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24 September 2013

99...Tales of the Week 2


It's my second week of sharing some lovely bloggy treats with you, all of which come in varying shapes and sizes and cover an abundance of subject matter, from food, to films and ootd's. You ladies certainly didn't make it an easy pick for me thanks to a rather splendid week of post offerings (bloody fabulous lot that you are!) 

So, without further adieu...(as before, all photos from the blogs whence the came!)

Tuesday 17th

Bella's recommendation made me want to get on the subtitled-film-watching malarky

Wednesday 18th

Emma had me wanting to take a breath

Thursday 19th

Irela had me wishing for a rainy day just so I can follow her survival tips!

Friday 20th

Steph left me with a craving for my very own little red dress

Saturday 21st

Rosie had me toying with the idea of giving up wheat

Sunday 22nd

Ella got my lips smacking

Monday 23rd

Lisette made me thankful for her wonderful existence


  1. Bella is 100% correct in recommending that film! I'd never seen a subtitled film until the untouchable and now it's one of my absolute favourite films :) I highly recommend too.
    I also love the idea of these posts. They're so nice :)
    Sarah xxx

    - Sarah Speaks

  2. I'm simply wild about these posts!! I love checking out/reading new blogs!!

  3. Totally agree, that film is so worth watching!! Thats three recommendations- now its the law that you have to see it! The music in the movie will whisk you away, its really something special.
    Great post :)


  4. Off to check out all these posts now :)
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten


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