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13 October 2013

108: Senses 5

Every time I go to write this post up I forget in which order I list my senses. Seriously, how terrible is my memory?! As ever this week was one dominated by my 'Tori's Saw etc' section, as evidenced below. How was your week? Sense'd much?

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Tori Saw, Read, Watched Etc.
Credit: Shinsanity
- Reading (of the book kind) has taken a bit of a side-step this week, so nothing to report other than I'm still pootling through Caitlin Moran's How To Be a Woman

- TV (the online stuff); 
  • I happily realised New Girl had started again so caught up on the first three episodes of Season 3. They're a little lukewarm for my taste but nothing will ever stop me returning to watch my favourite Nick Miller in action. In case you want a reason as to why I love him so, here's a list of his most relateable NG quotes (I'm scrolling through them again. Favourites are 9, 12 and 23!)
  • Bake Off. Mezzle Bezzle fan numero uno over here. I've no particular fave, although I think Ruby will probably win. Fine by me, her stuff always looks good, but I could do without the forever negativity (and THE face) If you aren't already, here's 24 reasons why you SHOULD be watching it
  • Extras. The boy and I don't really spend time watching things together but recently we've started these up again. Ever the Ricky Gervais fan, us two (If you haven't watched Derek, please please do!)
  • Ep 1 of Season 3 of American Horror Story: Coven. I've yet to come across anyone else, expect my brother, who watches AHS. Anyone care to join me? Feel free to just dip into this season - all three are separate stories, set in different places and years. The first, Murder House, was set in the present time, with flashbacks to previous owners of the house, the second, Asylum, in the 1960s, and this latest one flashes between two time-zones, New Orleans in the late 1800s and the present day. I wasn't overly keen on the opening episode but I will definitely be sticking around to find out where the story will take it's characters. 
- Films!! I'm going to include one I forgot to last time, because I'm a rebel like that guys.
  • Shaun of the Dead. A classic and most definitely a needs-must watch last night in the hope of perking up my mood, thanks to my being very much rubbed up the wrong way by an un-informed-about party that happened next door
  • Jesse and Celeste Forever. The forgotten one. I actually really enjoyed it (thus shame on me for forgetting!) although not much happened. I thought it was really beautifully shot though and lord, that gal? Her face is just wonderful! Elijah Wood though? Ick city. 
  • This Is The End. Ok, so I'm probably going to be entirely ott about this but, seriously, it is the BEST film I've seen in, like, forever. I loved it. I laughed ALL the way through. Plus it is full of my absolute favourite of favouritist actors; Rogen (yes, I'm gonna list them all by their surnames like we are actual friends in real life), Baruchel (memory jog - go and watch Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist if you haven't already done so), Franco, McBride, Robinson, Hill, Cera, Mintz-Plasse (see here for how excited I was when these three popped up on the screen together) and Rudd, plus loads more (loved Channing Tatum's brief spell!). Gross-out comedy heaven.
- Today I rounded out my weekend online viewing with the documentary Witch Hunt. Narrated by Sean Penn, it tells the story of multiple Americans who were arrested in the 80s on fabricated child pornography charges. It's such a deeply emotional story, rooted in confusion and police corruption. The end of it had me on the floor with tears, as so many lives were wrecked and ruined by this, it's save to say, horrid witch hunt, bore from the plan of one DA to have more people arrested and jailed for crimes. 

- My weekly round-up of online stuffs:

Tori Smelt

- The delicious new stock of seasonal goodies at Lush. I particularly adored their Snow Fairy shower gel. Divine (and mentioned be Ella in her 'Recent favourites' video here)

- Hair dye. Gag. I am never going to be able to get used to this root-doing malarky; forever cack-handed. 

- The overwhelmingly pungent smell of leftover, congealed gravy. Could there be anything more gross lingering in a flat?

- Coffee. I think because it reminds me of my boy. I hate it otherwise!

Tori Tasted
Credit: lunchboxbunch
- Nothing spectacular to add here this week because I haven't tried out any new recipes. Love for this chilli (seen above) is still going strong (particularly thanks to the sweet potato). 

- I whipped up a few cornflake cakes again thanks to leftover Green and Blacks milk chocolate. It's a particularly good bar to use because it isn't sweet so, teamed with the syrup, doesn't become super-sickly.

- Today's roast dinner. True, I do one every week (every Sunday, in fact) but today's one was extra nice, even if I do say so myself. Crunchy-topped broccoli cheese just can't be beaten.

Tori Felt

- Frustrated with the fact that uni really still feels like it hasn't yet started. This isn't the case, tomorrow I'll be starting my third week, but I definitely still feel like I'm in limbo-land. I've no idea why, because I've had reading etc to do, but I have a feeling this semester is going to be incredibly bitty (especially thanks to its stop-start timetable)

- Proud to attend, and be a part of, Stop The Traffik's Thursday night screening of Taken

- Sad at being without my boy both yesterday and this evening. I'd forgotten he was going out tonight and had a bit of a cry earlier when he reminded me. Soppy sausage that I am!

- Overcome with joy at receiving these tweets:
  • Super-sweet and ever-so-kind FF mentions

  • This one was a shock because a) I never thought I'd ever be called inspiring and b) I was grouped with ladies I look up to! 
  • Because this will always be a dream of mine - a trip to Disney with a real Princess!
  •  Girl crush?! Lordy, as if!! (but thank you Keri!)
  •  Because a) I love letters/emails and b) I especially love them from Ms. Megan 
  •  An incredibly kind response to my giveaway :)
  •  Because Ella is SUCH a babe (and yes, please do!) and I feel very lucky she wants to meet me!
  •  Jess being the huge support that she always is! It doesn't go unnoticed - I'm forever thankful for it :)

Tori Listened To
Credit: Upscale Hype
- Lots and lots of Radio One on my journey in to, and back from, uni

- I had a bit of a Lady Gaga sing-in-my-head-along the other night. In this order:

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  1. Okay, I have just three words for you:

    American Horror Story!!!

    Eeeep!! The boyf and I just devoured the first season this weekend, I am hooked! I can not be dramatic enough to describe quite HOW much I enjoyed it. Awesomeness.
    Oh... And you made me read that article 30 Signs you're almost 30... Sob!! (The seats at the concert and the 10 years since college one struck a cord!)


  2. Love these posts Tori :) I'm nearly 25 but I can say yes to quite a few of those signs you're nearly 30 haha, ever old before my time!! Love Jennifer Lawrence after reading that article, I'm glad there are celebrities out there not giving in! I need to go into Lush and smell the Christmas goodies, my sister got me a Christmas Lush box last year and I have to admit I haven't used it because it just smells SO good, I can't bare to use it up haha. Need a new series to watch, may have to try New Girls if it's on Netflix :) xxx

  3. Ha, thanks Tori, now I've had to give in to my urge to blast some Gaga! Currently attempting some telephone-esque dancing whilst typing ;) xx

  4. I love these posts!! I love your favorite tweets (and I'm so honored to be among such lovely ladies!!) oh! Uck!! I agree - I hate the smell of hair dye!! They need to make some dye that smells like lavender or honeysuckle!! Not death!! :/

  5. I really want to get into American Horror Story, but I suspect it won't be Dave's thing and what if it's too spooky to watch alone?


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