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25 October 2013

117: Friday Finds

Welcome to my second instalment of the tantalisingly-tempting bad boy that is Friday Finds, my weekly wishlist of all things fabulous that I'll never actually get to own because a) I am a student, b) I have bills to pay and c) I live in the real world (pretty much!).

Anything take your fancy? Let me know below!

1) Socks, Urban Outfitters. Because it's that time of the year when we whack out the slipper socks again!

2) Roll-neck Jumper, Miss Selfridge. This jumper has snuggle-worthy written all over it.

3) Tee, Monki. My absolute favouritest colour is green and this tee is too good a price to go ignored (£6).

4) Scarf, Accessorize. I love the combo of brown and teal in this pattern.

5) Trousers, Urban Outfitters. Ankle-swinging-perfection. 

6) Bag, Accessorize. Two handles and a nice sheen. What could be better?!

7) Tee, Uniqlo. The best kind of yellow - not too bright, acidic or egg-yolky. 

8) Heels, Urban Outfitters. These may well be the ones coupled with the trousers in the above pic. I'm not sure. Either way they're fabulous and I MUST have them, with or without the trews.

I'm quite loving the idea of this as an outfit, if anyone fancies chucking it together for me. I'd model it for ya.

9) Tartan Scarf, Accessorize. Because this print ain't going anywhere. 

10) Jumper, Monki. The closest I'll ever get to a Christmas jumper. 

11) Polo Neck Jersey, Joules. Reminds me of a raspberry. Juicy goodness. 

12) Long Sleeve Tee, Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo. I have no idea what is on this tee, but it looks good enough to eat which means it's sure as heck good enough for me to, well, own.

13) Long Sleeve Tee, Uniqlo. Not sure why all the pinks today but they certainly jazz up my screen!

14) Print Tee, Monki. Subtle feathers. The way they should be. 

15) Fluffy Jacket, H&M. Because my shoulders are crying out to be adorned with feathers AND fluff.

16) Polo Neck, H&M. Yes, it's another roll-neck, but this one is for those days when I want to go a little more incognito.  

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  1. This is bad for my bank balance...

  2. Erm I will take it all! Love the uo trousers and socks! I would happily wear them together too ha x

  3. Oh my gosh could those socks look any comfier?? and they are so festive - even better!
    Oh Tori you've got me wanting all of these things & now I have the desperate urge to go shopping -- I'll be sending you the bill for any damage done to my bank account ;) Just Kidding! I too feel the student pinch! Oh well a girl can dream eh?

    You've got lovely style girl! especially loving those heels (number 8)

    Charlotte xx

  4. That yellow shirt is the PERFECT colour! But can only imagine the massive clash with my hair...
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  5. Love this post, and the shade of the green Monki tee! I love the colour green, and it's such a bargain! The Celia Birtwell long sleeved top looks lovely, when I look on the website the print looks quite festive :) I do love long sleeved tops, so versatile and perfect for layering in this chilly weather xxx

  6. ooooh!! # 3+ #15 are perfect!!


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