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13 December 2013

140 // End of the week

After walking my boy to work last night - about a 10 or so minute jaunt up and across the 'city' - I thought I'd take a short cut through the centre and have a quick wander around the Christmas market. In all honesty it's not the best I've seen (although it's far better than it was last year!) but it was nice to view it in the dark, all lit up (the dome on the Council House changes colour) and resplendent with - ahem - late night revellers (it was 5pm), people taking advantage of the ice rink and those frequenting the stalls (specifically the ones selling alcoholic beverages). Dare I say it, it may even have left me feeling a little festive (and pining for Disney - carousels always do that to me!). 

Today is the last of the autumn semester at UoN and I've just one revision lecture to head in for at 2pm (SUCH an annoying time, afternoon lectures be gone come spring semester please!) before I'm done for 2013 (and by done I mean not done at all thanks to essays and revision!). I've a load of washing in, lots of tabs open on chromey (blog post catch up alert) and am hoping to pop into town to pick up some Christmas cards and any other bits I may happen to stumble across (re: I'll be coming back empty-handed!). Wish me luck!

Oh, oh, and before I forget, the boy and I are finally spending the evening together (he's had two Christmas 'do's and work this week already) and are heading out to see The Hobbit in all it's 3D, IMAX-y glory. How exciting!! 

Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. ooh, have fun at The Hobbit and good luck with the end of the semester, my sweet xx

  2. the christmas market is opening tomorrow here and I can't wait to go! I love everything christmas! if it would snow it would be purrfect.

    (I'm always saying I'll take a ride in the carousel, but when I see the kids.. no, thanks)

    imeowlife. ,Dixx

  3. Such lovely Christmas lights. I know what you mean about afternoon lectures, most of my Masters lectures, well they were more like seminars didn't start till 4pm (they ran until 6) - was so annoying!

  4. Hurray for the end of the semester!!! As for those essays… At least you can do them in your jim jams now!! ; )

    Faded Windmills


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