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24 December 2013

146 // Tori's Tales of the Week

Excuse the terrible quality, I took this pic of Walnut the Xmas tree on my phone!
I am writing this post whilst sat on the train home (though it won't be published until tomorrow - might this mean I'm being ever so slightly organised in my blog post publishing?!) willing the time away and the arrival of 12:54 pm when I'll be back in Winchester. It's nearing the end of the year - when I may just be posting a collection of my favourite tales of 2013 - but, before we get there, I've another collection of my Tales of the Week to share with you. There's been lots of last minute gift ideas ('tis the Season, after all) as well as searches for quiet and calm amid a month of much noise, yearly round-ups, special meets, childhood memories and a 'how do ya like your eggs in the morning?' kinda post :) Enjoy!!

All images shown belong to the blog whence they came and all credit belongs to the authors of the posts!

Tuesday 17th
Molly (guest posting for Tania) listed her favourite ways to eat eggs (there are some doosies for egg fans!)

Wednesday 18th
Giulia took some beautiful photographs of strangers

Thursday 19th
Anna shared a collection of her photography from 2013

Friday 20th
Trina showed off some childhood decs

Saturday 21st
Kitty spent the beginning of Yuletide at the North Sea

Sunday 22nd
Ronnie took time out to be still

Monday 23rd
Chloe came up with some fantastic gift ideas

I have one last (rather cheeky) offering in the form of the splendidly talented and superbly sweet Nora's illustrated bloggers post in which I feature. I still can't believe that not only did she pick me as one of her favourite bloggers (hush now child, you crazy?!) but also that I have such great company in the form of the other ladies she picked. Thank you again Nora!!

Check me out!!! :D

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  1. Tori, you are so incredibly sweet and such a ray of sunshine. Thank-you so much for including me in your post, it is a huge privilege to be amongst such wonderful muses.

    I hope you had a very special Christmas. Happy New Year!



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