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3 December 2013

137 // Tori's Tales of the Week

An instagram pic from my week. Me doing what I do best.
I've had a couple of nasty days JHS-wise which has completely rid me of any energy I (pretend) had, as well as robbing me of my concentration and the ability to get on and do almost anything. That, and it's curtailed my typing 'skills', thus it's taken about 5 minutes to write these three sentences. Screw you, painful joints. 

Anyway, when I'm not lying on the sofa, arms tucked under a duvet, I have them by my sides, fingers akimbo, clicking on and opening up tabs from my BL feed. Here be those I've favourited from this past week. 

All images shown belong to the blog whence the came and all credit belongs to the authors of the posts!

Tuesday 26th 
Kelly asked us to accept ourselves (and I rather readily agree) 

Wednesday 27th
Rebecca super-sparkled in sequins 

Thursday 28th
Tania started a new series, offering small guides for those who wish for more adventure! 

Friday 29th
Sonia took us on a tour of a Christmas Market

Saturday 30th
Ronnie shared a family portrait

Sunday 1st December 
Cat showed us 3 ways to make Christmas garlands 

Monday 2nd
      Lyzi got me wishing for my very-own yellow-gold something!

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  1. I always love these posts of yours Tori, I am terrible at finding new blogs to read so pretty thankful you do such an amazing job of cherry-picking the best posts! XX


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