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18 October 2013

111: Friday Finds

Hopefully I'm not going to get on anyone's nerves by jumping on the series posts bandwagon threefold (from 0-60, right?!) but it's important to me that I post regularly (mainly for my own sanity, I always get so frustrated when I don't!) and starting up a series (or three) seems a great way for me to make regular contact with y'all. 

On to today's post - I thought that, as I don't include such things in my Senses post, I'd start up a 'Friday Finds' series to talk about all those bits and bobs on the internet (material-wise) that I (dare I say it?!) covet (gasp!). This could be anything from clothes, to make up (less likely, but you never know, a girl can change!), films, books, accessories, home-wares.....just whatever the heck I am lusting over at this moment in time (which is a fair bloody bit!). Enjoy!

Top row, from left to right: 

Middle row, from left to right: 

(because I'm super bored of the stuff we own, everything is SO brown)

(ok fine, yes, I have a Zara obsession)

Bottom row, from left to right: 

(because this red is SUCH a beautiful, rich tone)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Loving that heart print tshirt, a lot! And the Topshop heels. Oh payday, where art thou?

  2. I love that pink jumper - going through a Jackie O pink phase myself at the mo! Haha I have a Zara obsession too, lets form a recovery group cus there is no way I can afford to keep shopping there :P

  3. I love that pink jumper + that cute polka dot headscarf!! You've got great taste!! xo

  4. Oh there are so many things I want on Etsy!! Just added a couple more haha :) this is a lovely new series, I keep thinking I should start something regular as a post theme, but I'm pretty useless at regular posting!! xxx

  5. that jumper is lovely, oh and the zara coat... love your picks x


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