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6 October 2013

104: Senses 4

(Look at me, trying to be creative and failing rather miserably!)
Last week I sadly missed out on getting a Senses post together thanks to laziness/un-organisation due to my starting uni this past Monday. For some reason I just couldn't get my head in gear and write something up. Today (ha, just!) I'm doing one better in getting a post up. How good it is, however, I'll have to leave you to be the judge of!

Tori Saw/Read/Watched/Et cetera
tea, book, chocolate. relax.
Credit: Tracy (and look at that, it's the book I read!)
Held-in-hand booky-wooks:

- A Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty 

- Just finished: Room by Emma Donoghue

- Just started: Caitlin Moran's 'How To Be A Woman' on the back of recommendations from some lovely people I met last Monday at a talk by 'Women's Network' (a uni society I have joined)

(If anyone is interested in 'Tori reviews', please let me know below or via the wonders of social media!)

Reads/vids from across the web:

- Following on from one of my favourite tales of last week, this lady talks about why she's no longer a grammar snob

- I loved this man's conversation with his daughter (and what he taught her)

- I've just started watching videos on Vimeo (is this a thing now or has it been and I'm totally behind, as ever?) and came across this really lovely 2-D animation, Thought Of You

- Palo Alto's trailer (because you can never have enough James Franco in your life)

- An incredibly interesting article about seven sisters who were the (dare I say it?!) 'IT' girls of their time

- Because this would SO be me

- This video by The Body Shop and this video from Stop The Traffik (a society for which I have joined at uni) both designed to raise awareness of human-trafficking

- Leanne's fantastic post about double standards

- My glorious (I-just-don't-have-the-words-to-describe-just-how-inspirational-she-is) friend Chloe's senior thesis on Unwrapping Rape Culture In Twin Peaks

Tori Smelt
The Nottingham Uni Portland Building
Credit: Matt Holland - University Park Campus, Trent Building
- The 'fresh' scent of a new university year. Ahhh, musty corridors/sweaty classrooms and lecture theatres, come at me

- My super-lemony Original Source shower gel. Always good for when you need a pick-me up (which I'm sure we more often-than-not do when we first wake up!)

- 70% cocoa solids

Tori Tasted
Credit: The Londoner
- Egg fried rice minus the rice! I didn't get Rosie The Londoner's recipe quite right (missing an ingredient so I substituted it for another but not sure it was of great use!) so the 'rice' was a little damp and, well, still held it's flavour (yes, ok, it was a little cauliflowery) but overall it got a massive thumbs up from both myself (always good when you spend time cooking and then actually like what you've made!) and the boy. Wowser though, the chillies blew my head off! (Must also point out we didn't have prawns, instead I made a stir-fry with quorn pieces to go with!)

Tori Felt
Lauren's Cornflake Cakes
Credit: Andrew (and no, I couldn't find a photo of a numpty)
- Like a numpty (see what I did there?!) when I missed my second Psychology lecture (please be aware I've never done any Psychology in my life and therefore need all the info I can get!) thanks to me getting the time wrong (it's a long story but I'd been there since 12 to drop of cakes for a bake sale, sat around doing not much until 4:30 when I went across to my 5pm lecture before realising that it had, in fact, started at 4pm.

- Soft yarn and a crochet needle between my less-than-capable fingers! I had a go at a granny square but had forgotten where I was in the pattern by the time I got home from the class (ahem, 10mins after I left!)

- Rain falling on my shoulders. I do love Autumn weather when it's crisp and coupled with blue skies, not so much when it means having to wear extra layers than need to be shrugged off whenever I board public transport/sit down anywhere and drag around an umbrella (mine is big, ok? It literally drags!)

Tori Listened To
Eiffel Tower
Credit: Ruslan
- Lots of university-related things, I'm afraid, so not much to share here! Although, if for some reason you are interested, here's something to whet your crazy-weird appetite...
- AM, again. I can't get enough people (and we are seeing them in 20 days, woooooh!)

- Some System. Because you can't beat them for motivation. 

- Emily Sprague's hauntingly beautiful voice singing over Emilie of New Gloom's gorgeous Paris-filled video

That's all for now folks, sorry it isn't more exciting!! 
Hopefully I'll have more to share with you next week!

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  1. I have been eyeing 'Room' for a while, did you enjoy it? May have to buy it if you did! Ohhh that musty/ sweaty smell of university...You certainly have to strategically place yourself in lecture theatres sometimes, or risk a whole lecture trying to breathe as little as possible! :P
    Abi xx


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