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23 July 2013

No 78 Crying lightning

I've barely made a dent in the day and already it has provided me with one of the most stressful mornings to date! I'm sure many of you were met with storms yesterday, maybe today. The one last night here was pretty spectacular, so much so I was too scared to stand near the window to take a picture! The fork lighting was huge, the biggest I've seen since Florida (good lord did we have storms aplenty each time we went and the last time the rain and wind that came with was bordering on hurricane-territory!) and lit up the sky for what felt like hours. Unfortunately, it didn't stop there. Another one started up this morning at around 4:30am, when I awoke. And then laid awake until 6am when I got up!!

I headed upstairs to make myself a cuppa (most welcome on the mornings when you eyes feel perpetually closed). I already had an alarm set for 7am so, you know, I was only an hour early! I had to get up as this morning I had an appointment for a scan at 10:15am, in a village north of the city (that I had zero knowledge of). Two mins before I was due to leave the house the heavens opened and down the rain poured. And poured. And poured. I was drenched within about 10 ft of my door, despite wearing boots and a mac, and carrying an umbrella. The water was gushing from the drains and the streets were deserted. It felt like being in an 'end of time' film, all apocalyptic-like. However, I made it to the bus, map in tow, so (apparently) I'd know where to get off the other end. The journey wasn't overly pleasant due to the myriad of bumps and the torrential rain beating against the windows coupled with my full bladder (2 pints of water drunk in about two mins!), and the unpleasantness didn't end there because I got off at the bus stop I'd (pretty heavily) researched only to find myself in the middle of nowhere. Literally. I stopped a couple of people to ask to point me in the right direction and they had no idea where I was talking about. Helpful. I ended up ringing the company who booked my appointment (I didn't have a number for the treatment centre because, to be honest, I thought they were one and the same!) and they couldn't find where I was so had to ring the centre to tell them I would be late and try and point me in some sort of direction that could, maybe, lead me to where I needed to go. Half an hour after I'd got off the bus, and a ridiculously long walk later, and I found it. I arrived, 15 mins late, only to be told nobody had rung on my behalf! Thank goodness they waited for me anyway. The scan, typically, took all of 5 mins therefore I was back on a bus within 10. The journey home was a hot and sticky one (anyone else find buses get distinctly more gross in the wet weather? Not because of the wet, but because of the weird heat that radiates from everyone's multiple layers of waterproof clothing) but I eventually made it back, where I nursed a couple of teas and set about thinking of the day ahead! 

Source: Edinburgh Castle Wiki Page
Anyway, enough of the rambling (you breathe a sigh of relief). Instead, I would like to ask you a question! As some of you will know, next week I am off to Scotland for the month of August (with the boy and in Eric) and have been debating what to do with my blog when I'm gone. As you are the ones who read it, I thought I'd ask your opinion, to find out which situation you prefer:

a) I've found a 'blogging every day' challenge that I could take part in
b) Schedule a few posts (I'm thinking two a week at most)
c) (with b) see if anyone would be happy to guest post and schedule them amongst the few I'm going to write

Please do let me know what you think, it's important to me as you are the ones who read my blog and visit it's pages when I'm off gallivanting among the Scottish highlands - I want you all still to be here when I get back!


  1. Oh Tori, sounds like your day didn't get off to a great start. I stood at my window for about an hour watching the beautiful lightning this morning!

    I think scheduled posts are the way forward :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

    1. That sounds like a lovely start to the morning! The sky was lit up in all sorts of pink last night, it really was pretty!

      Fabulous, now to have a think!!


  2. This sounds hoorendous!
    What a trooper you are. I would have given up and gone home in a wet huff.
    And I think it's best to schedule a few posts and be done with it.
    As then you have no need to worry so you can just relax whilst your in the highlands :)

    Leah x

    1. I most definitely almost did. If I hadn't found it when I did I was going to turn around and get the bus home again!

      Lovely, I really need to get my thinking cap up on!!


  3. Oh no!! What a terrible way to start the day!! At least your doctor's office still let you have an appointment!
    I'm so jealous about your upcoming trip to Scotland!! I've always wanted to go!! I hope you take lots of photos!! + send me a postcard!! :) xo


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