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28 December 2013

149 // Blogger Inspiration / Part 1

In all honesty this post has me feeling a little overwhelmed even before I've started it thanks to how much these ladies have come to mean to me this year. 2013 has been a big one for me because it's the year in which I became part of the blogging community and, since starting Tori's Tales in February, I have been on quite the journey (both via my blog and personally, although the latter is still a result of the former), one which has seen me form friendships with (and, in certain incredible and wonderfully lucky circumstances, actually meet) these special ladies below, all of whom inspired me (and in some cases, encouraged me) to start up my own corner of the old interwebs. Ladies, I thank and very much salute you! I'm not sure I could ever put into words just how much I truly adore each and every one of you but I'm certainly going to try my darn hardest to do so!
I've decided to make a little (alphabetical!) list of bloggers who this year inspired me to start penning my tales (and if you aren't already following these ladies and their blogs, be sure to pop on over and do so bloody asap!!). It's going to be in two parts as there are 10 ladies in total and I don't want to tire out your eyes!! Here's the first five (and please note all photos were taken from the blogs themselves and all credit is entirely given to the ladies behind them).....

You know when you stumble across a person, be it via their blog or twitter (I'm ever the fanatic) and instantly warm to them? Bee is that person. She is the bravest of young women with the strongest of hearts and the most positive of attitudes, and is most definitely someone I admire from the tips of my fingers to the soles of my feet. She is never without a quip to make you smile (or, more often than not, laugh your bloody head off) even when she isn't having the easiest of times - which makes her all the more endearing; buoying others up when you aren't feeling entirely healthy and whole yourself is no mean feat - and (I really must admit) just knowing she is there, on my twitter feed, is enough to keep me happily content for the rest of my days. Vivatramp is where she shares (without a doubt) the most fantastic of book reviews, as well as beautiful trips and truthful tales of her world, including those about personal subject matters, all handled with such joie de vivre (and passion for making the most of what she has) that you can't help but be swept along. 

Urban Tease
Chloe's was one of the first blogs I started reading back in June 2012 and, let me tell you, she had me at hello (or rather, she had me at 'First things first, I'm rocking the side pony today' - if you head on over you'll find my comment underneath said post!). A year and a half on and I am now lucky enough to not only call myself a dedicated Urban Tease-r but to also be able to say Chloe is a friend (and one I've met in person, this Summer in London, which is super crazy cool because Chloe is most definitely someone I look up to, thus to have met her in real, actual life was blow-my-socks-off-fan-bloody-tastic!!). Urban Tease is unlike any other blog I've come across - Chloe's outfit posts come coupled with wise words that seem more fitting to someone well beyond her years (and go a long way towards showing just how special a young woman she is). Never one to shy away from all manner of topics that are close to her heart (her thesis 'Unwrapping Rape Culture in Twin Peaks' can be read here), I honestly believe that is what makes Chloe (and Urban Tease) all that more inspirational - she says what a large majority of us just can't put into words (and trust me, I've tried). Her eloquence, her spunk, the fact she fights to stand up and support what she believes in, and her take-me-for-who-I-am attitude makes her one incredibly special human being. Chloe, you truly are a role model for the 21st century. Thank you.

Ella Masters
I remember the first time I found Ella's blog and just being in complete and utter awe of her illustrations (and that feeling hasn't ever gone away - this lady's talent will forever astound me!) - little plug here but there's a sale currently on over at the Ella Masters Illustrations Etsy shop so please do go check it out - and then falling for her gracious, warm and welcoming words. Her blog is full of honest chatter (and advice is never far away) coupled with personal tales of struggles that make her voice behind the words all that more real (and boy am I thankful for it, like so many others are) Edit: Ella has just this morning published a new post and I wanted to make sure you all head over and read it!. There's also a little twinkle behind those eyes of hers - a cheeky spirit and a zest for life, plus a tendency to push herself to do better in all that she puts her mind and heart to (could there be a better attitude for life? I think not!), all of which I'm sure will take her far in this world (ladies and gentleman, watch this space!). I can't wait to follow Ella on her journey through 2014 (be sure you do the same).  

Kailey is that bright spark you can't help but be drawn to - a shining star whose light will never diminish thanks to her truly bloody awesome personality, sweet-enough-it-could-almost-be-edible girly style and beautiful, old-Hollywood looks. She's the girl who makes anything and everything look good, rocking vintage styles and patterns in a truly modern way (I mean, come on, peach hair?! Never has anyone made me wish I could be brave and take the hair-dye plunge more than Kailey!). She's my go-to on cloudy days (be it via Mermaidens or Twitter) when I need a little injection of something fabulous to brighten my day - I just can't help but be wooed by her vivacious nature (actually, saying that, she's my go-to on any day - that's just how wonderful a little chit-chat with Kailey or a scroll through Mermaidens can make me feel!). I'm so excited to see what 2014 brings Kailey and I'll happily be by her side every step of the way. 

Lisette Loves 
I truly have no idea where to start when it comes to talking about Lisette. I guess, firstly, she gives me the warm and fuzzies (which is never a bad thing) and is someone I get to call a dear friend (and chat to frequently throughout the week, for which I am entirely thankful - see what I did there, Li?!). She's incredibly thoughtful, caring, kind, sweet, funny and supportive, rocks a smock like no other and has the hair of some sort of 80s aerobics /rock goddess (and, seriously, that is an uber-good thing - trust me people) that I frequently have an urge to stroke. Not only that but Lisette Loves is an incredibly inspirational blog, one that has blossomed in 2013 and settled in comfortably among those big un's you find in the blogosphere (and has recently been featured in the for-bloggers-about-bloggers magazine of the same name - your can purchase your own copy here and I suggest doing so for Lisette's interview alone - it's entirely heartfelt and is written, as ever, in her self-effacing humorous, and entirely breath-of-fresh-air-ed-ness, tone). Her Thankful Thursday feature is forever on the lips of bloggers and has sprouted many-a-post in it's honour. Take a trip over and you'll see why. It'll make you feel all the more fortunate for doing so. 

Thank you all for reading part one and be sure to check back for part two!


  1. great blog features! they sure sounds inspirational and talented. checking them out though I have followed Ella's already. lovely blog!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. What a lovely thoughtful post, now following you on bloglovin and will be checking out all the blogs you have recommended, they look fab!

    Lindsay x @ Linzylabellevie

  3. Such beautiful blogs! ♥ Thanks for introducing me to them.

  4. Ah Tor, gorgeous post!! So important to support each other, sharing the love!! All truly awesome blogs!!!

    Your words are so right, beaut bunch of inspiring ladies : )

    Faded Windmills

  5. Can't wait to find some time (whatever spare time it) and sit down and find out some more about these blogs - they look exciting from the pictures along!

  6. thank you for your love and support this year! means the world..and thank you for sharing my work, its an honor to be amongst such wonderful bloggers xxx

  7. I lovelovelove Kailey + Ella's beautiful blogs!! I'm off to click some links!! :)

  8. I have never heard about these ladies! thanks for sharing!

  9. I can't wait to check out some of these blogs - some I'm already following though. Can't believe I wasn't following your blog before as we've spoken on twitter so many times! Bizarre!

    Katie <3

  10. I love this post! I might have to "borrow" your idea and do one of mine own Tori - it's so lovely to support and promote each other and share the love as some of the other comments have said! I already read all the blogs you've mentioned here but it's lovely to see the reasons you like them too :) and you write so honestly and genuinely about them all! It's so nice to see :) XXX


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