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2 July 2013

A post-Glastonbury tiny-tale!

The flag-field on Sunday
I'm back!!

So sorry for the break but, as those of you who saw my previous post-but-one will know, I've been at Glastonbury and we didn't arrive back home last night until gone 11pm (after an 8 hour journey, not the best end to our time away!!). Today I'm unfortunately feeling a little too shell-of-my-former-self-like (sooooo many hyphens, you can call me the hyphen Queen!) to be able to put together a proper catch-up post so, for now, this HELLO! will have to do :)

I hope you all had a fabulous, sunshine-filled weekend


  1. What a lovely photo!! I hope you had a wonderful trip Tori dear!! xoxo

    1. Thank you my sweet, we had a fab time, although I now have a cold so am a little zonked out!! xx

  2. Super jealous, Glastonbury always looks amazing!


    1. It was, although probably helped by the fact we were in a motorhome, I definitely couldn't have done it in a tent!! :) xx


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