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3 October 2013

103: Stripy tee (I rhymed!)

It's been a fair long while since I did anything remotely outfit-related (this post back in August was the last one) thus I decided last week I'd try and get back into the swing of things and show off some of my new clothes. Of course, nothing went to plan (clothes-panic, general camera-rubbish-ness), so this has been a little-time-coming but it's here at last, lovely people. I bet you had a Tori-ootd-shaped hole in your life. Didn't you?! I bet you're glad this post has happily filled it. Aren't you?! (please do take note of the sarcasm, it's one of the only real talents I have!)

Yes, that is a precariously hung copy of Van Gogh's Sunflowers in the background

Are you shocked it's not dress-related?!!

The outfit itself consists of Topshop Joni's (the bandwagon for which I am entirely late at jumping-on) that you can find here, a Topshop Breton-striped-tee (yes, fine, I was trying to do an Alexa) which you can muse over here, and a Primark necklace (1 of 5 I bought, gasp!) for which there is no link because it's from Primark! The jeans are perfect for me thanks to their high-waisted stretchiness - my waist size and hip size differ quite greatly so I needed a pair that I could get round my bum which then wouldn't go baggy at the waist (delightful!). Let me tell you, these do the trick nicely (not so much their black counterparts, but I'll save that for another day!). They're super soft and comfy too - ding, ding, ding!!

This is the tee un-tucked (I don't generally go for un-tucked-ness but I wanted to show off it's true - rucked up! - length). I'm not sure why I went with this awkward hobble-footed pose but, you know me, I'm all about bringing out the big-guns when it comes to random photo posing (see weird scrunchy-nosed faces in photos one and two for further confirmation!).

And here is a close up of the necklace, in case you fancied a peek...

Not the most exciting or inspiring of outfits, granted, but this is the direction in which my Autumn/Winter '13 (and, lets face it, being a student and all probably my Spring/Summer '14) wardrobe is headed. All I need now is a scarf, my mac and some boots and I'm ready for today's cold, misty weather!!


  1. You look gorgeous! Can't beat a striped tee, love the alexa Chung reference ;)

  2. I'm in love with this outfit!! These jeans look absolutely perfect!! I love the high waisted + skinny look! (I really need to pick up a pair like this!!) and I think I've already told you but this top is SO cute!! I love your style Tori darling!! xoxox

  3. Crikey, you are gorgeous. Those jeans look SO GOOD ON YOU. #legenvy

  4. Looking lovely! Some staple wardrobe pieces you're rocking there :) xx

  5. Holy smokes that figure!! I knew it all along! ;)!

    You look gorgeous, and I'm a huge huge fan of the nautical t-shirt too. Anything nautical, but particularly t-shirts like this.
    I too do the foot wobble. Not sure why I do it but I'm completely incapable of standing properly in any portrait shot. I can't stand it! (totally didn't mean to make that pun then but hahahaa good for me...)

    Have a lovely evening Tori!

  6. Oh my God Tori you look like smoking hotcakes!!! Such a simple outfit but you look so stunning, those jeans are such a perfect match for you. Also pretty necklace - I don't normally like chunky things but that one is lovely. XXXX

  7. You have the most amazing legs ever! No really, those jeans look like they were made for you Tori!

    Lost in the Haze

  8. You look AMAZING lady! :P xx


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