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23 October 2013

115: Midweek

Today shall hereby be known as 'procrastiwednesday'. I know, a mouthful, and quite without a certain ring to it, but ever so true! Of course, you've guessed it, an essay deadline is coming up and I am THE worst when it comes to essay writing. I read a lot to prepare but with every journal paper I read comes the inevitable 'I have no idea what they are saying' when I put down and, thus, PANIC!!

Tea and Blogosphere break (because WHY wouldn't you?!)
After spending hours and hours worrying and stressing about every little thing (and typing any old word that popped into my head, resulting in a mass of non-nonsensical, out-of-order paragraphs) I decided to sit and watch the sun go down.

 A day can't have been too bad if it ended like this, could it?


  1. What a lovely sunset :) this reminds me I have a sunset I need to post as part of my 25 by 25, from months ago! I hope you have better luck making progress on your essay tomorrow, you'll get there in the end! It will be a huge relief when it's finally done too :) I'm terrible for procrastinating, I don't even know why I'm doing it half of the time but I always feel better for getting on with things! xxx p.s. I've just noticed that all your posts are numbered - that's so sweet!

  2. ooooh!! What a lovely looking magazine!!
    Don't stress Tori love, everything will work out fine!! xoxo


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