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9 September 2013

No 92: Here's to the first of many

I've decided to start up a little - I don't know if one can really call it a series, that feels a little premature - blog weekly something-or-other to update you on the experiences my senses were exposed to during the week. My aim is to release it every Sunday (yesterday things didn't go quite to plan, hence the Monday release!).

I guess all that's left to do is make a start...

Tori Saw

- A 2011 documentary entitled 'Miss Representation' (which you can find on Netflix) that (and I quote) 'exposes how mainstream media contributes to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence in America'. Let me tell you, it blummin' riled me up. I mean, it's expected; we are still living without equality. After every step we take forward we are met with someone who is there, standing in our way, ready to tell us to shuffle back to the spot we've come from. It frustrates me. Actually, more than that - it makes me angry and sad and scared for myself, for others before me and after me. However, the fact that such feelings were provoked is a good thing; it's a positive thing that people, like I, react in such a way to documentaries or films because it means the subject around which said doc/film is focused is highlighted, that it's positioned in the forefront of people's minds, ready to be discussed. In being so the hope is then that people will embrace the chance to talk about it and, hopefully, encourage others to do so as a result. Things will never change if we don't 'become the change we wish to see in the world' (thank you, Gandhi) and that will only happen if we stop being afraid of treading on peoples toes. Documentaries like Miss Representation give us that chance and offer us the opportunity to make our voices heard; an opportunity we should all grab with both hands.

The woman who made the documentary - Jennifer Siebel Newsom - did so as a reaction to her finding out she was pregnant with a girl. When pregnant for the second time, with a boy, she started to look at the way society (specifically American society) approaches the development of boys, including the gender roles it assigns to them from a very young age. As a result, Newsom created a new documentary 'The Mask You Live In'. You can find the trailer here - I will most definitely be following it's progress in the hope that I'll get to watch it when it's released (just because I'm a female - and a female who is frustrated by the effects of our male-lead society - doesn't mean I'm not interested in the impact society also has on our boys; quite the opposite).

- I visited the cinema Wednesday, with Dodge and the brother, to watched Elysium. It's standard sci-fi (can you call it sci-fi? I'm not sure) fare, featuring a shaven-headed Matt Damon and a rather irritatingly-accented Jodie Foster (I won't spoil it for those who are planning to watch it, you can see the trailer here if you wish). It certainly didn't make it to the top of my film list (mainly because that's something I've yet to produce!) but I didn't hate it (and trust me, that means it must be at least a little alright because I have disliked A LOT of films in the last year!).

- I also watched a film at home with Dodge - Oblivion. All I can know for sure is that it featured Tom Cruise. And briefly Morgan Freeman. I have no idea what happened in it. Seriously. So confused.

- I'm not really one to sit and pour over YouTube vids; I subscribe to a mere handful and dip into them as and when I feel like it (which isn't that often). However, someone who has had me returning to YT on an almost daily basis is Emilieofnewgloom. I started watching Emily's vids only a short while ago, just in time to come across her Letters to July series. They are gorgeously crafted, beautiful shot and wonderfully-paired with Emily's soothing voice-overs (seriously, I could listen to her alllll day). Emily has recently made a short film called 'The Water's Fine' (trailer above) and I thoroughly loved watching the behind the scenes and prep vids she made whilst taking the journey. I have no clue about what goes into film-making, other than the obvious, and she most definitely offered an interesting insight into the experience. I find her and her passion very inspirational so, if you don't already, I'd suggest subscribing and immersing yourself in her world :)

- The chance to fall in love with 3 new blogs:
Tori Smelt

- I've been using Tiger Balm, the red verstion, this week to try and relieve my aches and pains. Although I'm not entirely sure it does do the trick, its incredibly strong Vics-vapour-rub-alike smell certainly clears my sinuses each time I use it!

Tori Tasted
The Bath Bun Tea Room
- My Thursday was full of lots and lots of food! I took a trip to Bath in the daytime with my Auntie Ju and Belle, my cousin, to wait for Belle's mattress delivery at her new flat. We started the day well with takeaway cups of coffee and tea, a Pain Au Chocolat (that was Ju's, I don't do pastry beyond croissants) and Millionaire's Shortbread pour moi. After the delivery we popped into Bath town centre for a little wander before heading to The Bath Bun for lunch. I opted for an Egg and Cress sarnie (which had a little too much filling), following it up with a cuppa and (shhh) a slice of Victoria Sponge, which I ended up not making it through!

- In the evening the three of us plus Moom visited Zizzi, in Winchester, where we all packed in a 3-course meal. I won't list everyone's choices (we'd be here for a while) but my meal was as follows:
  • A sharing-sized (i.e. large) portion of Calamari (shared with Belle) which is always bloody good (love their aioli garlic-mayo dip)
  • Skinny Pizza Rustica Primavera - I'm pretty sure this is a fairly new section of their menu, something all 'Italian' chains seem to be offering nowadays - a 'smaller' (basically a full-sized number cut in half, definitely not presented as well as those offered by Pizza Express) pizza coupled with a side salad. It's not hard to do a pizza well, and Zizzi certainly do - thin and crispy, not too much tomato and a healthy portion of toppings (I hate it when places crimp on toppings, shame on you!) 
  • Torta Cioccolata - a very rich chocolate 'tarte' (which, to me, was just a cheesecake, though with a lighter mousse-like top) that I only got halfway through before I had to give it up to the full-bellied gods
  • A Cuppa, served in a really cool plastic glass (oxyomoron?) type-thing 
  • Oh, and I squeezed in a small glass of their Pinot Grigio Blush!
All-in-all I had a lovely evening (of course, I did have the greatest of company). I am a big fan of the restaurant (despite their hit-and-miss service), it's d├ęcor and the menu (which is without fault really).

- I bought my very first bag of bagels - red onion and chive flavour - which I spread with cream cheese, topped with cucumber and then munched for lunch yesterday. 'Twas awesome!

Tori Felt

- The warmth of a hug. Last week was full of hugs (no complaints here) but I have to say the prize for the biggest and best must go to my monkey (that'd be the eldest of the two boys I used to Nanny) who jumped in my arms and, quite literally, monkey-hugged me for 5 minutes last Sunday. There's nothing like a hug from a child, am I right? Mainly because they only really give them when they mean it and, when they do, it's pretty darn special.

Tori Listened To

- The Beatles. I've started my morning a couple of times this week listening to their earlier stuff and I couldn't keep the smile off my face. I mean, hello, I Wanna Hold Your Hand? Genius!

- The few songs already released (I don't mean via itunes, just on YouTube) by Arctic Monkeys from their new album AM (which is out today!). We are off to see them in October at Earls court so I'm giving myself time to become song-familiar in preparation for some tune-belting at the gig!

I'd love to know what your senses have been up to this week...


  1. Lovely post Tori!! I haven't seen a film in theaters in months!! I saw the commercial for that Tom Cruise film and it looked good but even the commercial had me a bit puzzled, so I can only imagine how the entire film must be!! haha!

    O love finding lovely new blogs to read!! Thanks ever-so much for the recommendation!!

    Listening to the Beatles is always a mood-lifter!! :)

    Looks like you had a lovely week Tori!! xoxo

  2. What a brilliant idea Tori! I went out to buy AM at lunchtime and listened to it in my car hehe.

    Can't wait for next week's post :) x

  3. I love this idea for a series! It was a pleasure to read! The pic of you and the two boys is so sweet! *hugs*
    I'm going to watch the film on Netflix this eve. Very jel you are going to see the artic monkeys, I tried to get tickets! :-(
    :-) really enjoyed


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