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25 November 2013

132 // Monday Motivation

At the University Park campus
This past weekend was spent with these two wonderful ladies by my side; Auntie Ju on the left, Moomie on the right (although sometimes we mixed it up!). We spent as much time as possible between their arrival mid-afternoon Friday (a little delayed - why is it something always goes wrong with trains?!) and departure late-afternoon Sunday, catching up on all that we could do, chatting away the days - making up for the couple of months since we'd seen each other. It was bliss. I miss having family around me but thankfully I don't have to wait too long before it happens again as I'm back home for a Christmas visit as of Monday 23rd December. I can't wait!

It seems to be taking me longer and longer to get up on Monday mornings (I think if I hadn't had a book to take back for the boy this morning, before my seminar at 10 am, I may not have got up at all!) and feel at all motivated to make a start on my day. It's got to be done though, I have to get in the swing of things, as this week is going to be spent preparing for (and hopefully starting) two essays I have due on the 10th and 11th December as I've (another) couple of busy weekends ahead - the #EastMidsMeetUp this Saturday (hello to all going!) and next weekend I'm off to Bath for the #BathXmasMeet as arranged by Megan. I'm so excited because the two of us have been chatting for well over a year so it's going to be amazing to finally meet! I'm also looking forward to seeing all those I've made friends with via the opportunities blogging has presented me since I made myself a part of it's community last June (just by tweeting people whose blogs I read - I didn't start TT until February!); there are so many of you to list but you should know who you are by now (expect lots of mushy 'I can't wait to see you!' tweets over the next couple of weeks!). Hang on, what was I saying? Oh, that's right, essays. So, yes, they very much need to be started on because I'm going to endeavour to get them done (or at least to a point where all I need to do is check and print the following Monday) by next Friday. Should be interesting as I still have no real idea what I'm doing for either of them!!

Anyway, that's enough rambling for a Monday morning! Happy new week to you all, and here's a couple of photos to inspire and motivate you on your way....

I know it's hard to leave this

Image Credit: Vanessa, flickr
But remember, you can go get yourself one of these

Image Credit: Memento Mori, tumlr
And look forward to mid-morning when I'm sure you deserve one of these

Image Credit: themorningtrain, flickr
Or this

Image Credit: celine steen, flickr
I mean, you are a grown up after all. You can eat and drink what you bloody well please

Image Credit: hoa tran, flickr
Image Credit: emma louise. flickr
You can daydream, like this guy

Image Credit: synne j. flickr
Plan trips

Image Credit: Olena Vorontsova, flickr
Because there's no reason to forget places, landscapes and beauty like this exists

Image Credit: zazenit, flickr
Image Credit: deepsleepdarling, flickr
Image Credit: turquoiseacco, flickr
Image Credit: evgenia kohan, flickr
You can take the long walk home

Image Credit: Guilia, flickr
Then fill your belly with winter food

Image Credit: glutenfreedaily, tumblr
Before escaping to somewhere only your imagination and the company one of these allows you to

Image Credit: & it was fun fun fun, tumblr
Or write until your fingers and heart ache

Image Credit: The Straight & Narrow, tumblr
Or sew, maybe until that aching heart is content again 

Image Credit: Dream on Dreamer, tumblr
Then you can return to this

Image Credit: Lita Bosch, flickr
And say goodnight to him

Image credit: grandma hands, flickr
So you can sleep among these 

Image Credit: Man & Camera, tumblr


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous post. Your weekend sounds lovely and those photos are beautiful! Hope you have a great remainder of term before Christmas break :)

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

  2. it's so nice that you met so many people through social media. :d hope you have a great time meeting those people.

  3. Lovely post! The cat is so cute, & them macaroons looked so yummy! Looking forward to meeting you at the Bath Meet Up :)

  4. Ahh gorgeous!!! That really did the trick. I was feeling a little out of sorts but this has given me a good kick up the backside. I hope the essays go ok, at least you have the special treat of meeting your blogging buddies to make up for the hard work ;)

    Have a fabulous time, and don't forget, we'll be expecting photos!! :)
    Gem x

    Faded Windmills

  5. Tori you are so creative! This post is fabulous as always! I love the way you find such beautiful photos!
    I do hope I receive a 'cant wait to see you' tweet! ;) I'm super excited to meet you, its going to be awesome!! :)

    Charlotte xx


  6. PS. Any other book recommendations always welcome ;)

    Faded Windmills

  7. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your relatives visiting Tori, I always miss my family when I don't get to see them for so long too. Less than a month to go until Christmas, I'm home for at least 2 weeks from the 18th Dec and I can't wait (though I will miss my boyfriend and Rufus the hamster an awful lot!). Good luck with your essays, you've got plenty of time to get them sorted out so hopefully with careful time management and regular cake eating intervals you'll have them done in no time! The blogger meet-ups sound like so much fun!! It must be quite nerve wracking but exciting at the same time. I don't have Twitter, I just wouldn't know where to start! I am absolutely, completely in love with your sequence of statements and corresponding images Tori. It's the best post I've seen for ages by far!! You always find the most beautiful photos. I'd love to visit a place where the forest is as thick and green as in the photograph. I long to wander in the woods and listen to nature :) hope your week is off to a good start lovely xxx


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