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4 December 2013

138 // Inspiration / Style / Winter

I've been thinking lately about winter style and all those (there are a hell of a lot of them when you go on a search) enviably well-put-together mortals whose effortless-looking (coz for all I know it took them bloody forever to put together) ensembles that make me wish for long, tumbling hair, a head made for hats and the willingness to wear heels during the daytime (come on, as if!). This is the sort of winter style I long to emulate. It seems that, to do so, all one really needs is a good, solid winter coat (I think I've got that, though it would be preferable minus the effort that comes with trying to cough up the fur-ball the moulting collar gives me) and some rather fabulous accessories - sunnies (not so much needed any more in grey, dull Nottingham), a hat (haha!), scarf (done, plural), heels (see above) or boots (I'm well-acquainted with a good pair of winter-flats), an oversized handbag (ding, ding, ding!) and some well-placed pieces of jewellery. Oh, and the budget to make that happen.  

A cinched-in waist always does it for me, and coupled with the shades, that belt and what to me looks like a matchy-matchy bag, we're on to a winter-winner!

Grey and green make for a cool winter pairing, and this look is all about the special touches - printed trews (that'll be trousers), black hat (is that a fedora? I have no idea!), a chunky necklace and bracelet makes this a pretty picture-perfect day-to-night ensemble.

The camel, an edible-looking marvel of the coat world, adding a hint of chic-appeal to any outfit. Coupled with a clashing scarf (love Alexa's yellow) or feet-friendly wedges, it makes the most wonderful of companions (just don't buy one on the cheap, I know what happens to such a coat after only a few months and it certainly ain't pretty!).

Grey and black. Could there be a more sophisticated coupling? Both these ladies have got their accessorising down to a tee; blogger-obligatory camera and wide-brimmed hat on the left, lady-like bag and pointy flats on the right.

Another pair who are all about the accessories, these ladies would surely knock heads over whose bag was the most over-sized! Both are modelling rather enviable boots (knee or ankle high - which to choose!) and black coats - stylised military and informal pea-esque (like that's a thing Tors!).

R // What Do I Wear

When muted palettes just won't do, the key to brightening up an outfit seems to be to just thrown in a pattern, be it a tartan scarf (much like the two I'm toting nowadays) or a chequered shirt (oh to pull one of those off rather than looking like someone who is going to a Wild-West themed fancy dress party). And while you're at it, chuck on those 'daytime heels' I spoke about. Ah, to look so polished.


  1. I really love the coat in the Grey & Green photo! And the outfit on the bottom right. These are some beautiful styles, thanks for sharing the inspiration :)

    Sarah xx

  2. I am such a coat-aholic at the moment, think I've bought six this winter. OMG.

  3. bah! I wish I could pull of these effortlessly-chic looks!! I adore these coats (esp the camel colored ones!) but I just never seem to find the right one (or if I do it is out of my price range!)..But I don't really have to worry about it too terribly much because it doesn't get too cold here. :(

  4. Love this post. Boxy coats are so amazing!


  5. Inspiring chicness… I have a knack of looking scruffy no matter what I wear, maybe a smart coat could trick people into thinking I'm not homeless…

    Faded Windmills

  6. OMG i love all these! I'm so obsessed with boyfriend coats. Well pretty much anything that's oversize. :) xox

  7. It's definitely a thing, Tors, donchuworry

    I love winter style, but I think it's harder to put something together inspired by winter style pictures when you live in a climate that throws everything but that sun at you on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

    Have a great Christmas,
    Tors x


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