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27 June 2013

A before-I-go-to-Glasto tale!

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Today I am off to Glastonbury! I'm a little nervous (not one for getting lost in massive crowds or trampled on amidst overwhelmingly-sized jumping sessions!) but am looking forward to doing something I never thought I would (tis a little outside my comfort zone) with my boy, in our Eric. 

I've woken to a white sky and can only hope it follows us along our journey (I don't need sun but I definitely don't want rain, clouds will suit me fine!) this morning. We're leaving in a couple of hours, taking a route mapped out for us that we, fingers crossed, will be able to follow easily. The boy has been twice before but didn't drive either time so that in itself will be a different experience for him. 

I haven't been overly impressed by the line-up - so many of the bands are playing at other festivals, and I'm not a fan of two of the three headliners (although Arctic Monkeys, come at me!) - which has taken the shine off of it a little (as someone who hasn't experienced Glasto before, I realise it's more than just music, and that it's likely we'll stumble across bands we don't know but will end up enjoying, I just can't picture it!) but fingers crossed I'll come away from these 4 days with a head full of wonderful, exciting memories that I can then relay to you all! I'm taking my notebook (and yes, I remembered pens!) so will scribble down each night (or rather, when I can) what I did/who I saw so I can offer you a thorough, Glasto-laden post!

Anywhoo, you won't be hearing from me until next week now, so I shall bid you adieu, and wish you all a happy weekend!!


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  1. I can't wait to hear all about how it was! Have a wonderful time and I hope te sun shines! Bella

    1. Thanks love! We had a fab time and thankfully the sun DID shine!! :D

  2. I hope you have an amazing time! My boyfriend is already there and it sucks having to stay at home to work haha. Can't wait to see some photos and hear all about it! xx

    1. Oh nooooo, I bet that did suck :( I hope he enjoyed himself :D We did, thank you, and I'll hopefully get a post up about it very soon!! xx

  3. Rolling Stones and Davy B will be AMAZING!! I promise you don't have to be a #1 fan to enjoy them, they're going to put on a SUPER SHOW.

    haha, you can tell I'm a tad envious. It'll be amazing though!! so happy for you, have an amazing weekend. you're 100% doing Glasto in style in Eric, super classy xxxxx


    1. Thank you Daisy :D We ended up not seeing the Stones but chose to see a band that we both really enjoyed watching instead so no complaints here!! And yes, 'classy' (he was a mess by the end of it!!) xx

  4. You'll have an amazing time. You could see no bands at all at Glasto and still have the best time. There's lots of stalls, and Trash City and Shangri-La are always very cool to explore. There'll be so many impromptu performances happening as you're roaming around as well.
    Have fun!

    1. Shangri-La was amazing, had a fab couple of nights there. Don't remember seeing Trash City through so not sure it was there! The stalls were great to wander around in the sun and we saw a couple of impromptu performances too :)


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