one thing that managed to get me out of bed was the thought of having a good nosey at what the ladies (and men, you say? pah!) wore to the Golden Globes yesterday (yes, it's shallow and ridiculous but sometimes we need a little frivolity in our lives!). Above is a little montage of my favourites; Lena for pulling off Canary yellow (and for posing all, like, BAM), Zooey for her vintage style, Jessica for her class and old-Hollywood-style-glam (oooof, that d├ęcolletage), Reese for the teal (hooray for teal!), Lizzie for the embellishment, Jemima for her ever-unique and true-to-herself style (and that hair), Amy because no one looks as wonderful in this plunging-neckline style as she, Cate because, well, she's Cate, and Taylor for that bloody beaut pink (and oh those arms, gimme!).

Also....(just because)

Veronica Dearly, illustration

Before things fell apart last night (oh hello, Drama Queen Tori, you've only been gone all of 3 minutes but welcome, do take a stomp around!) I had rather happily spent a decent proportion of my evening having a good old root around the interwebs - by golly is there an abundance of awesomeness on the internet, seriously, my brain can't compute just how much there is to read/see - and came up with a list of links I really enjoyed and knew I needed to share. May I suggest, if you only have time to look at one, the T-Rex Optical Illusion? I've been covering illusions in my Psychology revision recently and this one is much like the Hollow Head Illusion - so bloody interesting and a little mind-blowing!

A couple about blogging:

And a mixture of everything else:

celine steene, favourite recipes
image c/o celine steene
Every week, before heading off to do the dreaded food shop, the boy and I (or rather, I) compile a list of food stuffs for the week, picking out a handful of recipes to cook alongside our regulars (sausage and mash - standard, even as a veggie - and a roast). This week, we chose:

    • This one is perfect for when you want an easy dinner (and even I - the fussy spaghetti eater - am a big fan!)

Bookshop, books, reading
image c/o tumblr
I'm doing my best to settle myself down to read for me as and when I can (though January is proving a tough time for reading in general). It's not something I do often enough (the younger me wouldn't recognise this girl of infrequent delve-into-book-dom), as has been the case since I started at uni, but it's all I can do for now so thumbs up to me for trying (or something like that).

Recently finished:

Now reading:

Next on the list:

tumblr, images, photos, photography, bed, bedroom, light
c/o milan
One of my most favourite things to do when I have the time is scroll through tumblr. I love photography/images/moments captured and I'm always amazed by what I find. It's often the case I'll stumble across an image that's credited to a flickr account which I then retreat to and get lost in for a fair good while. Here is a collection of some images that caught my eye this week:

tumblr, images, photos, sunrise, light, nature, trees, blue skies
tumblr, images, photos, photography, light, flickr, desk, lamp, working
tumblr, images, photos, photography,lightsugar beach, pink, sand, umbrella, happy, blue skies, water, sailboats, sailing
tumblr, images, photos, photography, bed, bedroom, flowers, dried flowers, decoration, design, interesting design ideas

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

I hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Monday to you (or, indeed, just Happy Day to you, whichever day you are reading this!)

11 January 2014

156 // Outfit / Black Velvet

Dress - similar here and here // Shoes

You'd be well within your rights to be very surprised by the presence of an outfit on Tori's Tales today because such a post isn't at all regular in it's appearance. Instead, ootd's are an 'I'll visit when I please' kind of thing, dictated by my wardrobe changes - rare - and my camera, which is normally all like 'pur-lease, as if I'm going to focus on what you want me to when you want me to - I'll do so as and when I like' (i.e. not often). However, an outfit post this is so - to the outfit (in the 'I'm going to discuss each item' sense, not in the 'to the Batmobile sense). 

This dress is already a staunch favourite of mine (and I'm not only saying that because I won it! A big thanks to Ark for holding the competition on their Twitter page!) because:
  • a) It's a dress. Ok, I realise this is obvious, but I haven't worn one in so long that I'd forgotten how bloody good it is to do so. Welcome back into my heart all the dresses in the world
  • b) It is black. Which was more than ideal for the Christmas period.
  • c) It's in a style I love - Skater. Nipped in at the waist but with room for my hips.
  • d) It's velvet. Yes, I'm very late to jump on that bandwagon (in fact, I think it's so far gone now that it's pretty much the case I'm fashion-forward; I'm sure it'll come back around in a few years time, which is when I can say I wore it first) but I'm declaring it - velvet is awesome. 
The gorgeous shoe-sies were a Christmas present from my auntie et al. and are so comfortable I never want to take them off! This feeling (of comfort) where pumps are concerned isn't really a familiar one for me, so I'm blaming that on the fact I normally buy cheap pairs! The necklace is a £4 stunna (yes, I spelt it wrong on purpose, don't you worry) from Primark and I really love how chunky and clunky it is. And how it's not silver but not grey but not black. What's that called again? 

And there we have it. Ta da!!!