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14 June 2013

A 'look what I bought' tale

Notebook - Paperchase (they don't seem to stock mine online)
Cupcakes - Black&White, Johnnie Cupcakes (Vic Centre)
At long last I found a notebook that is a decent size and wasn't ridiculously overpriced (£3.50 in case you are wondering).

The cupcakes are because we're (hopefully) off to visit Eric after lunch and I thought it'd be nice to have a cuppa whilst there. We are going to have a go at jump-starting him using Erica (geddit?!) because next week we (the boy, I'm just going to moan about being in pain from having sat for too long!) are driving him home for a quick visit before we leave for Glasto that Thursday. Keep all your fingers-crossed that this plan, well, goes to plan!


  1. I always find lovely notebooks in TK Maxx for less than £5 - worth a look! Also, I LOVE Johnnie Cupcakes. Every time I walk through the vic centre I find it so hard to resist them.

    1. No such luck in TK Maxx for me I'm afraid, it was the first place I went too! Haha, I'm exactly the same!


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