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14 July 2013

No 73: Summer sweetens all to me

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Yesterday the boy and I decided we'd make the most of the sunshine (and a day off for him) and explore the Leicestershire countryside. It seems we are all a little more active these days, desperate to make the most of the English countryside, riverside, beaches, villages and towns whilst this great ball of light brightens up our gloomy skies. It's nice to be in everyone's company; to see people enjoying themselves, be it walking along a country lane, or sitting in a pub garden. This is when England is at its best, when it's inhabitants are making the most of what our country has on offer.

Field we treked in opposite the castle
 Back to the day at hand - our original plan to visit the grounds of Belvoir Castle backfired a little when we found out the castle only opens Sundays and Mondays. However, as we hadn't visited the area before, and were interested in doing so, we decided we'd still make our way over and see what the day would bring.

As it turns out luck was on our side and in front of the castle there was a sweet little picnic area (and a cute shop I didn't venture in to for fear of wanting to buy everything my hands landed on) as well as fields for MILES. The first thing we did was walk around a couple of said fields (we had planned to make our way over to a distant church only to have our journey stopped by an overgrown path) enjoying the sunshine on our shoulders. It certainly brings back memories of Summer's away spent exploring different European landscapes. It was nice to do so in our own.

After the loop around we made our way back to the car and our picnic (loosely termed, certainly nothing fancy, just cheese sarnies and crisps!) then spent some time sitting on the picnic bench/grass enjoying the scenery and the company of a rather beautiful creature....

Field posing
Picnic companion
After we'd filled our bellies and exhausted the view we got back in Erica and made our way over to the neighbouring Redmile. A beautiful little English-countryside-typical village, it's the home of many gorgeous buildings (including one pub that, unfortunately, is now closed - someone whip that beauty up!) and chocolate-box houses (such as the one seen below). Being so small it took all of 15 mins to walk around but we managed to come across a map that pointed us in the direction of a river walk so off we took in search of it.

'The Villa'
Countryside views
As if we'd even contemplate walking this distance!
The most summery (read shortest and cool-est, temperature-wise!) dress in my wardrobe
45 minutes down the path and we ended up stopping at this bridge as we weren't really sure where the river would take us, nor were we equipped for a longer march in the sun having left water back in the car. The bridge provided us some shade whilst we sat and chatted, watching water-snails in the river (they are weirdly, and grossly, interesting to watch - how the heck do they cling to the surface from under the water?) before we turned around and made our way back to the car and our drive back home (listening to Cricket - anyone else being tortured by The Ashes?!)

I hope you are all enjoying your sunny weekends!


  1. This is such a gorgeous summer post! Really captured all the best bits of summer days here! :) love! Xxx

    1. I'm glad you think so Maddy :) It was lovely day, oh for it to be Summer all year long!! xxx

  2. What a beautiful post! :) Looks like a great day out

    1. It certainly was, I want this weather to stay put so we can enjoy another day out on one of the boy's other days off!! xx

  3. Aww this looks lovely :)
    I think thats crazy for the castle to only be open sundays and mondays.
    Lossing out on business there haha

    Leah x

    1. Totally! Does seem a bit odd, especially as we weren't the only ones to turn up (although it seems we were the only ones who checked the website beforehand as plenty turned up thinking it was going to be open!) X

  4. Somehow, I must have missed this post when you put it up... aha ^v^ such lovely photographs! Looks like a lovely day out too xxx


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