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1 September 2013

90: How to approach September

If you haven't already guessed (in which case I must be marvellous at hiding certain aspects of my personality) I have a tendency to be pessimistic (admit it, you'd guessed!). The past few days have been awash with negative moments (and back-to-normality-blues) causing me to be in a bad mood the majority of the time. However, because today is - pinch, punch - the first of the month, I thought I'd write myself a little list to follow, a list of prompts on how to approach my September positively. It goes a little something like this:

Number One) Take a deep breath and put the last few days of August behind me (start as I mean to go on)

Number Two) Accept that with being an adult comes the inevitable having-to-pay-to-be-one (i.e. bills etc - note to self, sort out contents insurance!

Number Three) Take a step towards sorting out what I will need for university. 
I've been putting this off because, lets face it, I'm not exactly looking forward to the prospect. However, I've made the decision to try and get myself on a couple of Psychology modules (subsidiaries) to, fingers crossed, shake things up a little, and have contacted the university to see if this can be done. 

Number Four) If I give advice, take on board what I've said and try to apply it to my own situation(s).
I'm sure we are all prone to giving advice but then ignoring what we've said when it comes to dealing with our own problems. I've decided it's important to try and listen to (or read) my own words because, lets be honest here, if I don't believe in myself and what I have to say, how can I expect anyone else to?!

Number Five) Following on from the above I must start accepting the positive things people say (and stop putting myself down).
Christina (Kimi and Me), Chelsea (Love in Modern Life) , Lisette (Lisette Loves) and Megan (The Briar Rose Blog) have all said lovely things to/about me this week. Of course, I've said thank you, but not without a little 'they must be crazy!' comment muttered. I'm going to try my hardest to actually allow myself to indulge in their compliments - just a little, no big heads mind - because, and it feels weird to say this, sometimes I do deserve them. I guess (well, I tried!)

Number Six) Make a decision as to what to do with my blog (because I am, coupled with being a worry wart and fidget bum, the most indecisive of indecisive creatures!) and stick to it!

Number Seven) Figure out how best to thank you all for helping me reach 100 followers on Bloglovin.
Each time I get an email letting me know I have a new follower, my heart skips a beat and the biggest, most ridiculous smile fights its way onto my face.
You deserve a treat because you make life so sweet!

I may add to this list as the month develops, who knows, but at the very least I hope to return to it and tick off a couple of the steps. 

Do you have any plans for September? Any goals or targets to reach?


  1. Good on you for starting the month on such a positive note!

    I've already accomplished one of my goals for the month--buy a domain and set it up--and the rest of the month will be filled with healthy food and getting back to the gym after taking the whole of the summer off. Cardio will be interesting post-bronchitis, I suspect. Expect posts about healthy but weird things like linseed tea :)

    BTW, what helps me is to review my goals at the end of each week to keep me on track for the upcoming one. Ticky lists are great, too!

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree

  2. I love this!

    Everyone needs some goals in order to stay positive and feel as though they are on track.
    I know what you mean. I'm good at giving compliments but not great at receiving them

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  3. Happy September to you :) I love this list and your idea of approaching the month in a positive way. I'm trying to do the same, making plans and embracing life. It's easy to let time just pass us by, but if we fill our time with worthwhile things (like your Psychology modules!), it gives us a sense of self-satisfaction and happiness. For a little while now I've been trying at the end of each day to write down what was good about the day or what I want to remember about it (when I remember to do it!). The thought of reading them all at the end of the year makes me happy, and I'll stick all the little notes in a scrapbook. I think it's important to embrace the positive and happy things, no matter how small they may be xx

  4. Aw i love the way you write. you give the best advice, and you really should listen to yourself more. I hope they can help at uni and you get the modules you want, that would be a great start! aw your such a doll, heres to September. this is such a great post to read back, i'm going to make my own goals (however small they are) x

  5. yes I am putting my half year to do list up this week because there are lots of things I want to achieve by the end of the year! I love your number 5.. because you are the bestest <3 xxxxx

  6. I love, love, love this post and particularly number 5! I truly hope that one day you see yourself for how we all see you, you wonderful lady. xo


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