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30 December 2013

150 // Blogger Inspiration / Part 2

Following on from part one, which you can find here, today's post is dedicated to five more ladies who have been a huge source of inspiration to me and this here Tori's Tales, as well as being wonderful friends who have brought a great deal of light and laughter to my year.

Being Little
Lyzi and I recently met in Bath at the Xmas Meet and I was so excited to see her in the flesh because to me she is absolute blogging royalty. Being Little is so bloody wonderful and by golly is it's presence on the internet entirely appreciated. Whenever I scroll through my feed and find a post from Lyzi I get a tummy full of butterflies - there's something about the way Lyzi writes and captures her world through her imagery that is so entirely appealing I can't help but get excited by each post that comes my way. And I sincerely adore Lyzi's wardrobe - vintage patterns and cuts, coupled with her super-cute hairdo and awesome tattoos, make this lady's style entirely enviable. I mean, check out this recent post - does she not pull off this 50s housewife-esque look amazingly well?! Lyzi also embraces real life subject matters on her blog and isn't afraid to shy away from those that could be deemed more sensitive - from lost loved ones, to chronic illnesses and posts on anxiety and depression - bringing an entirely human aspect to her blog that makes it all that more special (if you'd like a read, do check out her 'real life' feed).

The Briar Rose
It all started with a glimpse of red hair and a weakening at the knees......Megan's Briar Rose blog hit me full throttle between the eyes with it's wonderful, whimsical nature, stocked full of to-die-for outfits, charming days out, scrummy recipes and tantalising tales of Megan's life in Bath and Cornwall. Then one, very fortunate, day Megan and I started chatting and I was offered the chance to get to know the blogger behind the blog (and I grabbed it with both hands and ran!!). Scouts honour she's every inch as fabulous in the flesh as she is on her blog (I finally met her in person in Bath a few weeks ago and when she came to her front door I felt a little starstruck by how bloody flawless she looked - and there was me, in my shoddy jeans and jumper, cramping her style!) and my gosh, isn't Briar Rose quite something? Always true to her own individual style, Megan has carved a mermaid-shaped hole in this bloggy world that no one will ever be able to shift her from. Not only is it packed full of stunning photography but my goodness is it written by a writer (if that makes sense?!). You can just feel the passion Megan has for the industry every time you click on a new post.  Let me tell you, this gal was born to be an author, and I can't wait for the day when I'll be first in queue at her book signing (and this time I promise I'll dress up!). 

Ms Megan, Ms Megan, where to start aye? This lady has been a great source of strength for me over this past year, offering kind, encouraging words of support and the warmest of hands in friendship I ever did know. Megan is quite the young lady - someone who never fails to go out of her way to look out for me, to make me feel better, to show her support and offer the warmest of hugs across the interwebby waves. Her friendship I could not do without (lord knows how I made it through the first 27 years of my life!). And Megan is a beautiful blogger to boot - Moonbeamwishes is packed full of perfect snippets of her incredibly charming life, featuring trips out, diy (be sure to check out Megan's Etsy shop - Dear Moonbeams - which features her gorgeous hoop wall art!) and snaps of family nights in (and what heart-warming snaps they are; every photo exudes love and happiness); I always leave after a visit feeling that little bit more buoyed than when I arrived! I have now made it an ambition of mine to one day meet Megan in person (I'll swim to Cali if I have to!) because I honestly have so much to thank her for that my words on the internet will never be enough to do my feelings towards her justice. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Paige Joanna
OH THAT FACE!!! It's enough to make you fall head over heels!! Paige has one of those personalities that you can't help but take a shine to - she's chatty and friendly, warm, funny and oh so honest (and her honesty is something I really love, especially when it comes to chatting about joint woes, because Paige has her own struggles and entirely empathises - she has an incredibly dependable shoulder I can lean on without worrying it's all too much for her because I know she understands). She was one of the very first bloggers who reached out to me and was entirely supportive when I decided to start up Tori's Tales, offering advice and much much more (too much, she's so bloody generous) in the shape of my beautiful illustrated header (she does commissions people! Be sure to drop her a line if you're looking for something new for 2014!) - Paige seriously has more talent in her little finger than I do in my entire body! Her blog, Paige Joanna, boasts a beautiful array of outfits that, although I could never recreate (just because I could never look as incredibly awesome as Paige always does) are forever drool-worthy and an awesome source of eye candy!! 

Stephanie Dreams
I was chatting to Paige just the other day about how much I simply love Steph - her full-heartedness, her cheeky humour and easy-to-be-around nature (seriously, within minutes of meeting her back in June I felt like I'd known her forever, she's just that much of a sweetheart - and she had a lot to contend with considering I behaved like some crazy-weird fan-girl). Not only that but I believe Stephanie Dreams to be one of the most relatable and accessible blogs going - Steph shows us how we can all live prettily on a smaller budget (I'm always grateful for the inclusion of high street brands, especially as I'm not a huge lover of online purchases) and, being a student and all, the fact that she manages to do this means a great deal to me as a reader of Stephanie Dreams. Not only that, but Steph truly has created a warm and cosy space on the internet that I can so happily crawl into of an evening (and I love watching her videos too - her personality completely shines through - and, trust me, I'm not easily pleased when it comes to YouTube!). Oh, and 2014 is going to be a wonderful year for this lady because she is set to become Mrs Sam in October in Walt Disney World Orlando Fl - the thought of it makes my toes crunch in excitement! Steph deserves nothing but a lifetime of love and happiness to match that which she offers to everyone who knows her (and gosh, in that case, she's set to have a lot of it come her way this year!). 

I'd love to know who inspired you to start blogging and why!


  1. ohmygoodness Tori!!!! You are much too sweet for words!! Your beautiful words brought tears to my eyes!! If you were standing right in front of me I would have to give you the biggest tightest hug!! Tori, I am so glad that I stumbled across your beautiful blog + started following you on twitter!! Conversations with you never cease to make me smile!! I hope that your travels one day lead you to my little neck of the woods so we can have an afternoon talking over tea and cakes!! :)

    This is such a beautiful post Tori!! I love all these ladies!! Their blogs are always filled with so much beauty + wise words (much like yours!!!)!
    Lots + lots of love to you dearest!!! xoxoxo

  2. Thank you so much for your always-lovely words, Tori! :) x

  3. great post - love these bloggers. I'm afraid I never wondered over to Ms Megan's blog before.. happy I have now! :D

  4. So many great recommendations again. ♥ :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. You're the kindest lady in blog land, Tori!

    Thanks very much for your comment - we've replied underneath but we thought we'd head over to Tori Towers and share some love too.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Another fine line up of inspiring blogs, Tor.

    I can completely see how these guys have given you the want to create your own place to record your thoughts and findings! And it's important to let people know how they effect you, and to help one another out when you can...

    Which is why I want to say to you mrs blondie pants, how brilliant it has been to acquire your acquaintance this year. I can't wait to arrange a date some time soon :)

    Please keep your chin up this year Peach, I know things are incredibly stressful and you want to stick your fingers up at that stack of books sitting in the corner… You aren't alone in it though, just remember that, and there is a life beyond studying, the world still moves. Try and extract what you can from the situation, something that can help you in the future, something you might apply later on… Because when all is said and done, when its all handed in and you're completely finished, its the experiences you take with you. Its how you use what you gained. It isn't grades. So although its near impossible to face things at times, keep your chin up!! :)

    Sending you lots of wishes and love for this new year x


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