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7 October 2013

105: What I've been up to

turned out right for once
Credit: Liis Klammer
I realised I haven't done a 'what I've been up to lately post' ummmm EVER and as I'm back at uni now, and past the initial introductory stage of second year (that would be freshers week or, as it's known here, 'Week One'), I thought it might be a nice time to catch you up on everything that has been happening in Tori-land.

Last week was my first 'proper' week back at university (known as week two in our timetables, ever so helpful!) and my first as a Psychology subsidiary student. I'm not sure how it works at other uni's, but our years are made up of 120 credits. Last year I took twelve (count em' people - twelve modules meant twelve exams!) 10 credit modules, six in the autumn (side note - today I learnt from Rosie's blog that we don't use capital letters for seasons, uber cray-cray) and six in spring. This year is a little, shall we say, nicer in that I'm just taking six 20 credit modules (although that does mean longer essays and exams) including two in Psychology, one in each semester. Now, I've never before studied Psychology, but have recently become really interested in the subject. I'm not sure what area, exactly, that I'm interested in, but I decided that I'd mix things up a little and go with the two offered by the department to students from other areas of the university in the hope that I'd come out at the end of the year with a better understanding of what I do, and don't, like and hopefully some decent knowledge related to Cognitive (autumn term's) and Biological (spring term's) Psychology!

Credit: Luke Sky
Last Monday was a really positive day. It started with a seminar (before its corresponding lecture, DON'T get me started!) which didn't go too badly. It's worth noting here that, when saying that, I'm actally being rather complimentary because our Philosophy seminars are notoriously bad. I'm not sure why (ok, I do - people hate talking in front of groups) but they are distinctly discussion-less when really, being Philosophy and all, they should be discussion-lead. From there I went to a talk about the Teachers Associates Scheme (which I am applying for but am just waiting for the link to go up to do so) and then a society meeting. 

This year has seen my first foray into the 'social side' of university. Last year I didn't much get involved in it beyond two nights out with uni friends, although it's not something I've been too worried about because I know I can go out if I want to, I've just chosen not to. However, this year I've made plans to become more involved, starting with joining two societies. This first one is called 'Stop The Traffik' (please click here for the main website and here for the University society's Facebook page) which aims to raise awareness of human trafficking. We have plans to start and support campaigns, advertise throughout the uni (hopefully via media such as the student magazine/radio) and raise money, as well as inform people about the Stop The Traffik's aims. Yesterday I posted two videos in my 'Senses' post so please do go take a look if you are at all interested in the subject. The meeting was informal, a sort-of getting to know you, which offered us a relaxed environment in which to broadcast some of our own thoughts and ideas about where we think the society should go. I left it feeling happy to have attended the meeting and looking forward to the next one (as well as with a book recommendation, Slave Girl, which I have purchased and plan to read once I've finished with 'How To Be A Woman').

The second society is the 'Women's Network' whose aim is (to quote) 'highlight, challenge and campaign against sexist discrimination and attitudes faced by women on campus and in the wider world, as well as providing a safe, supportive and social environment for discussion'. It was, again, quite an informal meet-up, where the two ladies who run the society provided a short presentation before we headed to the uni bar for a chat amongst ourselves (a really good way to get to know others from different courses and year groups). We also had a visit from a lovely lady, Chloe, who works at Equation (a Nottingham-based group who 'aims to prevent and reduce significant harm caused by domestic abuse and sexual violence in Nottinghamshire'). Their cause is one I am incredibly keen on supporting and I hope to volunteer my services for the company in the not-too-distant future. 

I also had my first ever Psychology lecture that went fairly well, despite a rather large (and rudely-delivered) hiccough at the end that meant a panicked 30 minutes during which I thought I wasn't going to be able to take the modules I'd selected. Thankfully all ended well and I arrived back home, after the Women's Network meeting, on a high, buoyed by the days activities

Credit: JungMin Um
Tuesday I arrived at the uni just before 12pm, cornflake cakes in hand, which I delivered to Stop The Traffik's bake sale. I then met a friend for a quick chat before hers and the boys lecture (who I briefly saw). Thinking I had 5 hours to kill before my second Psychology lecture, I spent a lot of the afternoon in the computer suite, only to arrive 'early' for my lecture and realise it had started at 4. Major sigh. I went home feeling rather disheartened and as though the day itself was a complete write-off. Wednesday I met the boy with lunch (jolly kind of me, even if I do say so myself) before finding out that my next day's lecture (my first Philosophy) had been cancelled. I attended the first of my Ethics seminars that afternoon (which went ok at best) then had to hang on until 2pm the next day for my (actual) first Philosophy lecture. I'm not entirely keen on the manner in which it was delivered/we are being taught but hopefully I'll get used to it as time goes on.

The weekend was spent catching up with blogs, hurriedly typing-up my Senses post (seriously, my time management skills recently, blog-related ones at least, have been terrible) and doing Psychology 'homework' (reading one chapter of a textbook which consisted of 30 pages; that and note-taking meant it took me bloody hours!).

our summer vacation
Credit: raquel fialho
And so to today. Another positive Monday, thankfully. No seminar (cancelled because it was going to be on material spoken about in my first lecture which, if you remember, had been cancelled!) but a 12 pm Stop The Traffik meeting which was fantastically positive and informative. I'm definitely looking forward to getting stuck in with projects and campaigns and what-not. This Thursday the society is hosting a screening of 'Taken' with proceeds going to Stop The Traffik. If you know anyone at UoN, please make them aware and try and encourage them to come along!! I also really enjoyed my second Psychology lecture, which today was on Gibson's theory of direct perception. I'm now back home and waiting for the boy to make it through his work so we can take a (entirely fun-filled, I'm sure) trip to Asda for the big shop!

And there we have it! A rather rambling (ok, incredibly rambling!) post on what I've been up to lately. What about you?


  1. Boo!! I'm sorry that so many things got canceled!!

  2. well done for getting involved, plus it sounds really interesting :-) we love your rambles..


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