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14 June 2013

A tale of the rainy-day visit to Eric the motorhome

This afternoon we visited Eric the motorhome in the hope of kick-starting his (obviously flat) battery. The Monday of Glastonbury week we are driving him home before we drive on to the festival and we need him to be in ship-shape order for the trip. However, nothing went to plan (as ever), and not only were we met with a rainy journey (when, of course, it is now bright and sunshine-y outside) but he failed to start, which means would need to re-think the situation because the last thing we need is an unworkable motorhome!!

Here's a couple of photos of the visit...

Pulling up to Eric - he's the first one you can see on the right of the photo
There's our boy!
This lot should prove a fun task to remove when we get him prepared to sell!
Awaiting a good clean before Glasto!
Messy but comfy :)
The closest I'm ever getting to driving! (and yes, I realise you can't drive whilst holding a map!)
The boy trying to jump-start Eric!
Oh and, here's the crazy part, for some of the journey we followed a motorhome EXACTLY THE SAME as Eric. This might not seem like a big deal, but the boy has owned Eric since 2007 and has never before seen one the same! We were hoping they'd end up in the storage facility and we could have a happy 'look we have the same motorhome!' chat but alas this was a wish that did not come true!

The brother we never knew Eric had!
And this is the cupcake I posted about this morning - we ended up not having them in Eric, I think because we spent so much time there trying and failing to start him, the boy just wanted to get home! Anyone else think the cream-cheese to cake ratio is completely off?! I mean, I love me some frosting, but the bit you see precariously balanced on top is how much I removed (and didn't eat!). The cake's are really dense too and a little dry (maybe because of the density?). Definitely not the best cupcakes I have come across unfortunately!


  1. Poor Eric :( He looks so cosy! :) xx

    1. He is!! He best be better come Glasto time, I tell you :D xx

  2. Is that place like motorhome day-care? xx

    1. Haha, I love that idea! Unfortunately not, just a boring old storage unit!! xx


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