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3 July 2013

The tale of my trip to London

My visit to London to meet with Chloe feels like a lifetime ago now thanks to the trip home and Glasto after, but happen it did, and what a bloody fab time I had!

We met up at Victoria, both having caught coaches in to London, and from there made our way over to Chloe's hostel in Battersea (you can find it here if you fancy a nose) so she could deposit her massive suitcase and rucksack! Following Liv's recommendations, we caught the tube/train to Shoreditch, where we ended up spending the majority of our day, drinking tea/chai tea latte's and eating bagels, and wandering in and out of vintage stores and markets. 
The Vintage Emporium, where we stopped for lunch
Chloe, her massive mug and scrummy lunch!
The Emporium's super-cute and snuggly interior
Impressed by the all-veggie menu we both ended up opting for the cream cheese and avocado bagel, yum!
It's a side of London neither of us had come across before, both having stuck to the touristy areas on previous visits, and one (it's safe to say) we both very much appreciated and welcomed. It's always interesting to see where the 'locals' visit and I felt like I was in a completely different city to the one so familiar to me (in that tourist sense of the word). 

We also visited Spitalfields, a fab (and what I would call upmarket) market, full of stalls as well as traditional shops, before ending our day over at Leicester Square, where we ate at the cheap n' cheerful (and that's just with ref. to the interior and food, the same can't really be said for the staff!) Garfunkels before heading back across to Victoria. 
Spitalfields exterior.....
.....and Spitalfields interior!
Chloe showing off Garfunkels menu - London themed with American food and an Italian name!
Chloe's blog was one of the first I found last year and never, when I did so, did I ever think I would get the chance to meet her. I am, and pretty sure I always will be, completely bowled-over by the fact that I got to, and am so so happy I did. She's just as wonderful in the flesh as she comes across on her blog (although a lot dinkier, I felt like some sort of giant in comparison!) and I really enjoyed listening to her talk about her life over in the big US-of-A. I can only hope our paths will cross again in the not-too-distant-future because this is a girl I don't ever want to lose touch with. 
After taking about a thousand pics of us together this is the only one I looked ok in!!
(Chloe, of course, looked perfect in them all!)
Thank you, Chloe, for inviting me to spend the day with you. I had a fantastic time and will happily cherish the memories forever-more!

(Oh, and check out Chloe's post over on her blog, where she speaks about the trip and shows off a top she bought whilst we were in a market - somewhere - in Shoreditch. She looks crazy-awesome in it!)


  1. Sounds like a great visit! I have only ever stuck to the 'tourist' areas when going into London. Wish I could get down more but it's 4-5 hours away!

    1. It took me a good 3 1/4 hours to get there so I feel your pain!! I'm not the best traveller, either! But yes, it really was a great visit, and hopefully it won't be too long til I take a trip to London again :) Until then I'll have to make do with Scottish towns next month!

  2. What a lovely outing!! It looks like it was a blast!!
    PS On a completely odd note: Chloe has me wanting to cut my bangs!! Her hair is SO PRETTY!! haha! :)

    1. IT was such fun, I'm so pleased we did it!! And her hair is so dreamy, isn't?! Look at that perfect ponytail! :D xx

  3. This is a lovely post, made me smile! I like the look of where you went,very homely. I will have to make a visit there next time I visit my sister in London. :-) lovely picture of you both x

    1. Thank you lovely, I'm so glad it make you smile :) And yes, you should, its a fab little place. Make sure you pick up the address before you go though, we were wandering around for 30mins before we found it!! xx


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