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18 November 2013

128: Senses 8

Another week, another round-up of the previous one's attack (strong word!) on my senses. With every post-putting-together session I have for this series I always do my best to juggle all the bookmarks I make in the hope of creating a balanced collection across my senses. Of course, every week I fail, but hey - it was important I told you I try! 

Happy perusing :)

Tori Saw, Read, Watched etc. 
Image Credit: Joanna Warren, flickr
  • Some of you may have seen last weeks 'Inspiration' post about the feelings I had after gobbling up the YA novel that is 'Wonder' - if not, feel free to indulge in a little light reading here (and by light, I mean wordy). If you're looking for an easy read (and by easy, I mean emotional) then I'd definitely recommend August's story. I've never really dipped anything other than a toe into YA fiction before but, after this swimming lesson, I'm very much looking forward to having a good dunk in it's ocean (too much?!). Feel free to send your recommendations my way!

Internet Stuffs
Because, well, we all need to smile every once in a while.

I totally missed the memo about the VM movie but, now I know, I'm following that baby all the way to the cinema. Which means it totally better come out here. IT HAD BETTER.

And while we're on twitter.....
John Lewis, I salute you. Sir.

My claim to fame is that Joss used to go to the college back home that I cleaned at for a period of about 6 weeks. Yeah, work that one out (*clings to claim for dear life*).

Warning - NSFW and a particularly sensitive subject centred around pedophilia. But worth the watch. My jaw was on the floor.

Being frickin' AMAZING.

This girl can do know wrong. She's a complete an utter inspiration to me, despite the fact that I was 11 when she was born. GAWD.

Also, so as to stay Tavi-orientated (because why wouldn't you want to?!)....
Ok, so we don't celebrate thanksgiving here, but I thought this would transcend well across all holidays. If you've never before visited Rookie be sure to give it a good browse, it's a really fantastic online magazine for girls, written by a whole host of teens and adults alike, about all sorts of different topics. Be careful though, it's very easy to lose a morning (or day!) to it!

I can remember a time in my life when all I did was wish to look like Mary-Kate and Ashley - either/or would be fine (either them or Kirsten Dunst. I had a mild obsession - so mild, in fact, the very first post I wrote - and kept in drafts - was about KiKi. Fact.). Sure, this isn't really an interview - though I'd love it to be - but sometimes all I need is a little sprinkling of MK & A to keep those vitals working (I'm not sure what that means but I'm hoping it's sufficient for making me sound Doctor-y).

Image Credit: The Free Info Society (Rita Hayworth)

Do you ever fancy a good old-fashioned catch-up with those films you used to watch frequently when young? Well, I was presented with such an opportunity Saturday evening (another one without the boy, darn this hospitality nonsense!) by Netflix and very much grabbed it with both hands!

  • First off was Father of the Bride 2. Now don't you worry, I didn't watch them out of order - the first installment featured rather heavily in an evening a couple of months back. If you haven't ever watched either film (or if you only caught the first) make sure you acquaint yourself with them some time soon - especially if you are a fan of either a) Rom Com's, b) Steve Martin (Parenthood anyone?!) or c) Diane Keaton. And, ummmm, hello, if you ain't on board with c) then Ms K and I will happily sail on by, dipping our hats and waving our gloved fingers at you!

  • After finishing FOTB 2, Netflix offered me a 'You might like this' number in the form of Three Men and a little Baby and, you know what guys? They were right! I mean, I've seen it only about a thousand times before (what d'ya mean I exaggerate?!) but Tom Selleck, a baby and an 80s cartoonified apartment? Seriously, what isn't to like? That and the guys rendition of 'Goodnight Sweetheart' which will forever be etched in my memory alongside 'I've had the time of my life' and 'Don't you forget about me'. Quite the trio.

The boy picked....
  • The Mummy. Ahhh, a classic in my books, all thanks to being able to remember watching it at the cinema when it was first released (half my age ago, gulp!). And, you know what? It stands the test of time, CGI-checks and all. And Rachel Weisz' wardrobe is rather enviable (plus I adore her hair). Reason enough to watch a film? I'd say old chap!

  • The Shawshank Redemption. The boy has been on at me for years to watch this but I've never got around to it (I think I'd made it out to be something entirely different to what it actually is in my head!). However, that all changed during Sunday night movie time when The Mummy Returns refused to work and Netflix came back into action. I surprised myself by enjoying it as much as I did, and it even went a long way towards permanently filling in the black-heart-shaped-hole I've been carrying around with me for quite some time *sob*


New to my Bloglovin feed this week:
  • hej juni (I'm always drawn in by bright and bold hues when I visit a blog)

Tori Smelt
Image Credit: macinema, flickr
  • The fabulousness that is my Snow Fairy shower gel. A birthday gift (all of which I'll be sharing with you once the light sorts itself out and I can take decent pics!), it's accompanied me in my daily routine ever since and my goodness is it heavenly. Sweet sweet pear-drop-py-pie (best to just pretend that makes sense) heavenly.

  • The coffee of those chatting with their friends/colleagues around me when I took a solo visit to Costa at university (sad but true). I'm not a fan of the drink itself, and in previous years would have gagged at the thought, but I'm actually beginning to enjoy the wafts of this hot drink (does that warrant an 'eeewwww'? Waft is such a weird word).

  • Bananas and posh custard (a la the boy). It may smell alright but my gosh is it my worst nightmare when it comes to actually eating it. Bleurgh. I'm fine with my apple crumble and cream, thank you very much. 

Tori Tasted
How amazing does this dish look from Deliciously Ella?!
  • Sprouts. It's that time of year again when sprouts start to feature in our Sunday roast vegetable 'selection' (which is basically broccoli - not cauli - cheese and something else!). I still have no idea how to cook them properly but, as I seem to have survived to tell the tale, I guess I must have done something right!

  • Coco Tang's Technicolour Ice Tea. I will never drink again. 

  • The previously-mentioned Roasted Squash and Pine Nut Quinoa recipe from Deliciously Ella. It was, without a shadow of a doubt, the healthiest thing I've ever eaten in my life. And, although I'm not sure I'll try it again (it's the quinoa, I still don't get it!), at least I can tick that off my list. Also, quick side note, it's probably the fullest I've ever felt after a meal too, so maybe there is something about this healthy-eating after all.  

  • I can't get enough of the Malteaser bar. I'm not actually a big Malteaser fan (*super loud gasp*) but I love the mini ones you get in whichever collection it is (Celebrations?) so this bar is pretty darn perfect for me. That and buttons. I love a good handful of cold-from-the-freezer buttons with my cuppa. 
Tori Felt
Image Credit: found on The Harmonic, tumblr
  • A dance-floor with my feet. Yup, that's a bit of a stretch, but these babies haven't moon-walked their way across a dance-floor in forever (fine, never) but last Monday's trip to a local bar/club-thing brought the dance-drought to an end. 

  • The fur collar of my very new coat, which I'm still very excited to be the owner of, and hope to show you all very soon (again, it's that bloody light - how am I supposed to take pictures when it's grey all day long? Come on weather-gods, buck your ideas up. THINK OF THE BLOGGERS!)

  • Incredibly excited to finally book my train tickets to visit Bath for Megan's #BathXmasMeet (I hashtagged, lol). If you're going, please let me know in the comments below!

  • Happy to finally have reached this week because it means I'm only a few days away from seeing my Moom and Auntie Ju who are visiting for the weekend! We are off to Birmingham on Saturday and I'm very much looking forward to visiting The Bullring with them (I hear Forever 21 calling!) and walking around the Christmas Markets. 

  • Incredibly un-organised where Christmas is concerned. I'm still without any real gift ideas (although I gave it ago with last weeks Friday Finds) despite spending forever on the internet visiting all sorts of sites on my mission to find the perfect gift for any and all I'm buying for. Why is it this bloody hard?!

  • Confused by my essays. Not a new thing, for sure, but I went to start on the essay for my Psychology (my degree is in Philosophy but I'm able to take a module this and next term from another school and this was my school of choice) Saturday and realised I've never before seen such an essay, nor have I ever written one myself (or anything science-based) which has left me more than a little panicked! Saying that, I have seen a Philosophy essay but the module I've yet to write one for this term is pretty tricky so I wasn't able to start that one either. Today I'm off to speak to the lecturer and to sit and chat to my (one) psychology friend to see if I can come up with something!
Tori Listened to

  • Last weekend I was very fortunate to receive an invitation from Ellie to a local secret Jake Bugg gig being held at the first pub he performed at (I think I've got that right?!) in town. He's someone whose voice I very much enjoy but have never really thought to see live, yet I'm incredibly happy I got the chance to. If you can be bothered, feel free to watch my video above of him performing 'Broken' (be prepared for people talking and lots of loud singalong-ing)


  1. The little girl on the ice - my heart melted, cuteness overload!! It's the snowsuit that does it for me haha bless her :) the Twitter conversation involving Tesco is hilarious! I love it when companies become more human even just through little interactions like this. John Lewis - bless him!!! What a nice (very patient) guy! I've left both conversations open on my laptop so I can show them to my boyfriend later, I know he'll be impressed. I love the smell of coffee! Especially on the markets when it's proper coffee beans, it smells far too good. I'm not a big hot drink drinker, but this week I picked up some Nescafe (I think) sachets in Asda, double chocolate Mocha drinks - and they are divine! Coffee with a hint of chocolate. It tastes best if you put in the powder, add a little milk and then add the hot water. I'm addicted, I bought them a few days ago and I went back today and got another box! The Malteaser chocolate bar is so good isn't it?! I never used to bother with Malteasers but since this came out I can't get enough. The Malteaser Celebration is the best in the tub (a fight for this one ensues whenever a tub is opened!). I can't wait to see your new coat :) I hope you're feeling more inspired on your gift hunt soon, and I hope your chat helped you feel clearer on your essay! Good luck lovely xxx

  2. I can't wait for the VM movie either! JLaw also rocks and I'll be at the Bath meet! :)

    Tara xo

  3. Yayaay someone else that's excited about the VM movie! I must admit, I haven't watched the whole series but I vaguely followed it and VM was by far one of the best feminists on TV.

    Hahaha I love your Whedon claim to fame :P Mine was I went to a Buffy convention when I was 13 and he was supposed to be the surprise guest but had to work in LA so didn't turn up :( We did get a personal video message from him though :') xx

  4. I'm going! So looking forward to the Bath Xmas Meet!

    I love VM and am so excited about the possibility of a VM movie, it's going to be great (so long as we get it over here as you rightly pointed out!). And Joss' speech is a winner, it's up there amongst my faves. See you in Bath!


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