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11 December 2013

139 // Wednesday Rambles

The past few days have left me feeling a little on edge. I think it's the uneasiness of a term coming to an end with the knowledge that I still have two essays to complete, exams to revise for, and Christmas presents to buy (it's not the buying that bothers me so much but the actual coming up with ideas!). Not only that but I've tried, and failed, to post on numerous occasions, all because I haven't been 100% sure what it is I actually want to say or do. Update you on my situation? It's much the same as ever. Let you know about my weekend? I wish I had more photos to show you. Put together another midweek 'photo compilation'? I'm worried this blog is becoming a little too heavily weighted on the side of other people's photography (although, when I have nothing of my own to offer, this is all I can really show you, and you all respond positively to it so, if you do like my tumblr posts, please let me know!). A wishlist/finds post? A lot of energy goes into those and I feel that, a lot of the time, I do them because I'm procrastinating more than anything else and, I guess, that's only natural to a certain point - I mean, we do all have to start doing the things we have to do eventually (but why now?!) - but I'm not sure they're what I'm best at putting together so I probably should stop doing them!  

Anyway, I guess rambling comes naturally to me, so that's where I'm at right now! The above photo was taken by my Moom in Bath this past weekend. On the Saturday I attended Megan's Bath Xmas Meet and got to meet two ladies in particular that I've hoping to for the past year and a half - Megan and Sophie. I had the most wonderful time, as well as the pleasure of the company of other fabulous ladies, such as Steph, Rebecca and Adora, to name but a few. If you want to find out more about the weekend, then make sure you head over to Stephanie Dreams or The Cinnamon Slipper, both ladies have great pictures and write-up's of the day. You can also find a couple of instagram snaps here and here, both of which I feature in (just to prove I was actually there!). Oh, and this was the prize I managed to snap up from Megan's fantastically put together lucky dip - a big thanks to all the brands who contributed as I know all the girls were very happy with their picks! Mine was this rather fabulous 'I'm really a mermaid' necklace from I Love Crafty!

Then on Sunday, after a stay around Megan's (she and Grant were the most gracious, kindest and sweetest of hosts, and I'm truly appreciative of them offering for me to stay. We had a great time chatting and I got to have one of Megan's well-loved Chai Hot Chocolates!) my Moom popped up to visit from home and we spent a lovely few hours chatting, shopping - Moom managed to pick up a few Christmas bits - and eating (at The Cosy Club, which we both very much enjoyed) before I headed back to Nottingham. It truly was a magical weekend - I'm so pleased I got to spend time with some of my absolute favourite blogging ladies and so happy that Moom decided to take the trip to see me.


  1. I really liked this post! My favourite kind are those in which people just talk about how they've been feeling/what they've been up to! I think it's always best to just post what YOU want to post! that way it's always genuine :)

    Anyway looks like you had a lovely time in Bath. It's the city that I grew up in so maybe I'm biased but I personally think it's one of the best. Glad you liked it! I didn't realise there was a blogging meet up there - would have been nice to have got involved! Next time, hopefully.

  2. Gorgeous picture!!

    Glad you had a nice weekend, blogging girls AND your mom!! Fun times :)

    I know what you mean with the lack of inspiration for your blog, I feel the same at the moment, like arrrrrrggggghhhhh!!! But, I'm so happy you press on, because you may not realise it at the time but your blog is flipping great, whether its snaps from your trips, book reviews or catch ups on your life- it really is interesting and we want more! So keep em coming please sweetcheeks :)

    Faded Windmills

  3. I think we all have these moments and it's hard to find that balance over well not only life and blogging but finding those posts that you really like writing. While I don't mind looking at wishlist posts (esp all the ones at the moment up for Xmas) I don't really find them useful if that makes sense.

    Anyways I love catch up posts, they don't have to necessarily be about anything in general but they certainly give a great insight into the blogger!

  4. This looks like it was a fantastic meet-up!!
    PS I love your blog + the lovely things you write about Tori!! Reading about what people love/are interested in and reading about bits + pieces of people's daily lives is my favorite things!!! xo

  5. Blah just wrote a message and it disappeared! Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend with lovely people! You are a silly sausage, I love everything you share, your thoughts the pictures you choose, it comes together so well! Plus, it's unique because its you who write it and we love you rambles, well you call them rambles lol. Aw I enjoyed your wishlists, you founds so much more than my usual topshop wishlists hehe I hope you enjoy doing them! Aw all the best with the essay and revision- noones idea of fun is it xx


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