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25 July 2013

No 79 A 'Thankful Thursday' kind of tale

I'm sure the majority of you are aware of wonderful Lisette's Thankful Thursday series (if not - shame on you! Go follow the series - and her blog - pronto!) and today I decided I partake, due to the fact that Lisette features rather prominently!

So here it is; today I am thankful for (amongst other little things like sparkly bows, sweetie shrimps - bellyfillers - and tea. You know, the important stuff) blogging. Because, thanks to blogging, I've met lots of amazing ladies who make me smile on a daily basis. And yesterday was no exception, for yesterday was the day I attended my second ever bloggers event - The Vintage Set's #VintSetFest, held in Birmingham's Custard Factory. Tucked away in a magical blogger-filled unit, the event housed stalls (and haybales) aplenty, goody bags and vintage goodies (overusing the word just because I can), sweeties (hence the aforementioned shrimps), hair products, nail products and jewellery, fizzy drinks, a band, a wee styling challenge and chatter galore. 

Photo c/o Ally. From L-R Ally, Lisette, myself and Tasha
I attended with Lisette, who I started talking to (I don't know how many) months ago thanks to the wonder that is Twitter. We met a little earlier in the day, for nattering, food (a girl after my heart, this one), nattering, tea and more nattering! 

Darn my camera for the blurriness but, eventually, here Steph and I are, in a photo, together (yay!)
After filling our bellies at Pizza Express (oh haiiii 2-4-1 Wednesdays!) and wandering around the shops (a little like lost puppies, what with both of us being without spenderoonies) we ambled over to the Custard Factory, where we met up with marvels such as Steph (I was like some crazy-ass-weird fangirl and she reacted most graciously and not at all like I was said crazy person, which was super kind!), Lily (who we had also bumped into earlier in Selfridges), Talia (who both of us guestposted for last week), the lovely Ally who I met at the first event I attended back in April, Paige, Jess, Katy (again, I was incredibly fan girly and I apologise because I think I took her by surprise!), Megan, Tasha and many many more. Everyone looked lovely, the atmosphere was fantastic and the company was the best!

Me and the girl herself, sporting the dress SHE MADE people!
I'm also incredibly thankful to be able to call Lisette my friend. I had the most wonderful day with her and, to top it all off, she gave me the fabulous pressies (seen below) to cheer me up (last week was a tough 'un). What did I do to deserve you, aye madam?!!

Lord knows I love me some socks, the cutest frame and a lovely postcard (not seen) keeping our bookcase company!
What are you all thankful for this Thursday?


  1. WOOOOOOOOOO I love thankful thursdays! aw you are just the loveliest.. also LOL at how big my mouth is compared to the rest of my face in that photos and my halo of frizzzz :p
    It was a lovely day.. M dawg better be prepared to put up with our nattering when I come stay with you ;) xx Lisette Loves

    1. Hush you silly child, of course it's not! You look gorgeous, absolutely so, and your hair is LUSH!

      And he's so utterly prepared :)


  2. Looks like you had such a fun time :)

    1. We did! I wish I could do it all over again! :)


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