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27 December 2013

148 // Boxing Day

Hello all!! I thought that, as everyone has been sharing sweet collections of their own Christmases, I'd pop up a few photos (I apologise for the poor quality - if only DSLR's were in the sale!!) that I just about remembered to take over the festive period, albeit these are all from our Boxing Day yesterday. After a leisurely morning (during which I pretty much did nothing bar put together a couple of pics for a round-up post I'm hoping to publish before the year is out!) the 4 of us headed out to spend the rest of the day with my Auntie, Uncle, cousins and Nanny. It started off as quite a civilised affair.....

1 // Sitting down for Boxing Day lunch
2 // Some of the yummy food we managed to stuff into our bellies
3 // Leaning Pisa shot glass!
4 // Drinking shots
....until limoncello got involved and, after partaking in a few shots-doing, Ju thought she'd show us some of her moves in the form of a headstand!! Belle and I had a go and the splits (as did Ju - she outperformed us all yesterday!) but I couldn't quite make it any more - I'm blaming it on my old age (and the fact Belle is a cheerleader!).

Ju showing off what looks like her disco/break-dancing headstand moves!
We spent the rest of the day playing games, chatting and generally just feeling full and merry! Here are a couple more snaps taken on various phones (and later posted to instagram) from across our day - the girlies can be seen top left (Moomin, Nanny, Me, Belle and Ju), the biggest and littlest cousin top right (we've ten years between us!), game playing bottom left (this was a particularly tense last Pass the Bomb round featuring my Uncle and Belle's boyfriend) and the whole family (minus Ju who took the pic!) bottom right! (and yes, that's my poor brother picking me up in the background - we ain't that tall!!)

(check out the gummy smiles on Hen and I - hamming it up for the camera like our lives depended on it!)

I hope you all have had a fantastic past few days celebrating and spending time with loved ones.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day!! You have such a beautiful family Tori!!
    PS Is that leaning tower shot glass leaning?!?!? :)

  2. Looks like your Boxing Day was a hell of a lot of fun!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  3. Ahh you can't beat a family Christmas! Looks like you're having a really lovely time dude!

    Lots of full bellies here too!

    By the way, you probably have had this before, but I nominated you for the Liebster Award for your awesome blog. The info is on my last post at Faded Windmills

    Looking forward to your round up post!! See you soon :)

    Gem x

  4. I have to just say Tori that your last comment to me made me feel so happy :) to know that my words touched you in a positive way is so nice, and you absolutely deserve every good thing that comes to you. These are the Christmas posts I love to see - full of family time and laughter and good cheer! The photos are lovely and it all looks very relaxed and enjoyable :) your family are all so good looking! I can see where you get your looks from now that I've seen your beautiful mum! I'm really looking forward to your round-up post :) I've been meaning all month to make a start on my end of year reflective post, and I still haven't!! I received two diaries for Christmas so I'm hoping that's going to bring some kind of organisation into my life! xxx

  5. Ahh, Tori! Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas. They've been beautifully captured in the photos.



  6. So festive Tori!!!! I love these kinds of posts around Christmas, it's just so interesting to see how everybody does it. Looks like you had a great time XXXX

  7. It looks like you had a really lovely time Tori :) family time is the best kind of time! :) xxxx


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