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12 October 2013

107: A Tori's Tales giveaway! NOW CLOSED

Back in August I decided it was about time I'd treat all of those who had helped me reach the frankly gosh-darn-it wonderful, can't-quite-get-my-head-around target of 100 Bloglovin followers for Tori's Tales. It's taken me forever to put it together (so much so I've reach 133 followers, jeepers-bloody-creepers!) but it's finally here!

You can win everything seen in the picture above and listed on the Rafflecopter widgety-widge below. Everything was purchased by me, with my own money, although both Ella and Sophie (of Ella Masters and Crown and Glory, respectively) were kind enough to add in a little extra - as well as the stickers and badges I bought from Ella she sent the 'Tattitude Girls' and 'Hope Floats' postcard-sized prints and the Big Pop Christmas Card and Sophie added in the beautifully colourful glitter bow (I purchased the Bronze colour). A big thank you to them both. Their sheer generosity astounded me and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to pass these extras on to the winner.

As well as the glittery and sticky numbers, you will be able to get your mitts on a copy of one of my fave ever books, Sister, the ever-superb Moonrise Kingdom on DVD, a Barry M Nailpolish (I do love a good nude nail!), a peely-offy facemask and gorgeous-smelling bath bomb (for bathtime pampering) as well as a secret-surprise only the winner will get to find out about!!

The giveaway will be running between Saturday 12th October and midnight on Saturday 26th October. Please be aware it's for the UK only (I'm so sorry, I wish my student budget would stretch to afford all postage!). To those across the globe who support Tori's Tales, please know that it does not go unnoticed. I hope that, at some point in the future, I'll be in a more stable position to afford me the opportunity to pop up a giveaway that includes all of you.

Please check the terms and conditions below for further information regarding entries.

Oh, and one more thing...

(yes, I do say Bloglovin in a weird way!

Good luck!


  1. You are so sweet, and this is such a lovely giveaway you deserve all your followers!
    Ermm a random fact (this is tricky) I have a nail that curves round after chopping the tip if it in a door (how nice) my Sister who works at a school club got all the kids to refer to it as 'the claw' and some of the children who live near us asked to come round so they can look at it, I have such a nice Sister.


  2. yaaaaaaay congratulations! my email's ellieg.burns@hotmail.co.uk and ermmmmm random fact, justin bieber follows me on twitter....i think i've told everyone though so it's no longer random xx

  3. Oh I love reading your blog and I think you are worthy of every single one of your followers.
    Okay, so my quirk, my fact, my peculiarity; hmmm....well...I own a normal average milk bottle which is about 4/5 full of odd buttons, which I have been collecting over the past year and a bit and iit iis probably one of my most special items. Teehee.


  4. Eee congratulations on reaching now 134 followers! My email address is flinchalot@gmail.com and a random fact about me... I have 3 sisters, 4 stepbrothers and 2 stepsisters. People always seem to give me the big "WOW" eyes when I tell them that haha!


  5. You are so cute!! Your voice is so sweet :) congrats on all your followers lovely, you definitely deserve them! This giveaway is so wonderful, what lovely, thoughtful prizes. My email is helloshhboutique@gmail.com, and a random fact, I am one of eight children! I'll be 25 December 1st and in February my youngest sister will be 5... madness! The next two youngest are twins, and they'll be 10 in January :) (and probably the best part is that we're all the products of teenage sweethearts that would still be together right now if my dad hadn't sadly passed away, there's a photo of my mum and dad in a photobooth on Instagram, it's pretty rad :)) xxx

  6. Woohoo! Congratulations! Here's to another 100 followers!
    (I've only got 40 on Bloglovin at the mo, I can only dream of the day I have 100) :-)

    My email is duck-in-a-dress@talktalk.net and a random fact about me - my first trip abroad on my own was to New York, I was only 19 and it was exactly one year after 9/11 (my mum almost had a fit when I told where I was off to!) :-) x

  7. Congrats! I love reading your blog :)

    My email is alicelucyrose@gmail.com and a random fact about me is that I only have half a fringe because I physically cannot get a full one due to a stupid cowlick. x

  8. You have the cutest little voice and accent, Tori! Congrats on 134 followers! Just ignore my entry because of course i didn't read to the end of the page before I began clicking buttons ;) xx

  9. Well done my little buttercup! :)

  10. WOOO! :) Awesome giveaway Miss!
    Rosie x

  11. I love, love, loooove that video! You do say Bloglovin' funny :P

    I had to enter simply because I saw the words book and Lush ;). Soooo a random fact - I can't blow my nose. I just never learnt how to and no matter how hard Mumma S has tried to teach me, it's entirely impossible. I can SORT OF do it now, but it's just not even worth calling it a blow.

    There we are! Haha. xo

  12. Well done Tori :D. This giveaway is so cute and it looks so well thought out :)
    Hmmmm a fact about me. I'm so not interesting so I'll have to say... ermmm... I'm a twin haha.
    Well done again on the followers :D xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

    1. Grrrr I did my email address wrong xsarahspeaksx@hotmail.co.uk
      Sorry about that xxx

  13. such an amazing giveaway, I know you gave these prizes some thought! I can't think of any random facts, I've always wanted to do balletm my sisters did when they were young, but my parents made me focus on swimming. which i gave up when i was about 14 :-)

  14. Dude, this is momentous and ace, I salute your snazzy pants at reaching this milestone (and further)! Swit swooooo!! Hey... I'm allowed to be dramatic, my blogs lightyears from this! Haha!! Also, fab prizes!! Gonna go for it! I missed the bit about random fact... Just happened to be nosy and spotted these lovely ladies seem to be on the ball, so I'll share something (gee Im's super boring though...). Hmmmmmmm I terrorised my little brother so much as kids (we're talking tea cups of shampoo, putting him in a sleeping bag and sliding him down the stairs), that he created an imaginary friend JUST to have someone else to play with (sorry Luke), this 'friend' looked like one of the rice crispy men and was named Budgie Badgie. This seems a random fact. Also, probably just lost all 5 of my bloglovin followers by this admittance. (Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!)

    Good luck y'all!

    email: gemma-roberts@hotmail.co.uk


  15. Congrats on your achievement lady! :) You totally deserve this big result!
    Lucia xx

  16. Great blog! My email is ajmccormack314@gmail.com - (Bluebutterfly25 on Bloglovin and Twitter). Oh and on a random note I love elephants!

  17. What an amazing giveaway, you're really treating whoever wins! Hm, trying to think of something to tell you about myself, errrrm, I have a scar on my left index finger from a trapping-it-in-a-car-door-incident when I was about five. I then went on to trap the same finger in three other car doors, throughout the rest of my life. You'd think a girl would learn, haha!

  18. Woohooo! My email is dulciehorn@hotmail.co.uk
    For the special fact I thought I'd continue with the wierd things that have happened to fingers theme.... The middle nail on my right hand is wider than it is long... because my nan accidentally chopped half my finger off in a pram when I was tiny! Ewww.
    :) xx


  19. Hi Missus! Congrats! How exciting...i've loved your posts lately and can't wait to read more and get to know you better, also very excited to meet you finally at the eastmidsmeetup (can't believe we missed each other at vintsetfest!).

    Random fact: I once thought I was superwoman or something crazy and decided to do some not so awesome backflips and flying action on my parents bed...to only end up cracking my head open on the corner of their radiator & ended up in hospital getting it glued back together! I now have a wonky head lol! Ewwwwwww. You so wanted to know that :p haha.

    Speak to you soon lovely, fabulous giveaway! xxx

  20. Congrats on getting 100 followers! You really deserve it lovely. I love your blog it was one of the ones which inspired me to carry on blogging and not to give up!

    Random Fact? I have met the Queens husband. He's a lot shorter then I thought he would be. The Queen must be TINYY!!
    My email? Peachesandsmoke@live.co.uk

    All the best Lovely
    Leah x

  21. congrats :)

    random fact...theres a 20 year age gap between me and my partner! people always seem surprised when i tell them that


  22. i clicked on the rafflecopter that i followed you on gfc as thought i did...went to doublecheck and cant find the gfc thingy on your page so unsure if i do or not! don't want it to come across as though i'm being dishonest..if im not then obv just cancel that entry xx

    1. Hi Carla!

      Thanks for letting me know. I've just popped the widget up on my blog, I'd forgotten I'd taken it off a while ago when I was moving things about. I appreciate your honesty - unfortuantely I couldn't find you on the GFC list.

      Thanks for your entries and that's a bloody great fact!! Not quite the same (not the same at all!) but I'm 3 1/2 years older than my boy but, come 6th Nov, when I turn 28, it'll look like I'm 4 years older!!

  23. Yay I love giveaways! Congrats on 100 followers! Also I know it says I live in Australia, but I have somewhere you can send it in the UK.
    Random fact is went to the Middle East without really planning to... and loved it!

  24. Your blog is so quirky! :D
    A random fact about me is that i hate chocolate, sicky hate! :S


  25. Lovely giveaway! Um random fact about me?! I love Chinese food! does that count as random? haha my email is touchofbelle@gmail.com

    Gemma xx

  26. Great give way. A random fact about me is that i'm currently saving up to start my own fabric business handmadebyholty at hotmail dot com

  27. Amazing goodies!!! Thanks for the giveaway! Random fact about me....hmmm....kiwis arr the worst thing ever happened to humanity!!! I can't even touch them. In fact, writing this makes me .... Buaghh....
    Mi mail is hello.acoupleofsmiles@gmail.com .i will cross my fingers ;)

  28. My email address is thriftyskies@gmail.com :) And a random fact? I tell the worst jokes!! I can sit there laughing for hours at them while everybody else has a blank face xx


  29. Realised I hadn't entered this, definitely worth a little go -- your a massive sweetheart for doing such a lovely giveaway Tori! email address is: charlottehannah4@gmail.com & a random fact about me is... I once asked my drama teacher if I needed to bring my passport for our school trip to london...in front of our whole class -- this led me to win the award for 'dippiest female' at my year 13 leavers ball! (two facts in one, lucky you ;) haha)

    Charlotte xx


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