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16 October 2013

110: Midweek

You wake to a dark day.

You picture the sun rise in your head. Over mountains. Over seas.

When, in reality, it looks like this outside.

And the thought of leaving your bed is one you wish not to entertain.


You know the day will go on without you, but you get up all the same. And you eat.

No, not this.

Because who has the time?


Always this.

Minus the sunshine.

The day ahead stretches out in front of you. Vast and gaping. Like a black hole...

Of washing.

Of (compulsory) reading. Never as fun as the I-do-if-for-myself kind.

Of work. Meaning a stressful morning.

So you stop. You close your eyes. Breathe.

Have a mid-morning break.

(And why the hell not?)

Then back to the grind.


Oh, and more.

Before this. Only less exciting. And for one.


Then this.

Writing a paper

(Too true)


Because there's always this.  

Of course, dinner time calls.

And you wish your kitchen looked like this.

Because, instead, you have to put up with this.

Night time rears its head.

The sun sets.

sunset 24-aug-2010.

One more.

Then, before you know it, midweek is over and you're one step closer to the weekend.

All images via tumblr, flickr

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  1. Brilliant. Literally the story of my life...although a much prettier version of my life haha!
    Have a fabulous day Tori! & hope the midweek blues don't get you down.

    Charlotte xx

  2. I love this this!! Rain + tea always go together hand in hand in my book!! :)

    1. Thank you Megan!! When I woke up this morning feeling full of Wednesday woe I knew I'd have to try and do something to turn that midweek from upside down!!

  3. wrong account haha!
    love this, put a smile on my face, its the simple things in life that you love and tend to forget <3 x

  4. This is awesome, Tori. I love the way you write! xx

  5. Amazing post, Tori. Beautiful images and beautiful words.

    Toni. x

    P.S. love your knitted mug cosy. :)

  6. Such a lovely post Tori! :)


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