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16 December 2013

141 // Senses / Sight

I've been terribly shoddy at keeping up with my Senses post recently - it has now been many weeks (well, four) since I last put together and shared one - but between having family visit, the loss of a week due to my jhs and taking a trip to Bath, I haven't felt like I've had the time to just sit and indulge in thinking about all those things or moments my senses have been captured by. Today, however, I thought I'd quite like to share if not an exhaustive collection encompassing everything recorded by myself over the past four weeks then a few odds and sods that have particularly struck a chord where my 'sight' has been concerned. The other four have been a little slow on the uptake but I decided that - even if I haven't anything to report where they are concerned - I'd still like to draw attention to those articles and whatnot I've been interested enough in to bookmark and return to at a later date....

Book stuffs

I'm re-reading Marian Keyes' 'The Brightest Star In The Sky' and am enjoying it just as much the second time around. Marian just has this way of character writing that is so compelling, so descriptive, so laugh-out-loud good that I can't help but fall for every novel she releases. If you looking for a decent bit of chick lit, something long enough to get your teeth into yet still offers that 'escape' from the every day, I'd happily recommend this (or anything and everything else she has written). 

Edit: Having just finished the book again I felt it only right to let you know that a couple of the subject matters handled in the book are particularly sensitive, especially in relation to one of it's female characters and her husband. It only felt right that, after my recommendation above, I informed you about this, so as not to upset anyone. 

Teenage Complex, tumblr
Film stuffs

Last week I seemed to put a fair amount of effort into catching up with films from my yoof (as I spent 3 evenings alone), particularly these three 90s classics - Clueless (because as if such a list wouldn't feature this baby), Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion (anyone else ever seen this?!) and Drop Dead Gorgeous (which I used to watch quite a lot thanks to the old Kiki D obsession). Not only that, but over the past few weeks I've seen Wall-E and Up for the first time - I have to admit I wasn't impressed with the former but loved the latter (and as a result I now get the references seen at Megan's wedding!) - World War Z (reminded me a lot of 28 days later - I swear they actually use the same music in one scene) and The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug (I'm probably best keeping my opinions to myself for that one, other than to say I really won't be watching a film in 3D ever again).

Warmed Body, tumblr
Online stuffs

This explanation sure does make a whole lot of sense (must get working on that radical self love). I was even so interested in what the article had to say that I spent a fair while reading through the research mentioned and, let me tell you, I don't do that sort of reading often (if at all, even though I'm at university!). It's definitely a very affecting subject and the video is well worth a watch. 

I am a huge fan of Ellen (I remember watching The Ellen Show waaaaay back when) and no wonder really - this video goes a long way to proving why!

My adoration for J-Law gets stronger by the minute, mainly for reasons such as these above. While on the subject, this gif of her photo-shopped cover pissed me off today. The boy's response was worth mentioning - 'she looks the same'. Of course, he didn't mean that in any sense other than the differences are so minimal, so what was the point? She looked fabulous before the touch ups, so what kind of message does this send? How sad it it that this altered image is one we, adults and the young alike, are faced with daily.

Because if I could describe myself in one word, it'd probably be 'worried', and surely that ain't right? Articles like this always leave their mark on me.

It's nice to know it doesn't always happen on your first try (because I've tried and tried again, multiple times).

Because I'm guilty of dismissing Rihanna fairly regularly, and this article says exactly why we shouldn't do so.

Book reviews, and recommendations, by actual, real-life book readers (just be careful you don't have an account with a well-known website which means you can buy yourself one of the said recommendations at the quickest click of a button! It's a dangerous, dangerous habit!).

Although not the biggest fan of sci-fi and fantasy, I was really interested to read about this Kickstarter campaign aimed at publishing a collection of such stories all written and illustrated by women. I'm happy to say they have now reached their goal (and in fact surpassed it by the same amount again) although it goes to show how rare publications such as these are (which surprises me, though I guess it shouldn't). Still, it is encouraging to realise just how many people are willing to support this anthology getting published. 

This article says exactly way I (and many other university students) hate writing essays and why professors, as a result, hate marking them!

The Telegraph
The best, and most iconic, feminist moments of 2013
And because she features rather prominently (and is so bloody fantastic I can't not mention her - bow down)
I must also mention this documentary about Diana Vreeland. Although I knew of her name, I didn't know much about the lady behind it until I found and watched this piece yesterday and, boy, am I glad I did. She really was an incredibly colourful and interesting woman who said the most fantastic of things including 'Make an asset of your faults'. I mean, who could argue with that?

And there we have it, a quick catch up of Tori's 'Senses' land (the 'sight' version).


  1. Beyoncé should be mentioned on every list of memorable moments 2013, she is such an inspiration! The Brightest Star in The Sky sounds great, I think I will give it a try :)

  2. Romy & Michelle are my heroes! haha what a brilliant film ;) I love these kinds of posts as it means I get to put off more uni work (surely no one has a break during the Christmas break, right?) and read things for fun! :D x


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