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20 September 2013

96: Meet me at the Prancing Pony

They didn't quite get it right with the name (I'm guessing copyright got in the way) but they ran with the theme!
On Tuesday, late afternoon, the boy and I made our way over to Eric, ready to pick him up for a trip to the Peak District. Not having yet visited the area together, we thought it'd be nice to spend two nights at a randomly-chosen campsite (ok, ok, the slightly LOTR/Hobbit-esque name may have had something to do wih it) and spend time walking through the Peaks to see what it had to offer us. 

Turns out, it had plenty (including the incredibly British, ever-changeable weather) ....

Don't sheep look incredibly cute and cuddly when they haven't been shorn? Like shaggy-haired pups!
The colours really were this bright and jewel-like!
Mr Sunshine, saying hello
'You're going the wrong way!!' (hindsight is always ever-so unhelpful)
Hills and dales for miles
Yes, that is the boy, and yes, he is indeed 'running up that hill' (ok, fine, he's running down it)
Evening sunshine
My effort at being artistic!


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time!
    Love the photos, if I ever move away from England I'll definitely miss the beauty of the countryside! x

  2. What a lovely blog! I've just found you via Kimiandme on twitter raving about you in her FF :)
    This looks lovely, your pictures really do the English countryside proud.
    And the prancing pony? How cool! I love LOTR.
    Now following you :)



  3. WOW!!! These are beautiful photos Tori!! I love how lush + green everything is!! The Prancing Pony!!! :) And that sheep is so adorable!! I love reading all about your lovely adventures Tori!!! xoxo

  4. SO beautiful Tori! I wanna get my walking boots on now :P xx

  5. So stunning! I love that sheep's face! :) xx

  6. Lovely pics as per! I bloody love sheep the boy thinks im mad because I think they have pretty faces haha!
    you make me want to travel, i cant even drive haha!
    You should come to wales if you ever get a spare weekend, can show you around!

  7. Gorgeous photos Tori! You've reminded me that I seriously need a weekend away :P
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


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