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28 July 2013

No 80 Wollaton Hall

This weekend the boy and I have been playing hosts, of sorts, to my parents who are staying with us before we leave for our Scotland trip this coming Wednesday. Yesterday we decided to visit Wollaton Hall and Deer Park; Mike and I for the first time since we visited back when we arrived in Nottingham, my parents for the first time full-stop! 

The manor itself has a far greater impact when viewed from it's exterior as the interior houses some sort of museum full of stuffed animals, minerals and other seemingly weird and wonderful creatures et al (not entirely sure why that was the plan that was went with!). Situated amongst acres of land (I could, of course, be exaggerating as I've no real clue when it comes to the actual amount of land and there doesn't seem to be any info anywhere of it) in which you'll also find formal gardens and a pretty lake (boosting geese and other beaked animals aplenty) and a secret garden (good luck finding that one, I've only just found out it exists thanks to t'internet). 

If you're looking to do something on a day visit to Notts (I'm sure you're all bursting to come) Wollaton is definitely worth a visit. Plenty of space to picnic and spot wild deer. A bouncy castle, ice cream van (always a bonus) and cafe awaits you. Oh, and look out for spray-painted bats; Wollaton Hall was used in scenes for the last Batman film (for Wayne Manor to be precise!)

Creepy, yet strangely beguiling, busts
One can never call ones home a mansion without ones own lion
The most normal room in the whole of the interior!
Wollaton Hall from the lake
We found plants overrun with these wee fella's
Focused on the wrong subject!
Pretty lake view
Hidden bridge
3 little ducks (went quack quack quack)
The formal garden area
A herb gardionay
My 'trying to be arty' shot
Wollaton complete with a bollard
The only deer I managed to capture (photo-wise) on the way out in our car!
Have any of you lovely lot visited Wollaton?


  1. Really gorgeous photos Tori. That Bust is definitely creepy!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

    1. Thank you so much Rosie, I so appreciate the kind words :) xx

  2. Me and my boyfriend went to Wollaton Park yesterday, I've been so many times but I don't think I've ever found this secret garden, I'm intrigued now I'm going to have to look on the internet!

    Glad you had a lovely day and have an amazing time in Scotland.


    1. How funny we were there the same day! I know, I'm going to have to try and scout it out!

      Thank you, I'm so worried about the weather! Silly really but I'm scared it'll rain all the time and be cold! xx

  3. So pretty, I wish it wasn't so far away! For my final uni project I went round tonnes of National Trust Houses, so much fun!
    Alex from These Folk x x

    1. That does sound fun! I might have to put together a list of those I want to visit and try and get round them all at some point in my lifetime!! :) xx

  4. How beautiful!! I know I've said it before (and I know I'll probably say it another million times!) but you always go to the neatest/most interesting places!! All these photos are so lovely!! I wish I lived closer to you so I could tag along on your adventures!! :)


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