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22 October 2013


Totally getting in on the Halloween action!

Please note that, as ever, photos are from the blogs whence they came, so all credit goes to the authors behind the blogs!

Tuesday 15th

Che had me laughing like a crazy lady 
(Gosh, isn't it nice to start your day with a proper, belly-deep chuckle?)

Wednesday 16th

Kasia had me pondering over my past and future 

Thursday 17th

Gemma made me realise we're not all that different (you and I) and reminded me to stop and breathe

Friday 18th

Erin got me looking forward to Winter brussels...

Saturday 19th

Bee made me bee-m (terrible!) over her brilliant book reviews

Sunday 20th

Christina had me wistfully reminiscing over quiet Sundays (the way they should be!)

Monday 21st

Kailey got me thinking about the why's behind the blogs


  1. I'm so chuffed to be in your tales of the week, I have found some lovely posts/blogs through these so to be included is amazing!!! x

  2. Awww thank you so much for having me in your list! <3

    1. Kasia you are very welcome. Your blog is most definitely a new favourite of mine, I just had to share!!

  3. Dude :)

    Firstly, how funny is Che, I loved the dentist one!! Actually cried with laughter.

    You lovely blonde haired beauty!! As if you included my pipsqueak of a blog on your epic Tales of the Week!!! Can't tell you how cool that is, and the nerdtastic grin won't budge from my face for a while ;) Thanks Peach, really really cool :)

    I always enjoy these posts, brilliant way to find some new reading material (procrastination heaven!!), and greatly written and narrated of course.

    Tori, you're fab!


  4. So so touched to be included, thank you so much Tori :) xo

  5. ooh! I love that post by Kailey!! She is such an inspiration!! I'm off to click the other links!! :D


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