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18 December 2013

143 // Moments

Incredible Sunrise II
Water hitting the back of the roof of my mouth when I have a headache. Instant, if only superficial, relief.

When I find that perfect spot to lay down in, even for the briefest amount of time, and my body relaxes.

Feeling like I'm getting somewhere, even if that somewhere is only a library photocopier. 

Watching snow fall from afar (because, ultimately, that's the best place to view it from).

Short walks to the shops (which is all I can manage at Christmas-time).

Having a new book to start when I finish an old one.

Cracking the spine of said new book.

Plain crackers and tea.

Sitting up. Straight.



  1. These are the best things!!!
    Starting a new book is always thrilling (even if it saddens me to know that it won't be new for long and one day soon it will end) . I always try not to crease the spines of my books so they will look new always. (But it's very difficult - esp. in the middle of the book!!) :P
    And perfect spots to lie down + short walks are always lovely!!
    I love this post Tori!!! I may have to borrow this idea one of these days for my own blog post!! :) xoxo

  2. Such a lovely post :).
    I feel the same about books and snow and spots to lie down in and walks to the shops.

    <3 this!!

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke x

  3. Hello! Your blog is so cute, wanna follow each other? I follow back, xoxo*


  4. Awww love your words! I, however, would be watching the snow from under it I wishhh for a white Christmas. Lovely post x

  5. Love this post. Really nice moments. :)


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