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20 July 2013

No.76 Blended Days

Time recently has been stretched out across numerous hours, days, weeks even, blending them all into a mass of sameness that, at times, can be a little hard to bear (apparently I have a penchant for melodrama). Without anything to do - no uni, no job and, at times, only myself for company - I've found myself become increasingly fed up with my situation, and myself, and haven't really been able to snap myself out of it. 

Life right now
So as to keep myself occupied (and to stop any additional slumps) I've ended up spending a lot my life on the internet (when I'm not dodging flies that is - seriously, is anyone else's flat/house a fly-haven? We get a mini-swarm that congregates in the middle of our room) reading blogs, following my twitter feed like some sort of crazy-insane person and on tumblr.

Ahh, tumblr. I've recently revamped the old and brought a new one to life, one I'm much happier with (which is a silly thing to say but, sadly, true). This morning has been spent (besides cleaning the flat, thankfully the weather has calmed down a little to allow me to not leave puddles of myself all over the, fake, wooden floors) reading and tumblr'ing.

My 'confuse the flies' trick doesn't work when the sun isn't out
Those blurred black dots you see are the dreaded flies - there are approx. 11 currently buzzing round my head
Reading today has been internet-orientated (you don't say?!) and all of it related to the story of Chris McCandless. If you haven't seen Into The Wild - says I, who has only seen half of it - then please do go watch it. It's made and left it's mark on me, despite only having been exposed to half of the story on-screen. If the film isn't to your taste, or you are interested in learning more about Chris now, I suggest reading this article written by the man on whose novel based on Chris' life was turned into said film. Yes, there are a few untruths (of which you can read about on the web) but it's an interesting story all the same and one well worth exploring. It's not something I can really relay here, nor do I wish to, for fear of not doing it justice, but I honestly do encourage you to find out more about this life and journey. Hand-on-heart it is time well-spent.

An extract from the diary Chris kept, which he signed off using his alias 'Alexander Supertramp'
As for tumblr, today's session followed on from the reading. I can't get into pinterest - although I've tried, many a'time - as I prefer just to scroll through photographs, pondering about their back-stories, perhaps making up a few of my own. It's all too easy to get lost in so I suggest, if you do have time on your hands, having a go of your own. I'm sure to add a few lovelies to mine today (I'm guessing light-related, or bed-related - I don't know why - or both. Just expect both).

Before I leave to read about Carl McCunn, a name I've learnt thanks to the article above, and before you do so, hopefully to hop on over to tumblr and have a nosey, here's a quote for the day ahead (with thanks to Chris):

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  1. My room is overrun with flies!
    I don't think that it helped when I decided to paint my bedroom yellow ... not the best idea I've had I will admit. But it's nice to have a bright happy colour on my walls.

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke


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